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THC Bomb Grow Journal

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zieglerj, Nov 25, 2009.


    zieglerj Member

    There aren't many reviews for THC Bomb out there and the information that is out there sounds almost to good to be true. So I've decided to write a grow journal for it.

    I purchased 10 THC Bomb seeds from marijuana-seed.nl 1 week ago and planted five of them in rapid rooter plugs last night (yes they shipped clear across the Atlantic Ocean and the entire USA in less than one business week!).

    According to the seed bank, by February I should have plants roughly 2 foot tall, each yielding up to 24 ounces of pot more potent than PPP or Big Bud.

    This is also supposed to be a very resilient, easy to grow strain.

    I should mention that for this grow I'm starting the seeds in a dark warm place, then vegging and starting to flower under 3 florescent tubes and one warm CFL. Then they'll be moved under a 400 watt HPS to finish flowering.

    All through the grow I'll be using the Botanicare line nuits. Thats: Pure Blend Pro Grow and Liquid Karma for veg; Pure Blend Pro Bloom and Sweet (berry) for flower.

    The grow medium I'm using is rockwool cubes in a hand watered hydroponic system.
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I would really like to comment but my grow with the bomb, well, I got this brainfart and thought I was overwatering them, to make a long story short, I then proceeded to almost kill them underwatering them. So, in essence I can't tell you what they are truly like. However, I do have one growing now that is two feet tall and she's been flowering for a few days now. I will say this, there are bud sites everywhere. I'm also growing seeds from a thc bomb mom that I made my last grow, I have five of them going. Look me up in five or six weeks, I'll tell ya' then how she turned out.

    zieglerj Member

    Two days in and two of the seeds have risen above the surface of the rapid rooter plugs.

    zieglerj Member

    Five days in and all five seeds have sprouted now but one of the first two has started growing in a bit of a funny "S" shape.

    Check out the attached picture.

    Is there anything I can/should do about this?

    zieglerj Member

    Sorry, didn't get the pic attached properly last time. here it is.

    Attached Files:

    d.c. beard

    d.c. beard Well-Known Member

    Damn that's the strain I need I guess. 24 oz's per plant under CFLs and then finished with a 400w HID? That sounds totally reasonable.... lol :rolleyes:

    DaveCoulier Well-Known Member

    Lul..Op, their description says nothing about 24 ounces PER PLANT. It says up to 700 g/m2(25 oz.). A meter squared is a bit over 10 square feet. Unless you end up with a plant occupying 10 square feet or lots of plants to take up that space you're not going to reach that number. Then you still have to taken into account lighting, medium, nutes, human error, etc, so expect less.

    Good luck with your grow though. Hope it all goes well.
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    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    Twenty five ounces a plant, I'm hoping for twenty ounces out of ten plants. What the description does say about the bomb is that it is a bigger producer than big bud and more potent than pure power plant. All I can tell you for sure, my one bomb is looking good. It wouldn't surprise me if it did produce more than two ounces.

    zieglerj Member

    1 meter = 3.2 feet thus 1 meter square = a little over 3 foot square. 2 maybe 3 plants.
    d.c. beard

    d.c. beard Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmmm, that description of the THC bomb strain sounds pretty appealing HeadsUp...yield plus potency. Hope it turns out that way!

    brainwarp Active Member

    Zieg, could you explain what is going on in the pic? Looks like you put the seed under the soil plug, or is that just a weird angle on the sprout.

    I have doubts you could get 24 oz's from one plant. Outdoors maybe, but not indoor. Hope I'm wrong.

    littlegrower2004 Well-Known Member

    your tap root on the from the seed is pushing the plant out and doesnt seem to be growing into the plug very well..i would re adjust the seedling and place the majority of that tap root back into the plug for better stablility in the future..if you leave the plant like that im sure that it will have a tough time finishing

    milowerx96 Active Member

    So I have some THC Bomb going right now. It really does flower hard and fast. I am 4 weeks into fowering and my buds are starting to become one big bud. You can tell the sex after only 4 or 5 days flowering. Unfortunatly I chopped the shit out of the one that was female. The male was super bushy. It does stay low. I vegged 21 days and have been flowering for 33 or so days and it is about 3 feet tall. My haze is like 6 feet tall if you straiten it out. I am not noticing resin build up yet. I hope it is atleast a 7 out of 10 on the smokability scale. If it is it will be my new weed for a while. So other than the potancy thing which I cant verify yet everything they say in the add it pretty much true. Not so sure about 700 g per Sq meter buy it yeilds heavy and fast. I am also using pure blend pro.

    zieglerj Member

    Thanks littlegrower. Another had started doing the same thing and I did what you said. They both seem to be growing fine now. I'll attach some more pics.

    So we're a week and a half in and the seedlings are growing strong. I put the rapid rooter plugs into grodan rock wool on the second and started them on eb and flood watering 3 times a day.

    Attached Files:


    TheStonedChef Member

    Hey! Just wanted to say that everything looks great. I'm subscribing to your thread since I will be using this same strain in the near future. I can't wait to see how things come along!

    2rusty Active Member

    In the pic it looks like the plant stretched for light and was unable to suport itsef so it fell over, just make sure you plant it back down deep and keep the lights close.

    I think you will find a square meter is just over 10 square feet, your calculation is for lineal feet and needs to be timesed by itself for surface area.

    zieglerj Member

    2 weeks in and time for another entry.

    Out of the original 5, one is looming a good inch over all the others at 4 1/2 inches. I suspect she may be a he. I've heard the males grow taller but if I get out of this with only one male in the batch that would be awesome.

    So far everything else is looking good. The plants are strong and starting on veg. Right now I have the rock wool pushed in together to maximize light but soon I will have to spread them out some.

    Pics below. (The lights are raised up so I can get the pictures.)

    Attached Files:

    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I think you will be pleased with your choice. I just measured my bomb and it's thirty eight inches tall. I'm sure part of that is my doing not having any experience with hid lights and keeping them to far away for fear of burning them up. So mine will finish week three of flowering tomorrow. As Milo said, they flower a lot, there are buds everywhere. She is not as of this writing leading the pack in main cola production but in the end she may well be the biggest producer. She is however the most different plant in the group. Her offspring do not look like her. I think she is my bushiest plant and by far her color stands out from the rest. She almost looks fake she is so dark, shiny green. Her lower half smells like hash, her upper half smells oily almost, kind of a sour smell. She is the only girl that has purple leaf stems and her buds are going to be nice and tight. If I remember correctly she also produces a lot of orange hairs. I'm starting to think three ounces or more off of her. They grow quickly once they get going and in the beginning she was the tallest of all the girls, I thought she might be a he but I'm not so sure height is an indicator of sex. On a previous grow my buddy's tallest plant also was a female. I was thinking the same thing about height.

    muffinman2811 Member

    Just bought some of those seeds today, can't wait till they get here, im about to subscribe this thread

    TheStonedChef Member

    x2 - I am purchasing these seeds in a couple weeks so I will be keeping up with your journal. I can't wait to see how they do, you have a new subscriber!

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