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THC content in stems?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by BongSith8686, Jul 31, 2008.


    BongSith8686 Well-Known Member

    hey guys,

    Me and a couple friends are planning to make brownies this week, and im adding a half mason jar full of stems collected over the past year, the trimmings off my recent harvest and maybe a half o of some regs or 5 grams of dro it should be strait as hell

    but how much thc will i actually extract from the stems? is it even worth it to add them?


    wackymack Well-Known Member

    it will be enough to get stoned

    superskunkxnl Well-Known Member

    no it wont there is very little to no thc in stems its all in the crystals

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Throw those stems away, you'll just choke on them. Leaves and stems that aren't covered with trichs have very little THC in them.

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    No....just make some tea with them....i use weed stem with some honey....taste great and give me a great body buzz.

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    What leaves do you have? I get roughly a gram of kief from an oz of leaves from mature girls.

    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    damn i gotta try that shit wit my next grow take the most potent looks stems and add it to some tea wow would be somr creazy shit lol bout how much did u use

    BongSith8686 Well-Known Member

    ok but wouldnt it be better to just throw them in the butter? i have in fact tried the stem tea allready its good but if there is some thc in the stems id like to extract it the right way in the butter and get as much thc as possible for the brownies rather than just throw them in water



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    BongSith8686 Well-Known Member

    also im not just throwing full stems in there i was planning on grinding them up into powder in a coffee grinder and puting that i the butter so im not gonna "choke on them"

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    i used a tea bag full...i used like 2 tea bags....add 2% or whole milk, half cup.....then i add the tea bags to it....and pour in some hot water and honey....stir and let sit for a min and drink.

    muybiensur Active Member

    I think things like THC content in stems, leaves, and even males varies so widely between plants it really just depends. I've read that in comparing a weak strain to a powerful one the powerful males can get you more stoned than the weak girls (think Hemp. No one wants to smoke a female hemp plant with -.02% THC, and that is a marijuana plant too. Apparently you would need to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole to get a buzz from it).

    After so many years of genetic manipulation, millennia actually, i think MJ plants are kind of like dogs. So when people get all "ALL DOGS HAVE CURLEY HAIR GODDAMNIT BECAUSE MY F-ING DOG HAS F-ING CURLEY HAIR," i would say that some dogs don't have hair at all. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of distinct phenotypes. Comparing two random plants, beyond basic biology, is like comparing a Doberman with a Shitzu. Just think about how long this plant has been around- we aren't the first to devote hours and hours a day to encourage the qualities we want from them.
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    WhoYourWeedMan Well-Known Member

    Im about to make some tee using the stems too.

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