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Stomach problems and Marijuana...

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Benassi, Jul 15, 2009.


    Benassi Guest

    Well I've been smoking for a solid 2 years. By solid I mean, It's hard to remember a day when I wasn't high... 8 months ago I got my medical marijuana card to pretty much save my own ass when it came to smoking, but for the reason to cure my insomnia (when I don't smoke and try to sleep... I'll be lucky if I get 4 hours in) and to help me with my weight... I'm a twig.

    But about 5-6 months ago I started having this weird stomach issue. Most of the day it feels extremely empty as if my stomach is sucking on its own walls to find nutrients or the acid is just having a splash party in there. The best way to describe it would be to say it feels almost like Butterflys in your stomach like if you're gonna break some really important news and you're really nervous about it? When at the same time it feels almost burning empty like I'm running on stomach acid... while nothing is in there however, my stomach constantly growls. Like that feeling of your stomach compressing right before you have a growl? Yeah but a lot more painful... that growl relieves so much damn pain.

    Now if I smoke weed I can literally feel my stomach pains and feelings disappear. Like it's wiped out of my stomach from one side to the other.

    The other thing is my appetite... if I don't smoke within 3 hours before I eat, I will have no appetite. As in nothing sounds good and if I start eating something I slowly start feeling nauseous bite by bite.

    So basically it seems all good, right?
    Kind of, I mean technically weed is curing my symptoms on a way healthier level than chemicals and meds. But at the same time considering this came on a little coincidentally I'm thinking it might be caused by weed.

    I quit smoking here and there after a few months for 2 days just to get my tolerance back up, and those two days were HELL. I don't know if it was weed withdrawals or just the weed NOT curing my symptoms making them worse but I was in bad news.

    Pretty much I'm just confused/ paranoid. Does anyone know if marijuana can cause stomach problems? Any?

    I already went to the doctor, and honestly told him about my "usage". After tests I came out with nothing but a "try and call a gastro" and "well one test showed signs of possible ulcers but another test disproved that".

    I was googling shit and looking around for answers but any other website is very bias and pretty much says "weed is the devil, QUIT QUIT QUIT!". I know too damn much about this plant to believe that shit and I also know it really has no negative side effects especially when it comes to your stomach but then again... I may not know everything.

    So I'm asking the un-bias population of RIU... Can you make sense of this? Should I quit? Should I slow down? Should I just keep smoking and check up on my problems with the gastro?

    Pretty much I'm sitting here staring at my Vaporizer with these stomach pains contemplating whether I should smoke, or quit and try and get healthier. Every option sucks in my head, if I smoke, I feel like It's just a withdrawal and I want to just give in and keep smoking... I almost feel powerless to weed. But if I quit, I get no sleep, no food, and essentially feel worse... UNLESS it's just withdrawal symptoms... God damn, this is why I smoke. I don't even think this is all coming out right. Fuck sobriety someone tell me i'm crazy! :hump:

    wildkard91 Guest

    Man, smoke every day no matter what. The way I see it, God gave us food...so we eat it. God gave us water... so we drink it. God gave us weed...so we should smoke it.

    I personally don't think there is a single negative side affect other than the smoking aspect and its still not as bad as ciggarettes

    Benassi Guest

    Yeah I understand that completely, that's why I chose this lifestyle. I honestly hated who I was before. Very angry, stressed, depressed, disgruntled person with too much energy... Now I'm relaxed, calm, think clearly, more social, not shy. Like, this isn't my drug... that was 2 years ago. This is my medicine.

    I just need to feel better and hear the answer from other people. This sober shit really jumbles my thoughts too much.

    My god is in a joint.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    Curing your symptoms will never work. Western medicine has proved that.

    What does your diet consist of? Do you drink a lot of soda?

    Bottom line is, it's not what your smoking, it's what your eating and drinking.

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    Nah you just a liitle hungry. Just eat after smoking even if your super skiny it won't kill you.

    Benassi Guest

    My diet is crap like any other ~21 year old. Fast food and quick meals to squeeze in between my 60 hour work weeks. Hahaha.

    It's not that bad honestly I try to stay away from LOTS of fast food because eating it makes me feel like shit. But I wake up at 5am, go to work, and come back at 2. Rarely ever having breakfast. My eating habits are off the fuckin' wall and with the short time frames to get food I'll end up with fast food.

    I don't drink a lot of sodas I'd rather go for cold water or tea but when it's around or if I'm having dinner and sometimes lunch I get soda. Or if it's in the fridge and I'm too lazy to wait for a cup to fill with ice and water, haha.

    It's not good but it's not terrible.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    Ah... I remember the good old days when I had a cast iron stomach.

    Good deal on steering clear of the sodas, but you may want to try to eat a little better. At least it sounds better than quitting toking, right? If you go to a doc, he will more than likely try to put you on prilosec or some other gastro-drug, which will only treat the symptoms and not the problem.

    Honestly, I would try to start eating yogurt every day. It's quick and easy. Try to eliminate some processed foods and replace with whole foods. Cheerios are your friend. Eat fruit and any veggies that you like.

    Do that and I'll bet you'll see a change pretty quick.

    Benassi Guest

    That's actually a good idea, I'll start buying yogurts to take to work so I can get something in my stomach. My only concern with the doctor issue was if I actually have an ulcer. I don't know if JUST a good diet will rid me of it.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    Maybe not, but it will surely help. Check this out.

    luck no7

    luck no7 New Member

    i.b.s syndrome?? would that have anything to o with it??

