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    this is why i recently started going for seeds. I was tired of having to depend on getting a good cut from someone to hang on to, and then you aren't the only one with the cut. started popping subs seeds for my first time. been loving it so far. I just got a querkle cut, so i can't wait to grow it out.
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    I'm wondering if this is the same Nepali OG cut that Bodhi breeds with.
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    Dont let me sound all high and mighty like Im good at this or something... I got a long way to go bro, I talk like I know but I'm just an average underpaid, under appreciated grower myself, lol... I am by no means the grower I wanna be... yet.... That being said... I agree 100% with you, luck is luck... If you see my 30 assorted beans to get my 1 pennywise female statement, my luck dun ran out as of late with strains/phenos and male to female ratios... so Ive been clinging to my old faithfuls after clearing out all the garbage in my grow room... I had way too many strains and none of them worth the space they're taking up so I culled everything except the few I've had for awhile and know... But as you said about finding that 1 in a 100 or 1 in a 1000 keeper.... I dont believe I've had one yet... Or was too stupid to hang onto it if I did come across it....

    You arent the first person I've heard say they've had lackluster results with the void but I gotta say for the past 2 years or so, my void(s) are the old faithfuls in my garden... One yields like a boss and is very up apollo dom which I love, the high is what my cousin has dubbed "art weed" and one of the nicest highs Ive experienced.... and the other tastes grapeish like querkle and is so indica potent its like taking a narcotic with a benzo chaser. Its so crazy that you can get both sides of the spectrum, sativa up and indica couch lock in the same pack of seeds yet still see both parents in each.

    I would literally like to buy a complete tga library to work on from A to Z for the next 10 years but I decided to give a strain from gage green a try because one of my patients was breaking balls about wanting to try blue dream and was gonna buy some bullshit seeds but I stopped them and decided rather than buy whatever bullshit feminized version of blue dream I could find that was gonna be nothing like the one they read about and seeing I;m not in cali and cuts of original strains arent happening here.... I sought out something else I thought would be better from seed. I'll tell them its blue dream but I picked up a pack of GGG's "blue in green" to try out so hopefully they're as good they sound...
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    gabechihua Well-Known Member

    350 pages and going strong. Doesn't look like Sub's genetics are about to fall off the face of the planet any time soon.
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    I remember Sub mentioning on one of the last weed nerd episodes that nepali OG is simply a nepali.
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    nepali OG and Fire OG are the same thing he said. Weed Nerd #225 41:05
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    ok gotcha, yeah you are right.

    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way in nearly everything that I do. so I understand. I also know/remember u I think from my old handle on another forum.. at least I think I do.

    well I know the better pheno exists.. Ive seen it documented on breedbay and Sub talked about the Purple Apollo.. just never experienced it. the purple grape pheno with an apollo like structure was what I would have wanted to see myself firsthand.. but it just didn't work out.

    Yes, The holy grail type phenos. These are really hard to come by. My Space Princess.. Sputnik 1 (old tga strain) White Pheno x C99 was a blueberry candyshop pheno that reminded me of that Stride Berry Mint Gum.. She was short.. didn't stretch but maybe .5x and had really dense nugs that were just heavy..yielded beastly.. and the characteristics were just so 10/10 all around. a slight jostly of a branch on the plant and she just radiated that heavenly candy sugary blueberry candy smell that I've never experienced from a plant before. It was amazing weed. She was my favorite.. and now lost with the time.

    I consider my A11g on the same playing field.. having experienced the best phenos from 4 friends outta their 10 packs and growing my own.. she was the best A11g female I came across.. crushing it in every category except that she is really tall and like every other Apollo plant needs a lot of support. That's just Apollo tho in general.. they can't hold their own weight. need to be staked/tied up.. and this beast can perform.. large dole pineapple juice colas. its a really loud pheno compared to the others Ive had which were more mellow in taste/smell... this one also isn't finicky with light or nutrients like some of the other a11g's.. the others we experienced didn't like to be too close to the light and didn't like heavier feedings.. this one will suck nutes down like a champ. she's just easy to grow. yield and bag appeal are the best attributes of this one gal.. but the high is kick ass too.. very cerebral and not like a13 at all.. she's not the kind of weed you wanna smoke to just chill and laugh and have a good time.. this stuff gets you ripped. It's a little trippy. very strong stuff.

    its good to try new things.. when I first started doing this internet grow forum thing and getting involved with picking up genetics online.. tga's core strains space queen, jacks cleaner ii, agent orange, jack the ripper, etc were the ones that I tried. my first 2 packs of seeds ever were greenhouse whitewidow and tga's space queen.. ran them at the same time and was just amazed how shitty the white widow was in every aspect from its low germ rates to the lackluster phenos with little resin compared to the SQ.. and then the harvest.. the white widow tasted and smelled like green tea and was just as potent. never again I told myself.. so I wrote off buying anymore of that amsterdam coffee shop garbage seed stock. i just dismissed the whole continent from that point on.. I decided to try to only buy from the USA from that point on.. and have for the most part ever sine, supported American breeders. Not to say there's not a couple out there like Karma Genetics that I would try.. but for the most part I like supporting the guys here in the States. what is even cooler now is that we actually are getting more options to keep our money in the country as well.. by ordering from seedbanks in the USA as opposed to sending out payments to places like the Tude.

    I will agree tho.. when it comes to stability.. there's not one breeder I can honestly say that puts out a seed line that you can run and get as many phenos matching up to the keeper description in the seed listing.. or finding phenos that would be considered worthy of running again as TGA from a single pack of seeds. Maybe not every single pack..but most packs will present themselves with multiple options of plants to choose from that offer something special all on their own, all while sticking true to what the description of the strain describes.

    if you run a pack of chernobyl are you going to find a plant that matches the Golden Ticket cut in all aspects? probably not. but it is possible to come damn close. I've witnessed it first hand and seen a friend also produce a similar knock it outta the park pheno.. same with Timewreck.. and Apollo 13BX.. and Spacedawg.. and Spacequeen.. maybe not what I would consider to be a true Elite type holy grail.. but something really special nonetheless.

    Besides TGA gear I tend to run things from Bodhi and Alphakronik because over the years those two guys were always not only supportive & provided me with excellent genetics..but have went above and beyond to do things to make me happy. Alphakronik was responsible for getting my name in print in Skunk mag which was cool... and he supplied me with more free beans over the years than even Subcool.. which was really cool of him. Bodhi who understood my love of A11g did me a favor and helped me gain a pool of A11g beans to wade through.. I have even now I think, close to 50 of them in my collection.. as well as a couple of his A11g crosses. So I'm proud to run and support gear from the guys who took care of me. The breeders want to see their work run and it's thread documentation/posts and experiences from the members like us that help sell the seeds. So I try whenever possible to create a balance in my lineup per say that gets me what I want, but also supporting some of my favorite guys.. and of course it's also fun to run some beans from your pollen chucking friends.
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    Quantum Kush X Sonic Screwdriver = Quantum Screwdriver
    this was my fav pheno. short, dense, quick, larger yeild, super sticky, slight hint of purple.

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