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strongest marijuana THC Level wise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by drdooby, Jan 26, 2009.


    smokinHerbOnDaCurb Well-Known Member

    G-13 is some crazy shit. one hit and your blown.

    Blesed141 Active Member

    I've smoked a lot of different strains and New York Sour Diesel still tops the cake for me :clap: Also a friend of mine had a little bit of Ak-47 (probably enough to do a snap) and 4 of us smoked it bongsmiliebefore switching to the lesser grade... We got crazy stupid high:eyesmoke:, we didn't even need to (or more like couldn't) smoke the other shit.

    brenden306 Active Member


    Ganjalist Active Member

    The best I ever tasted in my 20+ years of smoking was some cambodian chronic back in 1997 thru 1998. That was the shit!! Got that in East NY. After that it had to be some real crazy green stinky sticky skunk back in 94, had myself and 3 buddies twisted laid the f-- out in my living room, and we only smoked 1 dutch master. White Rhino is some powerful shit too, was smoking lots of that back in 96-99! The first time I got some purple haze, I had a body of mine, who never smoked it b4, vomit of his first 2 hits of purple haze!:clap: Now thats some powerful shit there!! lol

    For me:

    1) Cambodia
    2) Jamaican Skunk
    3) White Rhino
    4)Purple Haze

    fat sam

    fat sam Well-Known Member

    its not only thc in effect here getting you high, cbn cbd and a few other ones are getting you high also, i mean shit white rhino is only like 12% or some shit and its strong as hell

    partnersrbad Active Member

    I have a little it of white widow thhat I just put into flowering and I would say it has been the easyst thing i have ever put into soil. I can give it as the ppm meter reads .5-2.4 and as far as newts it's always happy. I have given it up to 2.4 or 2.5 and it just grows faster. I love the stuff I may even let the clubs and friends in on a few pounds for a price. Card holders ofcorse

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    G-13 AKA "Government Marijuana" was hitting THC levels of 28+% in the 70s.

    The only way to test is to get a mass spectrometer test. So when suppliers do get tests, they send in the best of the best of the best for a sample.

    There are all kinds of strains currently advertising over 30%

    Heres a couple medical strains

    BC cheese 32%

    I love this one... Off the charts. And the other just says Extreeemly high.


    As far as I know Elephant bud has the highest THC count so far.

    The new Elephant bud and Elephant purple is a Whopping 34%!!


    I think Im gonna have to order myself some Elephant soon. :weed:


    partnersrbad Active Member

    seems cool but with a price like that for some moters I hope it's great. thats like the old days of payng 20g's for some REAL og clones not the part og stuff that is readdly available.

    drdooby Well-Known Member

    thats some potent weed!
    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info & post. These BC Seed/strains is truly unbelievable!!! I thought 22% THC was the strongest. With 25 to 34%, PLUS the potential yield... looks good for a Monster project.

    drdooby Well-Known Member

    almost 500 dollars though DAMN you gotta be out of your mind, I bet its worth every penny though huh? :wall: :fire: :weed:

    drdooby Well-Known Member


    drdooby Well-Known Member

    Elephant Bud is the way to go then, most potent as of 2009, $495 LOL i better get a hooker with that order,

    drdooby Well-Known Member

    You have to pay for quality Bud, period, unless u make it yourself :finger:





    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    $500 CDN isnt too bad IMO. You only need to order seeds once, then once you have a good mother just use clones.

    I really dont know how accurate that could be. It seems like its more of a novelty item to sell to potheads. As far as I know the Only way to get an accurate THC count is with a mass spectrometer test, which isnt cheap. So I think its gonna be a while before we are testing THC counts at home.

    I love how its a Fingerprint and THC test kit....:lol:


    drdooby Well-Known Member

    yes you can clone or make your own seeds, one time and make a bunch.

    the thc test kit does smell fishy, but i hope it does work cuz i want one :wall: :fire: :-o

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Well at least when it completely fails to get an accurate THC count you can use it for fingerprints..:lol:


    drdooby Well-Known Member


    NationalForest420 Well-Known Member

    White Rhino was a good smoke for me. White widow hit me hard.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Look at the Medical strains, they are the strongest.

    I like this one. "off the charts" They cant even get an accurate reading with a mass spect test..:lol:

    And for yield it just says "Largest yielding plant ever created"



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