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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


    RedWhiteBlueGreen Active Member

    Oh my god, u guys in America seem to get such amazing deals on equipment!!

    Would love some of stuff u mentioned here if only I lived more of a postage friendly distance closer!

    If anyone knows of UK based sites/shops, etc selling bargain/sale stuff ever then please do post too.

    CommanderInKief Member

    Just placed an order on one of these actually, called the people to confirm and they said they'd sent it out and everything is on its way already!

    Honestly these lights are amazing and it's a pretty good deal considering the shipping is still free.

    chocobear Active Member

    That's great, these guys are always a pleasure to deal with. They are a smaller local business so they try extra hard to make their customers happy :bigjoint:

    Banana444 Well-Known Member

    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member

    Michigan business. Ferndale, if I recall correctly. I spoke with Tom and Sarah.

    I went to the shop and looked at their stock. I came out with a max pro fan, ducting, 4x8x7 gorilla grow tent (not the lite series), badass carbon filter and flange, and an 8count T5HO fixture and all bulbs; AND I SPENT A COUPLE HUNDRED LESS THAN I EXPECTED TO! !!!

    Everything was brand new in-the-box and also customer service was top-notch as well. They even drove out to meet me halfway instead of me driving back to the shop to meet them.

    I'm very happy I found them on the web in my area and I hope somebody gets use from the link and info.
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