Strongest Strain Known To Man?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Widow Maker, Aug 13, 2006.


    blackcoupe01 Well-Known Member

    They are already sitting in a small cup of water in my clone/seedling box. Been there since this morning.

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    muahaha then good luck!
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    blackcoupe01 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Im gonna need it:mrgreen:

    mikeshammy Active Member

    facts are facts but if you are looking for the best outdoor strains northern California has is the place....from Sacramento all the way to the coast of southern Oregon !!!

    High4Life Well-Known Member

    I read that mandals satori is 1 of the strongest strains
    thou its very hard to get hold of now .. i cant put any truth to it its just what i read from people selling the seeds haha it looks very good thou and the lads on dr.c that were lucky enough to get it say its super smoke ....

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    never heard of it

    shaggy420 Active Member

    No where to be close to being the strongest but,it is tasty potent and yields well.
    Check the breeder out for urself.

    High4Life Well-Known Member

    Im not trying to back up something i read from a breeder , but they say if its grew in the correct conditions it can reach tch levels as high as 29 .
  9. Well-Known Member

    'jesus' dates from mosada nonetheless!

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    i've heard "alaskan thunderfuck" can literaly knock an experianced smoker on there the words of my roommate "crack doesn't compair". just words from a mouth tho, havent smoked any myself.
  11. Well-Known Member

    that's exactly what I thought!..also seed sellers and breeders sometimes come up with figures that would be wishful thinking at best; especially considering mendel's peas, and different phenotypes found in a common seed order.

    captcannabis420 Well-Known Member

    g13 is probably my favorite but i had some chronic sensimillia the other day
  13. Well-Known Member

    are you on glue?!!! you can grow the killer in a siberian salt mine!!!! having said can't match the growing conditions south of the grey zone(anything north of mendocino county)...that means even foggy bottom B.C. but especially northern godforsaken europe! why are all the real euro growers moving to spain? it ain't the sangria bub!!! the best places in the world to grow: high altitude(intense sun) , dry air (more resin),tropical(better vegging)...let's see :cali- sunny,even the cloudy days (all 3) have at least a few hrs. sun...nederhash-cloudy for half the year, and mold probs. cali-morning fog til 11:00...middle of july,70 degrees...low humidity the rest of the time, especially fall when it really counts...nederhash- hows that mold problem? what?it's been solid grey for 2 weeks now? that's gotta' hurt bud formation! how's the weather in mallorca? bet weed grows really well there! yeah...cali can't compare to the optimal conditions in nederhash!....if you're talking's worldwide- diesel:bagseed from deer creek,INDIANA,bubblegum:some other hillbilly, INDIANA.does that make indiana the new weed capitol? lots of strains came from both cali, and nederhash....where's all the credit due for mazar-i-sharif? some of the best I ever had was from a wrecking yard in gary indiana next to the 80/94 expwy!!! and that's a toxic wasteland!
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  14. Well-Known Member

    that's soo true! I got some pot of gold so crappy(sleepweed), that the dealer dropped the grower! and flying dutchman practically stake their name on it!
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    right on hillbilly i have tried to explain this numerous times people are deeply confused and badly uneducted to the enviromental needs of the cannabis genome when grown outdoors it is sad really:mrgreen:
  16. Well-Known Member

    I live for the taste of kush, but the master around here seems just as strong, and the o.g.grower grows the killer tw,p.erkel,and the tastiest diesel. I've heard the o.g.'s the shit, I just need to grow it myself...I'd like to cross it with the white(master)kush I'm crossing right now.I want that hashy kushy goodness, with a ww punch to it!
  17. Well-Known Member

    that damn s.s. grows like little shop 'o horrors! I'd never seen anything grow that fast! it's not the highest t.h.c., but damn!
  18. Well-Known Member

    as a matter of fact; that figure was pulled from their ass!!!

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    indoor is better

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    ok but ur point only consists of outdoor growing it has nothing to do with indoor growing

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