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Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Merciless58, Jul 9, 2008.


    Merciless58 Well-Known Member


    I like to know if anybody here uses Superthrive, weather its for seedlings, transplanting, a quick fix or what not...
    I hear people swearing by this, and I just dont trust all that big advertisement on the labels, saying its the best, bla bla bla...

    Is this good to use in Hydroponics?

    Can this be given to seedlings?
    Can thi be given to sick seedlings? sick plants?
    does it makes the plants perk up?
    is it good for flushing,

    Help is appreciated:joint::joint::joint::hump::spew:

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Its mainly for when the plant maybe or become stressed like when transplanting. Some use it like fertilizer. I think that that is not good.

    Merciless58 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Dirty boy.

    Does it help a seedling recover for sickness?

    smokertoker Well-Known Member

    I have some but have only use it when taking cuttings. I use DWC. They say it works for helping sick plants anywhere in their life... Fortunatly I haven't had any sick plants thoughout any of my grows to use it on.

    drumsinttown Well-Known Member

    As well as everyone else, I have only heard of it being used during transplant to prevent shock effectively.... But I always use hormex to prevent transplant shock....

    blackout Well-Known Member

    i just soaked some sedds in it ,by mistake as i was going to use the wate for a plant ,not weed that was crook ,i thought i had fucked up ,but i got 100% germination ,and the seedlings look great ,i also use it in veg ,every now and again ,but been told not to use in flowering?? ,seems to work for me but who knows maybe i was lucky.:peace:

    RockyR64 Active Member

    I have found Superthrive to be valuable especially when cloning. Hormex & Superthrive are always there when I start cutting & putting them into rockwool. I usually let it set in Superthrive first for 2-3 minutes, then put them in Hormex for 3 minutes.:hump:

    boomshakalaka Active Member

    superthrive is also used in BOG's (think seeds) flowering formula. It is added once in early flowering just as pistils are starting to show en mass; the preparation is 1 capfull/gallon. It helps greatly at this time to promote vigorous root growth

    techhead420 Well-Known Member

    Superthrive's main active ingredient is a type of hormone called "auxin", specifically naphthyl acetic acid, along with vitamin b1 (thiamine). These chemicals are mainly used for plant propagation (cloning and tissue culture). All cloning gels are going to have some sort of auxin. Vitamin b1 is commonly used for as additive for transplant shock and the like and has been shown in scientific studies to increase a plants resistance to disease.

    I stopped using Superthrive a long time ago since I couldn't see any actual benefits in using it on healthy plants and the claimed benefits of all of the other ingredients ("over 50 vitamins and hormones") should be treated a suspect. Most of the claims for this product are anecdotal.

    In a nut shell, the main use would be for cloning, seedlings and sick or diseased plants.
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    IcanMJ Well-Known Member

    +Rep How I feel about superthive too.

    RockyR64 Active Member

    How did you guys find out that Superhrive is basically auxin? Not that I disagree, I found it helpful for cloning and root stimulation, but I have never found the ingrediants. I have been told it contains B vitamins - several - but who reallly knows?

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