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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    On the left here I have some buds that were from a Marion Berry Kush reveg. I can tell you without lab results that the THC is obviously greatly degraded.
    On the right is about an ounce of that mother Jacked Up I had from seed. That was literally as good as the buds got from that plant. I never had it tested although it may be interesting just for fun. I think it grew about 7 feet tall. I won't smoke it I find it would be too time consuming to pick the stem out. Both contents on these plates will be made into separate batches of dry ice hash. I like using the dry ice hash for edibles or smoking once in a while. The used buds get thrown into compost with the fan leaves. I'm not sure how environmentally friendly making dry ice is but I don't like the idea of case upon case of that bastard gas butane. Plus it seems to be a big grey area. I hear some cops say it's illegal. But then other parts of the state dispensaries get away with selling it. Maybe they just haven't been shut down yet? Lot of counties will shut dispensaries down within months of opening anyway though.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    b.JPG a.JPG
    Here is my 2 flower rooms now. Big variety only a few are on the same day of flower all super soil. Chernobyl, Marion Berry Kush, Timewreck, Jacked up, Ace of spades, Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Ripper(Super Lemon Haze x Jack The Ripper), Wild Thailnd Outdoor Mix, Pakistan Valley. In veg I have some of the same plus Locomotion, MK Ultra Kush, Brian Berry Cough, plus more coming soon from seed. Hope to return soon and show off the goodies plus new strains.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Now thats straight up dedication LOL.
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    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    Do you have any extra grape who's to send my way. I loved Dr who. I am returning it soon.

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    I agree totally. I am a TGA fan. I used to run all kinds of stuff. But a lot of these companies are selling very unstable genetics. TGA gives me more stable strains. Than any other brand I have tried. I will never grow Cali Con again. Even though they have some good genetics. Most are very unstable. I do have a cross with Cali connection Alien OG and TGA Cheesequake. I got lucky and it is an amazing cross. But does not yield well. Taste amazing! Like a cheezie/OG flavor.
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    jpdnkstr Well-Known Member

    Thank you. She tested over 20% thca
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    I had Cheesequake a long time ago but let her go. I believe she tested about 20%. It was good really I still remember one of my friends reactions something like "Oh my god it actually smells like cheese!" The only reason I got rid of her is because I needed room to try other strains and people just didn't like it as much as others. Nothing bad about it though. I guess you could say Cali Connections put the con in Cali LOL. Don't believe I ever tried anything from them. Maybe you guys can help me out. Attitude seeds was so kind enough to send me an email reminding me I have over 100 GBP left on my gift card which I was not aware of. I told them I don't need a refund and will just use it on my next order. I must of been too high and made a math error. I'm thinking of just sticking with TGA again. I don't really have any strong Indicas. Anyone want to help me out? I guess it's between 9 lb hammer, conspiracy kush, cuvee(really liked that pic someone posted not long ago), Grape Inferno, Hurkle, Qleaner, or Qush. maybe 2-3 5 packs.

    I tried Deep Purple and didn't care for it but could of just been a bad pheno. I did Jesus OG Kush and loved it, lost it due to an accident. I just germinated some new Jesus OG kush seeds though. I thought the TGA site said it was Sativa though. Attitude says indica. I have 2 locomotion already going in early veg. I have pennywise seeds just haven't started it.

    About that Jesus OG Kush, anyone know what the Indica/Sativa % is? I would say the main site which says more sativa. But all these other sites say indica. When i grew it before the buds got rock hard like an indica. But the plant had huge stretch like a sativa. It looked more sativa to me, the leaves were more narrow even. Not narrow like a near pure sativa but narrow like other sativa dominant hybrids i have.
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    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna do Go time, Alchemy and Dr who next. I re-bought the Who. Because I liked it so much. Very unique. Hoping to get a better yielding pheno. I say do Dr who if you haven't or Go Time looks promising.
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Jesus OG definitely didn't get as tall as my African landrace sativa.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    A few pics of the first subcool strain I managed to hang onto.. and a few of my newest... Granted the latter isnt a TGA strain rather from gage green.... I thin aside from being a bit green this far along they grew themselves pretty much... I started with 5, 1 no pop, 1 killed by moron at 3 days above soil and 1 was a male, 2 females..

    I have some brain berry and qleaner to go once I get these chosen to keep or not....

    The first 4 pics that are of greener colored plants are ggg's blue in green grown in small 2 gallon pots as they are from seed so I just wanted to get them cloned and flowered asap...These ladys got organic soup in a small pot, we'll treat them better next chance I get to run them... But I gotta say A+ so far but they arent done yet so we'll see..

    Which brings me to my oldest subcool strain that I've managed to hang onto to.... 2 phenotypes of actually, 1 querkly and the other heavier with cheese but still the sweet grape smell is beyond amazing, I doubt I'll end up giving up either or choosing one or the other, they're too different yet I cant let one or the other go... had it for years and still cant make up my mind but those last 2 pics are grown in supersoil... The trimmed bud and the pinkish orange one... It really is one of the best strains I've gotten from TGA...

    bng11.JPG Blue in green 1

    BNG 1

    BNG 2

    BNG 2

    cq21.JPG Cheesequake 2

    Cheese quake 2

    More cheese quake to come.... some penny... some void... a decent selection actually...
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    Gratefulgrowin93 Well-Known Member

    just sampled a lil nug that got knocked off a branch when hanging,
    My 9lb hammer is killer! Too tasty, haha I can't wait to see the difference after a 3 or 4 week cure

    tastes just like it smells, i think i have a jtr or jesus leaning pheno, not as berry, but man oh man she is potent and has nice melon limey exhale with undertones of grape :) this might be the smoothest smoke I've ever grown...

