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Tale of a BHO Explosion(What Went Wrong?!?!)

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by CenCaliKush, Oct 31, 2012.


    CenCaliKush Member

    Okay Let me start off saying SWIM is alright but really just spooked and really hesitant to make Bho again.

    SWIM has been making wax for nearly 2 years now, but before recently SWIM just did it for fun really, recently though, he wanted to step his game up and make some dank wax after some guidance from a friend. He had been slowly building his arsenal of extraction and purging equipment. Everything SWIM needed to make some super dank shatter and/or some good waxy crumble:
    7mm glass extractor(local blown), homemade vacuum chamber and hand pump(SWIM was in the process of ordering a nice dessicator and motorized pump), and all the other various little things one needs.
    Each run his product would look better and better

    Now in the quest for creating some dankity dank, SWIM looked into making his BHO with ground buds and machine agitated bubble hash(hasn't gotten ice wax like SWIM wanted).
    He loads his tube up as normal but with quite a bit of the micro plane ground bubble this time, probably an ounce and some and probable 3/4 ozof bud(its a fat tube) and begins to run his vector tane through it OUTSIDE!
    One can runs through slowly, but still flows through and into SWIMs Pyrex. He notices one area of the hash inside seems a little solid, before running the second can through he quickly attempts to agitate and break it up for maybe 10-15 seconds .
    SWIM proceeds to run the second can after even though the clump didn't break off much in the tube(this was prob his mistake) product was coming out the bottom but not as fast as a flower only run. Then BOOM fucking firey explosion in SWIMs hand. SWIM is on fire(and didn't know) and burnt on the face and torso(through his shirt) There is also a 4 foot radius fire burning that he proceeded to put out with the floor mat.
    The tube was shattered, he doesn't know how much from the explosion and how much from it hitting the ground.

    SWIM has minor burns to his face, arm, and torso, and a burnt beard, hair, and eyebrows/eyelashes

    I get why he got blowout but
    Now what I don't get is why did it spontaneously combust, outside, with no flame, spark or any sort of ignition source???

    Looks like SWIM is gonna be taking a break from bho making and going back to trying to achieve ice wax from bubble. : /

    A good part of the story the product he did end upsetting turned out to be .5 of some shatter afterms purging:)

    Metasynth Well-Known Member


    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Had to be static if what your saying is true, try wearing a head covering or long sleeve clothes if you have hairy arms and legs. It is pretty hard to find an ignitin source outside (if your not smoking or playing around with fire), and use lot's of fabric softners when drying clothes your gonna wear for BHO making.


    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    And don't wear wool.

    CenCaliKush Member

    Static makes sense, butane can't combjust from rapid pressure change can it?
    Thanks for the advice,
    He was wearing just a t shirt and cotton sweatpants with sandals
    Luckily was wear full arm gloves or who knows if they would have been burnt

    SWIM was stupid enough to not wear eye/face protection, and lucky enough to have nothing happen.

    And yeah he lost the product in the tube and then$70 tube. Also lost all the other money hes invested in extraction/purging equipment because hes not sure if hell bedoing this again anytime soon

    Edit: he actually has anti static equipment just didntneven think of that igniting it outside

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    Was swim running it on a gril or open flame of some sort? I've had my extractors expload before but not in a fire ball.

    CenCaliKush Member

    Just an electric hotplate

    SWIM ust realized he was wearing rubber gloves, how could it of been static???? This is really confusing to me

    budlover13 King Tut

    Static doesn't necessarily have to come from the person involved. All it needs is a ground which that person often provides.

    CenCaliKush Member

    im not too knowledgable about electricity but why wouldnt the gloves block the grounding? too thin?

    budlover13 King Tut

    Static electricity can ground through air over a decent distance. And then consider the vapor cloud put off by making bho. Elbow to table/pole, little metal brad on your pants to anything grounded, etc.
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    waterdawg Well-Known Member

    I gotta say 35 years of making oil and only one explosion .... :-(..... I have never seen static but I'm sure its possible but typically it is the discharge of built up electrons in a material being discharged to another material. The movement of 2 different materials against each other will cause a buildup of like charged electrons in one material causing them to discharge.......fuck it!!!! LOL.... Yes it is possible and makes me think more protective gear is in order. I'm not sure where the discharge occured though, was it the butane vapour as it exited the vessel, builing up an imbalance as it moved through the glass at high speed. If thats the case grounding yourself would not help. My advise is flame proof clothing (lots of work clothing available) and protective face gear. I typically wear shorts......lol.........never gave static a thought until now. Oh and that explosion, I was young and high and no body hurt, almost burnt my house down though!!!

    CenCaliKush Member

    ah i see

    i get it can travel through air but i was standing touching nothing but the can of tane and the tube with my gloves

    idk maybe im just trippin to hard about it, it just blows my mind

    CenCaliKush Member

    More protective gear is definicely needed, I don't believe I did anything wrong and it still happened so it obviously isn't 100% preventable

    irieie Well-Known Member

    this probably started your spark. That's why I use a water bath to blow into and then the hotplate once it reduced down.

    CenCaliKush Member

    I suppose it could but it seemed the explosion started in my hand, could be wrong though.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    That was the source of fuel for the explosion. The spark could have jumped and the flame jumped.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    one word, tamisium.

    vacpurge New Member

    100% hotplate. how was that missed until almost the 3rd page haha?

    penguinking Well-Known Member

    lets hope it was the hotplate. this makes me never wanna make wax again... I do the hot water bath and the tane usually evaporates within 5-10 seconds. But this is pretty scary...

    Kervork Well-Known Member

    Fucking hot plate???

    Someone too impatient to wait a couple hours for the tane to boil off?

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