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super cropping during flowering?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lykken, Mar 17, 2010.


    lykken Member

    Is it possible to super crop during flowering, or is it only possible during the vegitative stage?



    Wordz Well-Known Member

    yeah go for it supper cropping won't hurt a thing. just do it slow so you don't snap the stem

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Personally I prefer LST to supercropping, it's a little bit safer...espescially for the first time trainer.

    There's a LST guide in my sig, it may help.
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    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    I was going to recommend LST too. It's alot less stressful on the plant, and a better option in flowering, IMO. Bend it a little further each day, and after a couple days it will be pointing dowwards instead of growing upwards, plus there won't be any damage to recover from. :cool:

    PBFseedco. New Member

    Never super crop during flowering! When you do this at say week 3 the plants needs to recover for lets say a week or even more. So instead of having a harvest 8 weeks from the start of 12/12 your looking at 9wks+. LST is the way to go but most people do this in the Veg state. I like to take my rooted clone from the bubble cloner to a beer pong cup light on 24/0. then a week later she goes into a 3-4 gal pot...couple days later as when i throw her on 18-6 and begin LST. sometimes when i bend i also top the plant sometimes I don't. Just remember to try different things and do what works best for you!:leaf:

    clasonde Active Member

    i usually supercrop either 1-2 weeks into flowering, no stress or shock period, just tons of bud sites.
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    muph Member

    Actually I've done it and the bud started pointing up that night and growing more the next day. I think the stem at the break site is what takes so long to recover, not the whole flowering process. I've spoke with others that have done super cropping during flowering with no negative effects. LST would be first opiton though. If it snaps, go w/super cropping.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i super crop in flowering and love it.. even though i'm sure super cropping would be considered high stress training, it works great, and it never stresses my girls out very much at all.. and in fact, i think it increases my yields by allowing more light to get to the lower budsites, allowing these buds to get much bigger than they otherwise would.. it also redistributes the hormones to the non apexical ends of the plant.
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    irieie Well-Known Member

    i "super crop" or bend my stems during early flowering right after the stretch. i usually do this to plants or stalks that are growing much taller that the rest of the canopy. i would not do this after they are done stretching, as there would be no point and the stems start to get more brittle and easier to break. i have never noticed any ill effects from this.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i agree.. the only part that could take a week or so to recover is the point in the branch where the bend occoured.. other than that, my buds that were at a 90 degree angle to the light 12 hours before, are now standing back at attention looking at the light.. gotta love phototropism.
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    d7b Active Member

    I supercropped a trial plant a few days ago 6 weeks into flowering and the plant is exploding.

    I hate these forums where people deliver messages through hearsay guidelines and say it will stress the plant out and be bad for it. Have you ACTUALLY ever done it before?! Or just running off at the mouth for the fuck of it?

    Either your plants are duds or mine are the magical plants from mars but supercropping seems to work throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

    DougyJrFresh420 Member

    im into my second week flowering with 3 ladies (2 lst'd) under 2 150 hps and have unpinned all top colas.
    and my question is during flowering with lst'd plants should u keep them pinned down or unpin them? pros/cons

    willyjones7 Active Member

    any idea what one could tie their plants to?

    Illumination New Member

    I use pipe cleaners clipped to the edge of the containers
  15. I like hangers then you can just hang them from your branch and put the bottom on the side of your pot where the lip is, but it depends on the size of your plants on what you want to use.

    nazbil Member

    Hi guys,
    I do not understand why some ppl recommend lst instead of supercropping ?! lst helps multiplying branches; you lst your plant to help cover your mesh if you're scroging for example, and supercropping is to increase bud size and potency (talking about good supercropping here not snaping the branches completely-you can do that with some strains during flowering even at late stages), you can lst and supercrop your plant no problem at all as long as you don't do it at the same time which will stress your plant and stunt the growth.
    there is a big difference between supercropping and lst, when you supercrop you actually increase nutrient and water uptake of the plant because it will double the size of the stem that you have slightly damaged by twisting or snaping it resulting in a bigger and more potent bud, lst will never give you the same bud size as supercrop but will help branching ( you can have multiple popcorn sized buds in an lst'd plant or just multiple regular size buds but that's it.
    and in answer to the op question, you can supercrop usually untill 3 weeks after switching to 12/12 (this is what experts recommend) but lots of ppl don't understand how to supercrop properly, and usually they snap the stem completely making it hard for the plant to recover during flowering saying that, some ppl get amazing results with snapping stems but you should do it during veg or early flowering. it also depands on your plant abilty to recover (some strains recover fast some don't and may even die), also the environment is important, if you're flowering room is too humid for example them mold can attack your plant where u snapped it and you can have serious issues.
    so as i says i don't get ppl recommending lst instead of supercroping !

    StrangerDanger Active Member

    I just did it this morning to two of my three plants, and they just started their second week of flower. I am a first time grower, and therefore also a first time supercropper. I did go a little too far on only one branch and it seems in bad shape so far. I had to wrap tape around that one and hopefully it will recover, I did it to a total of 7 other branches on the two plants and they are already starting to stretch back towards the light and its only been 8 hours. all the vids and tutorials I have seen seem to say its ok within the first 1 to two weeks of flowering.

    B0NGm4S73R Member

    just read up, going to give it a go
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    GoldenDope Member

    Just did it to mine 2 weeks into 12/12. Just found all the males and now there is empty space that needs to be filled. It looks bad at first. Everything is low and felt now. As a result, there are many more buds (hairs) seeing the light now.

    redeyedfrog Well-Known Member

    hi, supercropping is by far in my opinion the greatest gift ive ever been given as a grower, my dad showed me this technique 20 years ago and i didnt start using it myself until about 2 years ago
    when i moved house and had to start outdoors and had to keep my gals short. not only does it keep em short and stout but it also exposes bud sites that would not normally get sun and that along with plucking leaves strategically increases yields exponetially. I have supercropped almost all through flowering and besides losing (snapping) the odd bud here and there through my own carelessness the technique is safe to do
    and more importantly my neighbours have no idea i'm a grower. I'd say use it but be careful with the smaller branches the can snap clean like asparagus.

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