    Benassi Guest

    According to the second sentence...
    "Other causes associated with this condition are the use of medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin."

    God dammit it's from all the acetominophen hahahahahaha.

    Wow thank you for the link that helps with the info. I'm probably gonna say the leading causes for (if I have) it would be stress and my diet... God damn why does stress cause like literally everything.

    Thought about that but those aren't my symptoms at all. Yeah I can see discomfort but I shit twice in the morning haha. Solid ones. ;)

    No loose stool, gas, or bloating. It just constantly feels empty or like I have butterflys. Sometimes theres that pain before a growl but that's about it. Few twitches here n there but I'd say that's from being on empty lol.

    I got bloodwork, urine samples, stool samples all done at the doctor and it all came out fine... Only suggestion was to see a gastro.

    So this is why I'm so fucking confused, lol.
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    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    My kinda woman. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, stay away from that acetaminophen, that shit will fuck your liver up too.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    yo benassi, that is almost a parody to my life :) (or is it :(?)

    i'll wake up, feel like crap, carry on through the day, feel like crap. it's as you say, like you're having a stomach acid party or something, easiest way for me to describe it is it feels almost like a hangover. i also get that food issue, i'll cook up a big bowl of past etc, i'll eat say 2 forkfulls, get completely fed up with the very idea of chewing, and just bin the rest, just can't handle it. i'll alsoa feel completely fed after the 2 forkfuls :S

    so when i'm like this i counter it by drinking lots of pulpy fruit juice

    juststartin Well-Known Member

    There you go, your poor body doesnt want to wake up & go and do a 9 hour shift with no food. start eating and your pains will go away

    SpeakerBoxd Active Member

    Benassi, I have the same acidy feeling in my stomach,

    You wake up with this feeling? Kinda like an empty stomach mixed with a tiny bit of acidy nautiousness?

    Everday i wake up this way, But once i smoke when i feel like this, the ugly feeling is gone and i actually feel like i am fully hungry.

    Did you have a doctor give you the stomach press test where they push around on your stomach? Did it hurt anywhere?

    I've been having this for a long time like 4+ years. I just adapted to live with it. Mind you i am lactose intolerant so yogurt is a no no.

    You have to monitor your caffeine intake, and whoever said stay way from strong doses of tylenol is totally right, that'll rip you a new one.

    Thanks for reading my two cents and the bud is the medicine of my choice.

    - Speaker Box D

    Benassi Guest

    Yeah I wake up like that. It's definitely my body clock. I was never used to waking up at 5 and going to bed early... My routine after high school was sleep at 4am and wake up at 2pm...

    My shit is fuuuuuuucked. I just need to force myself to start doing this right. Get some breakfast, lunch, and dinner and eat healthy. This stomach shit is not fun, but I'm really glad I can smoke... I'd be back to miserable.:hump:

    Another reason I have my pot card. I hate chemicals and medications. Then again my cure for a headache or common cold was 1,000mg of acetominophen... every 6 hours... :-?

    It's all pretty much adding itself up for me... hahahaha.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    If you're lactose intolerant try kefir.

    natrone23 Well-Known Member

    I had a similar problem in high school. Stomach pains that would come and go. For along time I thought I was just hungry because the pain was similar to hunger. finally got check up and found out I had a huge ulcer in my stomach:shock:

    I was given Prilosec when it was still prescription(it now over the counter), worked great and havent had a problem since

    goten Well-Known Member

    damn! i think i got some stomach problems right now!! im buzzin-:blsmoke: and i ate that p.b. and jelly sandwitch now my stomach all rumblin like i got dirahah.. the shits.. the squirts---:roll:ahhh i gotta go.. be back in a few. imo..:peace:

    Pamela68 Member

    Benssai, I too am searching for answers about this and my husband has been thru ALL of these same things you have and are going thru. I type this as my husband lays sick with gutt wrenching pain and nausea and bio pits of his stomach vomitting. NO WEED IN THE HOUSE! When he smokes, he is fine after the fact. Dont matter if he stops smoking for 2 days, 2 months, 2 years. The same effect happens all the time. We have been in and out of the hospital for hours or days, exploritory surgery and capsules with camera swallowed to find possible cancer, etc......Nothing!! The pain starts with a knot in the upper GI and goes down to the lower GI. The best of the medicinal is the only that we get. Doctors said before it was IBS. Well I got the last part of that, the BS! When he goes thru these episodes, they see blockage, yet nothing is there but they say its an irritable, inflamed spot. I dont get it. Ive never seen anything like this and I have been a smoker for years and never has this happened to me or anyone Ive seen besides him go thru this. We have both experienced weight loss, but on my end, its due to not wanting to eat a bunch of munchies after. If Im to eat after, I prefer a meal. My husband on the other hand does eat, but he still loses weight. Could it be because of it being a seed plant? Thats wat Im wondering for that has been suggested due to some cant have seeds of any kind on their buns, strawberries, etc...Dont know the name for it, but thats the only thing I can come up with as of yet. I am a wife in concern and when I make sense to the doctors, Im a wife who dont quit my research until I get the answers! Any input or findings would be appreciated! Thanks :)

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