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The "Best" "Easiest" way to make hash

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SmokerE, Jul 9, 2007.


    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    There is a couple of ways of doing this in the growfaq. As it stands I bought some isopryle 91% alcohol, and a couple of larger mesh screens. I also have coffee filters, and a blender if necessary. Anyone willing to walk me through this? I have the plant all I have to do is chop it up and freeze it I guess. Any help would be appreciated.

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member


    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    So I have to dry it first?

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    lol that thing is great.. reminds me of a cooking show and very informative.. love the music in the background.. i'll definatley be doing this

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    yes and freeze it as what i can see from the video

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    SmokerE did you make your hash yet? :roll: lol

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    SmokerE ???

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    hell no...nobody told me the easy way...dammit...i need them bags.
    aus2 canibasiva

    aus2 canibasiva Well-Known Member

    Blender hash Unlike the previous methods which use screens to filter the trichomes, the blender method uses the principle that the resin glands are heavier than water, while other plant material is not.
    The blender method uses water, ice and agitation to dislodge the trichomes. Ice-water makes the trichomes brittle, causing the resin glands to solidify and become easy to snap off. The glands are heavier than water so they sink to the bottom when separated, while the plant material floats.
    To make hash this way you'll need a blender, ice cubes, a reusable metal coffee filter or silk screening, a large glass jar and paper coffee filters.
    Fill the blender about half-way with skuff, then cover with cold water and add a tray of ice cubes. Blend for 45 seconds to a minute ? the mixture will become green and frothy, like a smoothie. Pour this mix through the metal coffee filter into your glass jar. Run more water through the filter to make sure you haven't missed any trichomes.
    Once your jar is full, put it in the fridge to settle for a minimum of 30 minutes. You 0should be able to see a white or blonde coloured substance settling on the bottom of your container ? those are the trichomes. Carefully, so you do not disturb the trichomes, pour off or siphon off about two-thirds of the green water.
    If you have more skuff to process, do it now and filter into the container you just drained. Return to the fridge, allow to settle and siphon again. When you have processed all your skuff, add a few ice cubes to the container and let settle one last time.
    If you want to increase the purity of your product you can carefully put this settled mixture back into the blender for a final mix and separation. This may or may not be necessary depending on your preference.
    Pour the final mix of water and trichomes through a paper coffee filter. The water will pass through the paper but the glands will not. Drain well and allow to dry. You now have dried resin glands ready to be pressed into hash.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Bubble hash is the best and easiest and best way to make hash. Two 5-gallon buckets, a set of bags with yuor work bag in the first bucket, ice water, your trimmings and to make it really easy one of those long paint stirring things you attach to a drill to mix it all up with.

    Remove your work bag and then pour the water in the bucket into the bags in the second bucket and then pull out the bags one at a time. Let them drip a while and then pull out the first bag with your trimmings in it and then each successive bag and scrape off the hash from each layer of mesh screen. With each different layer the hash improves in quality. You do not have any chemicals or anything to leave an unpleasant taste or anything that might in any way be toxic.

    Use the link below, watch the video and then decide what you want to do or what would be the best to do.


    RsdZ... Member

    Your thinking of QWISO or KWISO. AugustWest has an awesome step by step on grasscity. http://forum.grasscity.com/harvesting-processing/249056-quick-wash-iso-qwiso-guide-pics.html assholes will talk shit about the method saying it leaves behind adulterants but as long as you buy alcohol with the only other ingredient is purified water there will be nothing but maybe a slight smell. I challenge most of these nay-sayers to take a chemistry class and tell me what is left behind from evaporated alcohol. Sorry no one else would help you out man. The blender way is sweet too, a little more work tho.

    doublejj Well-Known Member

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    guysk8r1717 Active Member

    yeah northern cali thats how i see it done around here
    The Ruined

    The Ruined Active Member

    I used the blender hash method and followed it to a T. Let me tell you, what a waste of material and time. I had 150 grams of dry trim and ended up with 0 grams of hash. I had a solid green mixture that wouldn't settle after an hour. Waited 7 hours for 3 ounces of the green liquid to filter through the paper and it never happened.(no plant material when filtered through the gold filter) I pitched the mixture since it was quite obviously a complete waste. I highly recommend you not waste your material or time on this shitty method. I thought I'd have new years hash but instead I have to pay for it if I want it. What a bummer.

    Chronhead Active Member

    youtube that shit and watch it man its a lot easier

    H2grOw Active Member

    Rascality Afoot

    Rascality Afoot Well-Known Member

    Your best option is to dry the material, freeze it, and then sift it. You cane sift it through any mesh with narrow holes. I've even used cheesecloth, though it wasnt the most efficient. Blender hash works great, but takes alot of practice to get it down. BTW, you can quick dry since it's just for hash. Try spreading it out in a wooden container, or in a paper bag in a warm room. Should dry out quick.

    brownbearclan Active Member

    I'd have to say Iso hash is the quickest easiest way imo.

    -Take your trim and throw it in the freezer for a few hours.
    -Pull it out and jam that shit in a jar. (Mason, pickle, whatever.)
    -Add some iso and shake that shit vigorously for about 3-5 minutes.
    -Strain through a fine metal screen into a glass dish that you can easily scrape the hash up in. (Don't use plastic or coffee filters, a tea strainer works fine. I like to mash all the liquid out of the trim too.)
    -Let it dry in a well ventilated area then scrape it up. You can make it go faster by putting a fan on it or using a blow dryer.

    Bubble hash/bags is the ideal method but this is the quick and easy ghetto method. =)
    The Ruined

    The Ruined Active Member

    What exactly is ISO?

    DankShasta Active Member

    I own a Pollinator and it's great to just get that first batch, and you get some serious shit within the first 5 minutes of the thing running, but if you really want to make hash, it's dirty. It's scores a perfect 10 though on ease of use. Google the Pollinator. Now I just use stainless stell silk screen frames, and just sieve it myself thru three screens starting at 70 microns, and finishing something just over a 100? i forget. Hash is so easy to make, i think it freaks a lot of people out when they finally see that there is no "mojo" it's just sieving leaves really.

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