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Strongest Strain Known To Man?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Widow Maker, Aug 13, 2006.

    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Like the title says. What do you guys think? Post links if you can please.
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    Sativa Hybridz

    Sativa Hybridz Active Member

    Hash. Strongest, when you have 100% pure THC.

    Nope, seriously, there are many very good strains of marijuana, but growing conditions affect the amount of THC dramatically. Even the worst strains can contain decent amounts if cared for well, and best varieties of marijuana can loose all of their potential THC if something goes wrong.
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    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    No doubt! I had a buddy that made some bubble hash one time. He got real lazy while making it and only stirred it up for about 1-2 minutes. Anyways since he didnt adgitate(sp) it so much, less plant material came off. This stuff ended up being clear. It reminded me of a pigs ear (dog treat).
    Anyways I took two hits off the bong and went to work on my race car. In about 3 hours I had managed to make about 8 more hours of work for myself. lol. lesson learned. Dont smoke hash and work on the car. lol.

    From what I read most of the best pot has 18% thc. So when I see 22.5% I start to get a funny feeling in my pants.
    Sativa Hybridz

    Sativa Hybridz Active Member

    Yea I've heard abou 20% too... but there are many strains that can reach this.

    m420 Well-Known Member

    The most potent strain that I have smoked would probably be black domina. I a, also very lucky to have tried a few different growers versions of it (2 soils and 1 hydro). They all rock. The dank 100% indica is skunky is a garlicy way that really just makes my mouth water. And to think, for the most part I am a sativa man myself...
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    mouse Well-Known Member

    the strongest and nicest skunk i have ever smoked was kali mist it blew my mind away i have never heard of anyone trying to grow it though its definately gonna be my next grow


    Drugs.Not.Hugs New Member

    The strongest I ever had was some Sour Diesel. I stayed high 4 awhile, Good taste and very strong smell. All around the finest I smoked

    JB_420 Active Member

    I had a good time on Sour Diesel, one of my buddies from Newfound land came down this summer, he brought 2lbs, and we were high 24/7... might now have been real strong weed, might've just been the fact every blunt was 15-20 grams lol until we ran out then it was back to the regular street weed we have around here
    SuperHI TnT

    SuperHI TnT Well-Known Member

    2 lbs in 20 gram blunts thats fuckin unheard of god damn
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    JB_420 Active Member

    Haha, yeah didnt have to work this summer so i thought i'd still have a good time :)
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    h20xygen Well-Known Member

    fuckin hell and twenny in a blunt... i'd be wasted just on street weed round here lol...

    Jimmy28 Active Member

    damn thats alot of bud to smoke superstar. thats right at 45 "healthy sized" blunts i think. Wish I was there

    OmegaVermelho Well-Known Member

    Best 2 that i´ve tried are:

    Indica - Mazaar (this baby is total comatose (and i aint no light weight smoker imo)

    Sativa - Super Silver Haze (just one of those type of smokes that u get cheek bone pain from laughing so much)

    Both of them aren´t even pure strains for what i can say, they are F1 Hybrids, so in my next trip to Holland i´m gonna try everything i can get my hands on...specially Neville´s Haze and Himalaya Gold

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    Arjans Haze is probably the strongest weed ive ever smoked. i thinks its a hybrid of neville's haze and SSH. its said THC content is supposedly 23%

    Theweedman Active Member

    yoo 20 grams in a blunt is my everyday life i took 4 Dutch masters and licked them together and made a 80 gram blunt NO LIE of BLUEBERRY HAZE 20 gram blunts is nothing you had to hold this baby with 2 hands had a sweet video of it but my dumb ex stole it to use against me if i brought her to court that whore ha
    David O'Brien

    David O'Brien Active Member

    Too many seed sellers inflate the THC content of their product. I feel that if you can get anything around 15% THC you have a good product. Years ago I heard of a long time grower getting 30% THC from a plant that he spent all kinds of time and money on growing it out. The plant was Northern Lights #1.

    I think that on the street most bud these days come in between 5 to 10% THC. This is very difficult to determine because it is very expensive to do the lab work necessary to find out the THC content.

    At the end of the day who cares as long as your bud gets the job done!
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    JB_420 Active Member

    80 gram blunt lol...I remember back a few years ago when i was a major chronic we had a blunt that we had to smoke off a telescope stand, and light it with a cutting torch i passed out before it was done though lol

    greenmonster Active Member

    lol you guys are getting out of control. Im a big cheech and chong fan and I remember hearing about the famous record they released that included a rolling paper the size of the album inside. I never saw it (before my time) but that would probably be good for rolling an ounce.

    Theweedman Active Member

    Not out of control just PoT HeAdS DUHH

    DragNFly Well-Known Member

    High gang, newbee to site, but have been growing about 8 yrs, high is subjective to body type, different strains effect different people different ways, my top is Super Silver Haze, (haze pheno), Trainwreck, a 2001 vintage Northern Lights

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