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Sugar peak by earth juice

Discussion in 'Organics' started by got2loveit, Nov 19, 2010.


    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    anyone used this on soil? its supposed to be top notch but its ffffing my plants:wall:

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Is this their Hi Brix molasses?

    How much are you using?

  3. plain old molasses does the trick and is much cheaper.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    good ?? wet. Also: what stage of the life cycle are you in?

    Are you talking about one of these products?
    If so, then which one?
    And these products are made by hydrorganics not EJ I believe ;)

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    evrything started from the beginning leaves start to lose green from top to bottom and growth is stunted i a have a lemonskunk and she is the first to be effected(second time i use sugarpeak) this time i started with 1/4th of recomended dose and still my lemonita started the same as her mother. the young great whites are doing better. the mothers all 2 weeks from harvesting and have almost all fan leaves effected like in the pic in the link below and from my experience flowering was somehow delayed/stunted in the last 7 weeks putting them at least a week behind.
    link 4 nutes:http://www.hydroponics.co.uk/Nutrients/Earth-Juice-Sugar-Peak
    link 4 picture: http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-plant-problems/383186-small-prob-help-please-pics.html
    the tips of the leafs are brown and curl upwards.
    this started on the mothers when i switched from flowering nute to grand finale nute.

    thanks 4 the quickk response its appreciated!!
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    yikes, that leaf is done.

    do you have access to pH tester of any kind? your soil pH may have been messed up with the sugar products. and if you are over-flushing that will make things worse by decreasing the oxygen from the soil (drowned roots). what about your water pH? sorry for all the questions. peace

    there was several sugar peak products on that link you posted. which one did you use?

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    no dude ur my god now!!!
    dont have ph tester.
    im sure the ph is messed up.
    the nutes have a ph of abt 2.5 and i think this mights be putting down the ph.
    i flushed quite afew times.....
    i had read wood ash increases soils ph so as a p head considered my ash would do the job as well so i collected my ash and watered my babies with it in hopes it would raise the ph.
    i left the soil to dry b4 flushing 2nd an 3rd and 4rth time

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    il try to get a pic of them up as they are now but it will take me 5-10 min as my cam bat is dead...

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    ow havent tested my waters ph but it must be around 8 maybe 8.5
    and havent had any probs with it b4
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    well, no more plain water flushing, that IMO is why your plants have gone from imbalanced to deficient. if you are going to water today, at the very least use some molasses to: feed the soil life, drop your water pH to an acceptable range, give the plants a little food. or go quarter strength your food.

    my tap water pH is super high like yours. you probably have high alkalinity too, which would lead to issues starting around 4-5 weeks in. is this sounding right? i had to buy an RO and go half RO water to half small boy filtered water because of this issue.

    I would like you to pick up a cheap pH tester for your water, they have them everywhere, not just grow stores. You can use it on your water and soil. If you live in a city you can go online and find your water company's analysis of your water... would also love to see that :)

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    il go with the molasses how much per liter?
    ive never had probs with my water i used to use liquid bat guano during flowering and it went super. i then used some cellmax bioorganic bloom and again all went super... it finished and my shop had these new nutes and i thought to try them out...
    il get a tester 2morrow..
    im somewhere in the european mediteranean water companies barely have a site...

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    here r the pics

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    If all has been well, and the problems came with this sugar peak, then no more sugar peak, that's for sure. And forgive me for my
    American assumptions. You have not told me which product you used. They list a whole line of sugar peak products on that link, a veg one, and a few others. I use molasses between a tablespoon and teaspoon per gallon... metric I think that means. 5 to 15 mL per ~4L H2O

    Those pics are dire. Looks like serious nute burn followed by serious over-flushing. This won't get better if there is still a pH issue in your soil. If you've been flushing with pH 8.0+ water, this could have raised your soil solution pH significantly. I would go into serious recovery mode, and foliar the flowers with a little surfactant and FOOD. Ala MFDoom "food, we need food". Your roots are probably hurt too, and some enzymes would clean that up ie hygrozyme, cannazyme, sensizyme. But those have serious roles on water pH so make sure to give them balanced food with the -zyme. You will want to use your veg formula because those girls need some green bad. They make products like thrive alive to aid in recovery situations like this. I want more info on that product you used please :)

