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Stay away from Attitude Seeds

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by Ralph Spencer, Sep 30, 2010.

    Ralph Spencer

    Ralph Spencer Member

    I ordered 2 varieties from attitude. KC Brains 42 and AK-48 from Nirvana.
    And I recieved a couple supposed bonus seeds.
    Every seed sent to me was tiny and looked exactly the same even though they supposedly came from 3 different sources.
    They produced nothing but scrawny leggy sativas, that you might find along a Kansas highway. No smell, bad internodal spacing, tiny buds.
    I have been growing 35 years. Not a rookie.
    I always had good luck with Canadian sources and wish Stairway to heaven was still operating.

    Originalien Member

    I dunno i have just tried them for the 1st time..... Take pictures, SEND THEM THE PICTURES and have a big whinge. Demand replacements...... Report back to us here about what happens. I dare say they will fix you up. Can i ask, did you get them in original breeder packaging or did u go stealth and have them removed..... I personally got mine sent in original breeder packaging because i was suss on anyone, any bank, removing my seeds from theyre packaging. That's just my paranoid self though.

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    that's fucked up. i've seen a ton of threads just like this about attitude. why do people even waist their money fucking with them. sanniesshop.com, customer service is the best, unbelievable genetics, crazy freebies, everything i've grown was grade A. sannie and crew are some of the best breeders in the world hands down

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    honestly i have never had major issues with attitude. you are not going to find better. i dont know what happened with your order, but KC Brains is a cheaper genetic and you shouldnt really be expecting miracles, i just grew out some KC Brains and they didnt all germ but those that did came out beautifully.

    ak-48, nobody ever has problems with either, u should check the forums and see the rave reviews. i really dont know what happened during ur grow cycle that u can complain.

    dont send them pictures of what u grew, they are not legally authorized to talk about growing and wont help u. i dont plant funky looking beans, in the rare instance i get a seed im questioning, i immediately tell them my seed arrived cracked, they always replace.[​IMG] always. that is the customer service aspect. and the shipping cant be beat. they are a shipping company after all. problems with genetics come from the breeder.

    i've heard stories of sannies beans germing horribly and sannie didnt care to help, so u know. even happened to me. it is what it is. i dont mind the sanniez ppl but damn u guys really play hardball with ur in-thread advertising. PHEW!
    Ralph Spencer

    Ralph Spencer Member

    Attitude first told me to send them back or contact Nirvana.
    Then Attitude told me they would replace them with my next order.

    ( I'd really like some of what they are smoking)

    Like I would send them more money.

    I contacted Nirvana and sent pics but I guess I will resend without pics.
    I have experience with AK-47 and that wasn't even close.

    This was under 1000 watts hortilux MH and then HPS in soil.

    I got an ad in my email from Rollitup for deals with Attitude.
    I might as well be hollering in a sewer pipe.

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    Unnk Well-Known Member

    i find it always hard to beleive these posts when the person just joined this month iwth only 4 posts 2 of wich are in here

    last 3 orders i get everything i asked for with 100 percent germination and GREAT plants
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    Unnk Well-Known Member

    varies from breeder to breeder as well

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    iu know i never had a problem with attitude using DNA gear and TGA gear
    Ralph Spencer

    Ralph Spencer Member

    No whats really easy to believe is that, this is shill central.
    You're right I am no google taught web surfing kid online to waste time.
    I posted this as a honest warning.
    If you spent a little more time doing and less talking you wouldn't have so many posts.
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    Bueno Time

    Bueno Time Well-Known Member

    I had a great experience with Attitude last order and just placed another order a couple hours ago...

    valhalla88 Active Member

    OK let me put this as simple as possible...

    attitude is a distributor for the breeders....

    they stock what the people want to grow ...

    you place a order and you get what the breeder gave them ...
    honestly I don't understand the propaganda...
    if the seed bank you use is good ...then stay with them...
    but speaking lies and bagging on one company only to drum up customers to another seed bank i dirty and underhanded...
    It happens everyday. Attitude I'm most certain faces problems everyday...knowone is perfect but they are close..and they have taken care of me personally every time!

