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The Best Info On Roots EVER

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pandabear, Aug 16, 2007.


    pandabear Well-Known Member

    big ups to rolitup

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    he is a pretty good grower. he should post more grow threads. he had a really good "cloning in a cup" thread. i lost the link.

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    yea I made a big mistake on my last grow and my res was way too small i dont think they had enough space for the roots. had like 6 3foot plants sitting on only 17 gallon container and some plants did not get enough room for thier roots and yield sufferd.

    but the cool thing is that and I suggest this to everyone. I keep my plants "day" time at night cuz it gets soo hot during the day so that is when I have lights off during the day. but what happens is my grow room is hotter during lights off than lights on which appearntly is good for the roots:mrgreen:

    its like 82 F at at lights off and light 78 F at lights on

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot for posting this panda, and thanks rollitup for making it. Im glad I decieded to come on and look around today, got some nice new info.

    Question however, is that when I started growing, it seemed like all the growers, including ones on grow videos, said you want your grow room slighty colder at night?

    Also another thing I thought cool was, I have known that a plants developement above ground, is the same as it is underground (roots), but now I know why. Because the more nutrients the roots send the plant, the more sugars the plant sends the roots. So they both get the same in exchange, so they both grow at same rate.

    Very very good information panda, plus rep deffently, and plus rep for rollitup for helping everyone with this awesome peice of information

    I love you guys <3 Keep on growing : )

    Godkas Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Yeah I would like to see a full root tutorial. Maybe some of us should correspond and build one as a think tank.

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