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Strongest Strain Known To Man?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Widow Maker, Aug 13, 2006.


    benzboi Member

    Strongest Strains you can find at 420seeds they claim to have a strain Jedi with 41%THC somethign calleld euforia express with 37%thc and its $1500.00 for 10 seeds LOL Labyrinth Bud39%thc green crack go check it out 420seeds and click on worlds strongest and lok at oracle bud 45% thc or Pickle Bud it just says THC level %: EXTREMELY HIGHand its $3000.00 for 10 if this is true someone get some and breed them and share :weed:

    guestrollitup New Member

    The best weed i've grown was measured by Health Canada @ 18%.. I've only had two batches tested however..
    Operation 420

    Operation 420 Well-Known Member

    I call b.s. on this seedbank. 41% thc my arse. I've smoked beautiful looking Jedi and it was decent, but not a knockout. 1500 and 3000 bucks for seeds is a farking joke. Rip Off Seeds is what they should be named.

    jackdirty New Member

    well i have a goodfriend who has a mmj card and he always comes thru withsome serious skunk, but for me to judge what was better i would say og kush and a strain call lemon drop im leaning towards the lemondrop ( because it was grownindoors ) but that damn og kush was so nice i would have to have both nugs side by side to make a decession :)

    tnice Active Member

    D.N.A L.A con is slpeey drunk weed, first u get hi ,thin u fill drunk,,,,,, then goodnite.:o
    d.c. beard

    d.c. beard Well-Known Member

    lol Guess you didn't get any nook that night huh?

    Gotta watch out for them hitchhikers man!

    mixking420 Member

    Cant decide which is the strongest strain known to man but i love Kush and Nyc Deisel equally so headband has been my favorite high so far, The blend of master kush o.g kush and deisel is perfect....props to the breeder!:weed: whoever it is? hahaha

    greenpeace31 Well-Known Member

    theirs some weed that's been around here for years called AMISH CRACK AND ITS THE STRONGEST I HAVE EVER had!! it makes me sleep!!
    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    I've heard the strongest known to planet earth are either Elephant bud or Upstate with up to 36%!

    There is even a strain called Jedi 41 with a claimed percentage of 41%!

    All these strains are advertised on www.bcseeds.com

    Click 'Worlds Strongest' to check em out

    Oops, I noticed Jedi 41 was already mentioned.. my bad


    The seed co's can't get it but you can ????? best contact's in the world !!! LMAO !!!! where do the cutting's come from ?? A block if cheese !!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    grassified Well-Known Member

    NO WAY, does that really work? Anybody wanna verify this?!?!?!?

    [email protected] Member

    master kush str8 from cali..extreme body high..i usually fall alseep an hour after smoking..nice for when your sick..light...toke...cough...laugh alot and then pass the fuck out..i like getting shit done when i smoke..this shit puts me on my ass

    uncalm Member

    Strongest I've had so far was some White Rhino when I was in college...kept asking my buddy if it was laced lol. I hear white russian is stronger..got a few seeds so I'll know in a few months.

    rvrdennis Active Member

    in ohio we have deathstar and lemon g both are the shit and very strong, 20+% thc but i would say that deathstar is the best

    3eyes Well-Known Member

    Strongest gear i've toked is Sogouda cheese pheno really smelly fruity taste and knockout stone very very nice just wish i'd taken a cut from her

    koots Active Member

    I have smoked a lot of great bud over the years and i am sure i have forgotten more than i remember. These are my picks for the strongest strains i have enjoyed..
    #1 White Widow
    #2 Hempstar
    #3 Sour Diesel

    skunky33 Active Member

    Hash isn't 100% THC. most hash is about around 50% thc. Some strains are very resinous yet are low potency. I grew one freebie seed that had a lot of resin but was only listed at about 7% THC.
    Miss MeanWeed

    Miss MeanWeed Active Member

    During my world travels, a couple stood out. LSD which I sampled at Amnesia blew me away, when I toured Australia and New Zealand a long time ago all they smoked was sativas, one called Tepuke Thunder made me cry from the pain of laughing so much, but the most enjoyable high I get is from AK-47 no matter where I'm at.

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    anything from the chemdog family.... chem, og kush, e.c.s.d, mass. super skunk
    anything from bog especially... sourbubble bx3, bluemoon rocks, sour lifesavor,
    BUBBA KUSH, hands down fav. indica...

    most potent sativa doms... ak47, super silver haze...

    tamjam69 Well-Known Member

    I have a very strong and potent Snowwhite pheno from Nirvana :eyesmoke: it even has a trippy effect which rocks, i re-vegd it and keeping a mother going and take clones.

    Never gonna lose the pheno its very special :blsmoke:

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