    I personally love attitude EVERY TIME I order I get what I ordered and the last order came in 8 days from the UK to the mid-west...
    my lemon skunk grew out to look exactly like my avatar....
    now you want to talk about customer service...Rachel is awesome...she responds to every e-mail within 24 hours of getting it...
    I had some problems with my reserva privada(DNA genetics)...she told me she would add them to my next order...
    I ordered one single LA Confidential...my UFO (freebie) came, along with two packs of the #18 feminized . OUTSTANDING !
    so when I hear people talk bad about the tude...it doesn't make much sense...knowone from the attitude knows me...I'm not getting special treatment...I am not any different from anyone else that orders from them....so my belief is that a company cannot stay in business as long as them by being a DISSERVICE to the consumer....
    one last thought..
    Its not always what one says...but how one says it.....hope this helps
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    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    People, take it from me.. someone who knows what they fuck they're talking about. Attitude is a reputable; loyal; trustworthy seed bank.

    Sure, they make mistakes from time to time.. but who doesn't? We're all human.. and we all make mistakes.

    But that doesn't give you people the right to bash Attitude just because they might have made a mistake... so again please stop creating threads for the only reason of bashing a reputable and loyal seed-bank, just because they might have made a mistake. Mistakes happen!!! Get over it...

    Lastly, if you have great luck using Canadian sources... then use them!!! But don't talk shit about a company that's reputable and legit just because they made a minor mistake.



    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    just ignore the kid... obviously he/she/it lacks experience and it shows greatly.

    anyhow, the rest of you... have a great weekend.


    robchino Member

    bro ik exactly wat u feeling i have odered my seeds like 3 weeks ago and there still not here paid 120 dollars for ten fem seeds they just now gave me a shipping code wid ups and my shit has been in about 5 diff states n which i include the seeds where n the sate i live in then they went to fuckin chicago comon man so i kno exactly how u feel pisd n shitd on its all gud bro

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    both sannies and attitude are legit period

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, come on now.. i will never understand why people continue to blame the bank that they purchasef the beans from for being bunk instead of the breeder that they came from..
    the attitude did their part.. you got the seeds that you ordered.. its not their fault that you went with a lesser quality breeder is it?
    next time do a lil research about what breeders have their acts together and what strains are top notch and have quite a good reputation behind them, not just hype and big money marketing schemes, cough, greenhouse seeds, cough, lol..
    i'm not sucking the attitudes dick, don't get me wrong.. i personally love the work that sannies does, but i have ordered from the attitude probably over ten times now, all beans come in original packaging unless i went with the pick and mix, and everything has popped and grown out to be as advertised by the breeders, not attitude..
    just my two cents though..

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    phew that dude was mad. sannies used to have bunk seed when they came out. its a fact, dont take it personally.

    [​IMG]maybe im jinxing myself here but i've never not had an order show up, can't beat that.

    headshots420 Member

    Honestly i have no complaints about attitude.. I did my first grow with bagseed but halfway through that I placed 2 orders with attitude. Both orders arrived within 2 weeks of me placing the order. My orders were for diesel ryder, white widow, big bud, chiesel, hindu kush, kiwiskunk, brainstorm haze, bubblelicious, jock horror, russian rocket fuel,smurfberry, afghan kush, and sensi star. I haven't tried germinating all of them but the ones that i did (bubblelicious, white widow, diesel ryder, afghan kush) all germinated within 36 hours. The only problem I had was with nirvanas bubblelicious..I ordered the auto strain and nirvana had issues with the auto portion and have since pulled these seeds from the shelf. They are listed as out of stock. But that wasn't attitudes fault. I germinated using the paper towel method as well as just dropping the seeds into moist rockwool...both methods worked fine.

