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    Fucking eh... did you use any kind of supplemental lighting? How close were your intervals?
    mista sativa

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    Cool. I guess I mean can you d anything to induce the plant to sex quicker?
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    They naturally go faster than the females. To time it right you want to flip the males two weeks after the females and start to pollinate at 21 days of flower. This way you get maximum number of seeds and have the 35 for them to mature.
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    Then, i dilute the pollen in flour and store in the freezer for later use.. this way it is easier to pollinate just a single branch or two among a larger garden of sensimillia. also, no trying to time the plants just right.. just apply at the right time.

    I am gonna hit this pollen to the lower branches of a Green Crack plant.. then, probably thoroughly pollinate a whole SSH plant.. I want LOTS of the SSH x SIlver Mountain beans..
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    My reveg try was successful and I saved my four moms they are gettin huge now
    Seedlings are starting to take off..they are
    Platinum cookies
    Sinmint cookies
    La confidential
    Blueberry bud
    And planting a second round of all those
    I haven't grown bagseed in a while but I lost a gram of some dank in a dirt parking lot went back the next day to find the cellophane and behold I found the bud ran over but two beans inside... So we will see

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    Yes it does...
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