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strongest marijuana THC Level wise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by drdooby, Jan 26, 2009.


    drdooby Well-Known Member

    I've read that White Widow is the strongest weed in the world with a THC Level of 20-25%, and is a hybrid.

    I've also seen White Russian come just at 22% and its indica.

    Are these the strains to use or what?

    Crossbreed may be in order? lol

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    22 percent is about as good as it gets.

    juststartin Well-Known Member

    i think alaskan ice is pretty huge
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Also White Rhino seems to be pretty strong.

    haze2 Well-Known Member

    I know that the violator kush is 22% but I believe the one of the greenhouse strains has up to 28% and My arjans ultra haze#2 is 22.9 so you would just have to do some research I think the sativas your going to find have generally higher thc level.

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    I know sativas are the Bomb......I do not like indica.

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    Now back in the good old days I heard about some stuff called Wise County Skunk. It would turn you into one of the three Stooges for about 6 hrs on two puffs. How high do the THC levels get to where the herb treats a person like that? Also how do you measure the THC levels? Got to buy some kind of kit maybe? Thanks.

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    I pretty much have a strain like that now it is about 60 percent sativa.... I call it the crippler it will make you trip:)

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    There is a lab in Canada that tests THC levels for $150.00 or so. No home kit that I know of - you need a mass spectrometer.

    Fame Active Member

    white widow yumm

    jimboy227 Active Member

    Ak47, each and every time

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    its ALL ABOUT indicas

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Here is a kit that lets you run 12 different tests to gather the THC information and whatnot...



    The Cannalyse - Cannabis Fingerprint kit is a unique mini-laboratory for home use. The fingerprint kit also contains a unique standardized & high performance developing protocol for thin layer chromatography, specific for cannabinoids and a total-extraction specific for Cannabis. The cannabinoids will be separated and identified on special impregnated TLC-plates.

    Only a minimal amount of sample (100 mg) is needed for total cannabinoid extraction.

    No laboratory in the world offers a Cannabis fingerprint. "you see what you get".
    The Cannalyse - Cannabis Fingerprint kit is a real (phyto-chemistry) mini-laboratory! You can do this unique test at home on the table. No chemical background is required for proper performances of the test!

    Test not just for THC and delta-9 but delta-8 THC, THCV, CBG, CBNV, CBND as well. All the cryptics will be separated and after spraying with dye, clearly visible as different colored spots on the TLC-plate!

    Total extraction means that THC residing inside the resin-producing stalked glandular trichomic cells will be released and there for measured as well. The extraction solvent will disrupt all the cell walls. So, all THC will be released.
    In contrast to analytical laboratories where alcohol or hexane is used as extraction solvent which will "wash" only the oil
    droplets on the trichomes away. The greenish colour (= chlorophyl a and b) of the extraction solvent is an indication of
    the total extraction.

    The importance of detection, identification and accurate quantification of the main cannabinoids (THC, CBG, CBC)
    grows with the increased commitment by global marihuana user groups, patients, clinical institutes, governmental
    institutions, and recreational users, for safety & quality standards and labels for all Cannabis products.
    This demands the control of the safety (presence of pesticides, heavy metals, dioxins etc.) and quality of

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    i think most potent i have personally smoked would go to chem or the hogsbreath, but i wouldn't be able to give you the actual percentage but i will swear that they are both over 20% and worth checking out if you can find them, but the closest i have been able to find(seedwise) so far was the rez double d and it just wasn't the same. you can get the hog though at the attitude
    roll it up smoke it up

    roll it up smoke it up Well-Known Member


    drdooby Well-Known Member

    yes white widow is beautiful, trust me, it cost me 90 bucks for 10 seeds , it's all good though, because in one grow session you could just make your own seeds.
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Actually Arjans ultra haze #2 is 17.9%. 22.9% was the reading using less accurate tests. Now the Greenhouse has re tested all of their strains with more accurate testing equipment so most of their quoted THC levels in some of their past videos and advertising is actually lower than previously thought.

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    I think there is some kind of natural law that limits THC to 22% +-

    drdooby Well-Known Member

    If that really does test weed for the thc level, thats fantastic if I must say.

    edubble Active Member

    I'm a newb, and i know that you can get strains with different stated THC levels, but isn't the final THC level grower dependent, like yield?

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