    so happy with the results!! this is the first TGA strain i've ran start to finish just water only and soil
    I think I'll continue running things this way for now, love the smoke it gives me

    and off-topic what do you guys think of no-till? I have some diehard friends who tell me Super soil is wasteful and expensive, but i love the buds it produces, I want to try an outdoor no-till bed this season hopefully,

    any 0.02 on the subject, experience if any of you have switched, opinions, etc would be greatly appreciated
    happy gardening! and have a dank day fellow weed nerds!
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    littlejacob Well-Known Member

    If you like sweet taste just use organic amendments and use molasses 1/week in the tap water (i guess it is using batguano and molasses who make my cheese clones sweeter than usually...!)
    And when you smoke it it did not hurt the cough...less!
    Supersoil or rols and no till is the way to go for taste health and dank! Tastiest weeds are organic one...i can fell the difference with the other weed i tried since...i cannot smoke mineral nutes weed anymore...!

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    IMAG0177.jpg MBK #2
    IMAG0178.jpg MBK #1
    2 is better IMO tighter and stickier.

    radrolley Well-Known Member

    My apologies I made an error. The site says 80% indica. I swear before it said sativa. Maybe I read it backwards. I mean it makes sense with the Hell OG Kush but at the same time if the Hell OG Kush is 100% indica, wouldnt crossing it with Jack the ripper a 70% sativa, average Jesus OG Kush in being a 65% indica? I've only had 1 pheno of Jesus OG Kush, maybe mine just had more stretch than normal. It still didn't stretch anything like some real dominant or supposed pure sativa. I've had some stretch so bad they almost looked like those real old school tall skinny hemp plants. Easily would of got over 10 feet if it wasnt for topping and bending. Never any nice buds on those plants though. Some pretty interesting looking leaves. They look cool as a plant but not for buds. I just popped 3 Jesus OG seeds. I hope I get one similar to what I had before. The flavor and potency was amazing. Only downsides were the stretch and yield but made up for it big time otherwise.

    Kwazulu? I have that one and want to try it soon although it may have to sit in the corner if it gets like some of those other weird sativa's I have grown. I wasted a lot of time and space with some of those.

    Anyone doing the Nepali OG x Space Queen? I got a couple of those I want to start soon. This is interesting although I'm not sure if I believe it. "nepali og aka nepali kush, an old og kush from grass valley that is closest in appearance to the tahoe, the buy in for this cut in the mid 2000's was 20 grand... lol... I don't know if any cut is worth that much, but it is a very nice og..."
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    I definitely noticed much better flavor after a switch to super soil myself. To me it seems like going organic really brought the natural flavors out more. I've tried using molasses and different flavors and brands of sweeteners but I never notice a difference. A lot of sweeteners out there are just sulfur, magnesium, and sometimes they add molasses or flavoring that makes the solution smell sweet or fruity. I've never had a non fruity flavored weed have a fruity flavor from any of those. I've never had the banana flavoring change the buds to banana flavor etc. Epsom salt aka magnesium sulfate in the super soil is the same active ingredient in some flavoring supplements. I do have friends that swear molasses though, to each his own. One idea I liked, some older guy told me try home made maple syrup.
    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Grape Inferno roots after 12 days in pro-mix. Roots were growing out of the holes on the bottom of the cup. Fish bone white. Any discoloring is just dirt sticking to the roots. gi roots.JPG

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    I have done Marionberry twice. 4 different phenos. All were straight DANK. Some have more berry flavor than others. But I have not had one pheno that I don't enjoy. I have a really tight pheno now. The most solid bud I have done. My favorite strain other than Dr Who. But I am trying new ones. I will have some good pictures of the 2 recent phenos I have. I have done space candy once. I had it take over 1/3 of my room. It was decent lemon piney smelling. But not my favorite. I gave mine away. Just not my flavor. Can't wait to do Go Time and my Louis 13th OG/Marionberry cross. (accidental)
    BTW on the MBK I vegged for a month. They stretch about mid range from what I have experienced. Space Candy blew up huge. Too big for me.
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    I have 4 Timewreck about a week old.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Super Lemon Haze X Jack The Ripper

    The purple ones are not purple at all, it's just the LED lighting. 2. is 6 feet tall. I should of practiced much better canopy control on these. Lesson for next time. I got kinda lazy in veg with them. The SLH female used in the crossing was a bit of a different pheno. It was a from Green House Seeds from Attitude Seeds. Has a bit of a stretch but it easily can be rushed at 7 weeks. Let it go week 8-9 and it gets pretty purple colored leaves and buds. It tested about 26%. It seemed to lack on the lemon trait though. It's there but not strong. More of maybe like a citrus smell. I still plan on trying my other crosses I made eventually. Most of the are TGA strains that had JTR as the father but got crossed again with the JTR. I think next I'm gonna try that newer tester Nepali OG x Space Queen. Would of had them started already but can't go over my numbers.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG
    Heres my Timewreck. They always grow so crazy. Very powerful smoke. I'm not a big fan of the taste but a lot of people love it. tw.JPG
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    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    What dont you like about the taste? Is it earthy?
    When I ran chernobyl it had what I considered a nasty earthy taste. Nobueno. All other tga gear Ive ran had a good taste
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