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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Masterofgenetics, Feb 22, 2009.


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    NEVER Got the REAL
    skunk.The chit back in 90s,was soo Roadkill,Could not carry on person!
    They Crossed it with Skunk #1,Gold n Red columbian.Has a very nice high,for sure not
    a night time smoke.

    Others say it does smell of a dead skunk...I'm around it so much I cant even smell it.
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    IT does flower fast,I left1 in a vegg room the damn thing Flowered under 24/7 light and....wait for it NO SEEDS!:peace:
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    So you still never got your seeds that you ordered?

    SOMEBEECH Moderator

    YEPPERS,Both orders,and a friend sent the C-99s.
    And someone you know has me some :peace:
    10 for 10on germ....10 more waiting to break gound. 20 will get the next perp started

    PlantManBee Active Member

    Name game hype :/ It's like the "haze" that's really 1/16th haze... all the haze it has in the name.

    Might be great, might be shit: proof is in the toking.

    GODWORK Well-Known Member

    Golden Skunk Strain breed by a Em. Triangle Native...the proof is in the PUFF.
    Im on the hunt for the Elvis clone...
    Ill keep you guys posted
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    Captain Obvious.......:roll: Guess you will have to try it bro,Cause what
    I said,IS what it does taste like SO NO hype.OR DONT!
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    PlantManBee Active Member

    and yet ya'll still play it :/ enjoy your "shoreline" :) Captain Grumpy :P There are probably more fakes than reals out there so yeah, chasing a name is chasing the hype to a certain extent. Sorry I touched your "sensitive spot". "shoreline" I tasted was like good skunk, not great. Not worth bowing down and searching for my purposes, BUT like you I don't know if it WAS shoreline.
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    GODWORK Well-Known Member

    verified cuts...Make it all worth the search...
    The value of strain hunts are in the search for personal truth..

    I found the old florida kush...
    I know a guy with the original Herijuana...he claims: its not a SUPER STONE like the most ppl expect.
    but thats the glory of the hunt,,,he has earned the experience of smoking the woodhorse version for himself.

    Look at Gorilla Glue...
    Its fairly new (2-3yrs old)...in 10 yrs it may be lost to time...a ghost strain. A myth.
    Its value may rise...it may not.

    Look at durban poison...OMFG! that shit was lost to the 80's...

    IF its one thing that I cant wait to see happen...
    Its the return of potency as a FOCAL point...

    I love that strains like Blueberry gave terpenes the spotlight.
    I love the fact that "The Purple Craze" actually happened.
    But I wish the days of chasing strains for the HIGH would return.

    Example: I was in a venue & this guy with dreads passed me with this spicy herb cloud...
    That joint was some of the best unknown weed I have had...to date.
    I was dating this hot little chick in Indiana...she smoked me out on this unknown that dropped my IQ mid sentence.
    Last one, I have a dear friend & mentor that owns a shop in north tx...when we first met he had this lime green bud with GOLDEN yellow hairs...it was a mind freak.
    I was dazed for 6 hours straight.

    I like the strain hunt,,, but I would rather chase the high.

    Hydrotech364 ☠Lunatik☠

    Mid 80's seem's like.My Shoreline connect is in Cali and will be here next week to look @ the new place.My Original F-1 was 80% Indica and has that classic Mesquite/Hickory looking growth and if You ever tasted it You will remember it.I have some genetics He want's so I think I will finally get another cutting :) I have two Old School Durban Poison Cutting's..Working on a Bubonic/Sour Diesel Cross right now though..Got a batch of ATF running too....
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had that problem growing SL x H outside, it just wants to flower. And was damn near impossible to keep as a mom. After doing some research, I actually think the Herijuana is the dominate starin in the cross. But herijuana is said to reach 25% THC i can live that.

    SOMEBEECH Moderator

    I had a SL in the closet under a few 23w cfls Flower under 24/7.So yea,I know what ya mean MOG.
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Active Member

    I moved again and finally have my own space dedicated to the grow. So I'm coming outta the closet I guess.lol
    Having to start fresh from new strains. Trying to reveg my last 3 flavors so I don't lose them
    Been using all led for about a yr now and think I'm gonna add some hps in my new room. At least this winter. As for an update That's about it. Just been growing dank
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    SOMEBEECH Moderator

    puff puff pass :bigjoint:
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    HeartIandhank Member

    So, I think I will be the first to bring RM3 genetics to TX... I'm pretty excited about that..

    Colorado Thunderfuck
    Holy Diver
    Silver Mountain
    some others... i forget.

    The Colorado Thunderfuck is some great herb
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Any y'all ever heard of Lone Star the owner of Texas Resin Company? Im still sitting on some TRC beans, well my brother is.
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    GODWORK Well-Known Member

    Prize pack! enough said...

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