Texas Growers Unite!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Masterofgenetics, Feb 22, 2009.

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    My boy defoliated the shit out of it, so any comments about how defoliating is bad is redundant. I do defoliate, but maybe not to that extreme.... We'll see what she does. I think she is only in a 5 gal

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    I just read about something called Geocaching on a reddit forum I check every once in a while. It'd be wild to see local Texan breeders dropping seeds and other Easter Eggs around the state xD

    Maybe ill be the first! :P
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    Marley fest is coming up!!! Aka reggae fest. Who's going? If anybody wants any beans or cuttings from me this is the place to meet up... I will be selling e-cig tanks filled with a shatter/VG/PG juice.. PM me for details
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I usually go every year. Last year on easter sunday was fabulous...
    Good luck
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    I've been three times had a blast everytime.. missed out on the last two years.. but for sure going this year

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Still going hard, bigger then ever. Rocking 15K and not giving a fuck, will be out of state and legal at the end of may.. ;) CAM02902.jpg IMG_20150228_191300.jpg IMG_20150312_023807.jpg IMG_20150312_072448.jpg CAM03128-1.jpg CAM03146.jpg IMG_20150108_214142.jpg IMG_20150108_214304.jpg

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    Looking good O'Danksta, glad to read you're going through with the move :) I remember a post where you were weighing your options, hope all goes well for you! We should be in CO by the end of the year, start of next year.

    Just need to make sure I get the greenhouses right so I can deal with the weather up there >.>

    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member

    I will be there!
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    jtizzle Member

    Well I missed the festival -this sucks. Still I'd like to know about Texas growers uniting!

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    moving to austin tx for work next month...will be buying a house shortly after moving....wanting to run a set up of 1000 watt HPS lightto flower...and a t5 flouro for vegging...will be purchasing a three bdrm house in a quiet suburban type neighbourhood...i know that smart meters are inevitable here in TX and it seems like virtually everywhere has one...just wondering if anyone from austin or TX in general has any tips on staying safe...or if this would raise any flags being on a smart meter...i know that many other appliances such as a stove/oven use more than 1000 watts...however im concerned about the 12/12 signature being the issue...if any questions ever did came up i would say it is a reef aquarium...however im a bit worried about any unexpected knocks on my door...BTW this is all for personal use...i dont invite people over...have a well paying job (IT sector)...smell is totally controlled...and i dont look "like a stoner" thanks guys!
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