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    when did sannie come out? i started buying seeds from sannie when he first showed up on icmag and everything he had in his thread looked unbelievable! i know he had been doing business before that. when him and motarebel linked up he already had the jack herer seeds and some of the most legendary herb ever came from jack phenos (c99, princess, genius). everything i bought and have seen was super dank, super dank! right on par with my rez gear. what "bunk" seeds are you referring too? you're the only person i've ever heard talk like this. please, let us all know what you're talking about.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Jack Herer Ancestors / Parents / Genealogy:

    Hybrids / Crossings (min. 1. Generation):

    Ierdbei F3 »»» Jack Herer x Citral x Black Domina x Swiss Miss x Purpurea Ticinensis
    Cinnamon »»» Jack Herer
    Jackfrost »»» {Jack Herer x White Widow x Northern Lights #5} x Rainbow Kashmiri
    Jack Herer »»» Jack Herer
    Jah Herer »»» Jack Herer x Jack Herer
    Chirimoya »»» Shiva x Northern Lights x Jack Herer
    Domina Haze »»» Jack Herer
    Jack Herer x NL5 »»» NL5 X Haze x Jack Herer
    Sannies Jack »»» Jack Herer
    Jack Flash »»» Jack Herer x Super Skunk
    Jack Flash Nr5 »»» Jack Herer x Super Skunk
    Kahuna »»» Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herer x Afghani Hawaiian
    High Tension »»» Colombian Mango Biche x {Orange Bud x Black Domina x Jack Herer}
    Somango »»» Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herer
    Somativa »»» Super Skunk x {Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herer}
    Black Jack »»» Black Domina x Jack Herer
    Amnesia »»» {Ko Chang x Skunk} x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer
    Delirium »»» Mazar I Sharif x {Black Domina x Jack Herer}
    Stoned Immaculate »»» Morocco, Chef Chaoen x {White Widow x Jack Herer}
    Obsession »»» Gilgit Valley x {White Rhino x Black Domina x Jack Herer}
    Aroma »»» Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x {Power Plant / Jack Herer / CH9 / ...}
    Flower »»» CH9 x {Power Plant / Jack Herer / Ed Rosenthal Super Bud / ...}
    Green Bud »»» Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x {Power Plant / Jack Herer / CH9 / ...}
    Jack »»» Jack Herer x {Ed Rosenthal Super Bud / Hash Plant / CH9 / ...}
    Mendocino »»» Mendocino Madness x {Jack Herer / ERSB / Hash Plant / CH9 / ...}
    Jack 47 »»» Jack Herer x AK47
    New York City »»» Jack Herer x NYC Diesel
    Lennon »»» Jack Herer Selection
    Cinnamon »»» Jack Herer x Sativa
    Super Jack 047 »»» Jack Elite x AK47
    Cafe Girl »»» Jack Herer
    Princess »»» Jack Herer
    Genius »»» Jack Herer
    Jack Diesel »»» Jack Herer x NYC Diesel
    Claustrum »»» {Kali Mist x Super Silver Haze} x Jack Herer
    Apple Jack »»» Jack Herer x White Widow
    Karmas Jack »»» JH #12 x JH #22
    Critical Jack Herer »»» Critical+ x Jack Herer
    Jack Diesel »»» Jack Herer x NYC Diesel
    Jack Plant »»» Jack Herer
    Critical Jack »»» Critical+ x Jack Herer
    Vintage 2006 »»» {Afghanistan x Power Plant x Jack Herer} x {Afghanistan x Power Plant x Jack Herer}
    Spicy White Devil »»» Jack Herer x Blueberry
    Jacks Cleaner »»» {Pluton x Lambsbread x Purple Haze x Northern Lights} x Jack Herer
    YvorY »»» Jack Herer x Nepali
    Jack Cheddar »»» Cheese x Jack Herer
    Jack O Nesia »»» Amnesia x Jack Herer

    Hybrids / Crossings (min. 2. Generation):