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    i had a prob with production couldnt get more than ten ounces per square meter thats(3,2808*3,2808=abt 10 ft2) and per 400w. thats quite apart from the 1g per watt goal i have..... so as i couldnt reach this goal with my bat guano when it finished i changed to this cellmax formula which again didnt give me the result i wanted. i had seen series of nutes used throughout the plants life and thought to give them a try. as i use granulated pelecan guano for vegging i didnt get the veg formula and didnt get the briximus maximus of the series as i considered foliar feeding in the last two weeks sketchy for bud mold... so i gave my babies the pelecan guano and gave them the catalyst (the dose formula said to use 8ml per lt in 1st week i started with 3) this gave a light green to my lemon immediately i thought is might be n deficient so i gave some more guano and the catalyst 1ml/lt. the white sharks were looking fine after the first stunt with catalyst(they only stunted abit when i gave them the 3ml/lt) after a 2 of weeks i started flowering them... the thing is these plants were like if they had lost at least a week(plants were short.. leafs were small... internode spacing was good...) i started flowering and gave 1ml/lt catalyst and 3ml/lt flowering (the dose chart said week 1,2 4ml/lt week 3,4 3ml/lt) my plants started exploding.... i have never seen such growth in the first two weeks its like plants got 5-6 times taller and bigger.... then i noticed something was going wrong.... 2 weeks in and no pre flowers..... three weeks in the first pre flowers stared showing.... it was like the plants were only vegging... and the bud sites started having hairs come out only after week 4.... as i was planning to leave my babies a week more than the usual 8 i gave half a week more(than the 4 week schedule for flowering formula) and then fed with the grand finale... dose chart said 4ml/lt i started with 3ml/lt first feeding and then second feeding i gave 4ml/lt .... this was the turning point ... leafs started rapidly going yellow with weird black spots just like the pic in the link... i flushed for 1 and 1/2 week maybe 2 and then fed again and gave them 1.25ml/lt.... the leafs comming out of the buds are getting darker green but they are also showing signs of nute burn... the thing is that fan leafs small(first under the bud site) and big (under the branches) are continuing to deteriorate... i will give them a teaspoon or 5ml per gallon whicher less today see how they take it ( i have used black strap mollases in the past and i think i put tooo much in the solution and it stunted my plants...havent used molasses since).... il go to the shop in while(just woke up) and see if there is any cheap soil ph and ec tester.... get a cheap water ph tester... kinda broke at the moment these stock markets have killed me and inflation and taxes are putting the stranghold .... my stash is finishing and me babies look like they need at least 2 weeks .... lets hope they will like the molasses and wake up a bit...

    fuck time difference... passed out last night on the couch...

    il see if the shop has some zyme and something to aid in recovery...

    i have the granulated bat guano should i give them some of this and how? my lamps go on 12:30pm eastern time ( i dont know how many hours cali has difference with new york so i can only give eastern time in comparison to my time) but that is evening over here...
    lights are off now and didnt do anything yesterday....
    so im going to the shop to see what i can gather and il wait for your soooooooo kind reply to proceed from there with caution but into serious recovery mode...
    duuuuude i apreciate your help as much as anything at the moment ... i thank you from my heart!!!
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Whoa, thats some info. Sounds like you burnt with that grand finale. It could have been something that was set in motion weeks ago with your water source. The plants are still showing necrotic (dead) spots, which means they are not recovered yet. But the green coming back is good. Maybe some thrive alive if they have that could help. It is 1-1-1, balanced (which for ganja means high N), and will be hard to burn with. I would foliar some thrive alive with wetting agent right before the lights come on. This will allow the leaves to directly take in some food. You don't have to get the flowers wet if they are too mature. I foliar to 4 weeks flowering, or so. Just make sure to give it a plain water spray the next day to wash off the residue.

    Also. Water: Do you let your water sit out for 24 hours before using to let the chlorine evaporate?

    If you are strapped for cash you may want to skip the -zyme because they are expensive. But def plan on foliar feeding those fan leaves with something mild and balanced. It could be your normal veg formula with a little cal/mag. or thrive alive, or something like 1-1-1 or .5-.25-.5 or whatever.

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    dude ur awake... sweet!!!
    i have this biobizz formula - N 0.91% - P 0.18% - K 0.24% - Ca 0.28% - Mg 0.20% - Fe 0.017% - Mn 0.001% - Zn 0.002% - B(borium) 0.018% - Cu 0.0001 % - Mo 0.00011% -
    would this do??
    i dont let water sit out even though i know i should because i didnt have a prob b4 but i will from now on!!

    i noticed when i gave the 2nd generation lemonskunk(1 week in flowering) the flowering formula 1.25ml/lt i saw the first reaction its mother had but that dosage is less than 1/3rd of the recommended. i gave them water then gave them 0.75ml/lt and they seem fine especially the white sharks but the lemons top leafs and peak are getting light green il send some pics of them when lights go on 2night!

    im off to get the ph testers then and see about the zyme...
    thanks for the help
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    oh shit, time difference, just getting up here. its almost 8 am. yes, biobizz should help bring back some life to these plants. that's good stuff, it is vegan organic so no worries about getting poop on your buds.

    the plant loosing green from the top down is probably a deficiency. if it was Nitrogen deficient the green would be leaving the lower leaves first, so i think you have either a pH issue or a micronute deficiency. first the burn caused these dead spots. then the flushing starved the plants a little, probably ran out of needed bioavailable elements.

    any results from pH?
    I want you to get a little distilled water for a test. You stick your hand down the side of the pot and grab some dirt from the middle zone of the pot. You get this just saturated with distilled water, has to be distilled or RO. You squeeze the water out of the media, and test it's pH. This should give you a semi-accurate reading of your soil pH.

    got2loveit Well-Known Member

    got some power zyme from hesi..
    water tested 8
    should i feed powerzyme or molasses?
    il foliar feed the biobizz
    Matt Rize likes this.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    short answer, both, maybe citrus juice or vinegar in addtion, depending on your soil pH. i don't know about powerzyme or how it affects the water pH. this matters. did you test your soil pH?

    I'm thinking you need to get everything back on track nutritionally and pH in the root zone.

    I'm guessing your soil pH is up over 7 from all the 8.0+ pH waterings. So you need to water with 6.0 or less (IMO between 5.5 and 6.0 is safe). Add 1/4 strength biobizz food, 5ml/4L of molasses, 1/4 strength -zyme this first time using it. check the pH, if it isn't below 6.0 drop it with lemon juice, or vinegar.

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