    Swiss Kiss »»» Alpine Rocket x Purpurea Ticinensis x Magic Bud x Ierdbei
    Frost-Wreck »»» Jack Frost x Trainwreck
    Jack Berry F2 »»» Blueberry x Sannies Jack
    Jack Hammer »»» Amnesia Haze x Sannies Jack
    Killing Fields F2 »»» The One x Sannies Jack
    Shack F3 »»» Sannies Jack x Shiva
    Walhalla »»» Sannies Jack x Lady Cane
    Karmas Jack »»» JH #12 x JH #22
    Kushage x Jack Herrer »»» Kushage #16 x Jack Herrer #22
    Mirre »»» S.A.G.E. x Jack Herrer #22
    Aphrodita »»» Hawaii x Jack Flash
    Jaggen »»» Jack Flash
    Somango Haze »»» Amnesia Haze x Somango
    G13 Haze Somango »»» G13 Haze x Somango
    G13 Haze Somativa »»» G13 Haze x Somativa
    Sweet Cheese »»» Cheese x Black Jack
    Citral »»» Citral x {Flower / PG-13}
    FG13 »»» PG-13 x {Flower / Citral}
    G Bolt »»» G Bolt x Flower
    Jack 33 »»» Jack x Flower
    Ginger-Ale »»» {Cafe Girl x Cinderella 88} x Princess
    Apollo 11 »»» Genius x Cinderella 99
    Apollo 13 »»» Genius x P75
    Auto Smokey »»» Ruderalis Indica x {Vintage 2006 x Ersb}
    Afghani Milk »»» Vintage 2006 x Afghanistan
    Commercial »»» Unknown Skunk x Vintage 2006
    Vantage »»» Uzbekistan x {Vintage 2006 x Herijuana}
    Hashgirl »»» Deep Chunk x Vintage 2006
    Agent Orange »»» Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
    Jack the Ripper »»» Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
    Jacks Cleaner 2 »»» Jacks Cleaner x Jack The Ripper
    Qleaner »»» Jacks Cleaner x Querkle
    Batgirl »»» Jacks Cleaner x Blueberry
    Jacks Cleaner Bx »»» Jacks Cleaner x JCB
    Kaboom »»» Jacks Cleaner x Vortex

    Hybrids / Crossings (min. 3. Generation):

    Blue Hammer »»» {Blueberry x Jack Berry} x Jack Hammer
    MangoJerry »»» Jackberry x Mango
    Sativa Queen »»» Killing Fields x Jack Hammer
    Killing Kush »»» Killing Fields #7 x K.O Kush
    Recovery Haze »»» Shack x Amnesia Haze
    Kolossus »»» Shack x Big White
    Hericules »»» Herijuana x Shack
    Shackzilla »»» Super Silver Haze x Shack
    Aphrodita Automatica »»» Aphrodita x Ruderalis
    Gruene Hessin »»» Warlock x Jaggen
    Long Haze »»» Original Haze x {Jack 33 / G Bolt Flower / Haze G13 / Kali Mist}
    Red Colombian Haze »»» Colombian Red x Nevilles Haze x {Jack 33 / G Bolt Flower / Haze G13 / Kali Mist}
    Super Haze »»» Super Silver Haze x {Jack 33 / G bolt Flower / Haze G13 / Kali Mist}
    California »»» Purple Urkel x Jack 33
    Humboldt »»» Humboldt x Jack 33
    Power Plant »»» Power Plant x Jack 33
    NL5 Haze Jack 33 »»» NL5 Haze x Jack 33
    Herijuana Jack 33 »»» Herijuana x Jack 33
    Rosetta Stone »»» Ginger-Ale x Unknown Strain
    Apollo Mist »»» Kali Mist x Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 G4 »»» Apollo 11
    Apollo 13 Indica »»» Apollo 13
    Apollo 13 Sativa »»» Apollo 13
    Astroboy »»» Apollo 13 x {Ortega x C-99}
    Sputnik 1 0 »»» Apollo 13 x {Blackberry x Ak-47}
    Sputnik 2 0 »»» Apollo 13 x Sputnik 1.0
    The Third Dimension »»» Apollo 13 x Jack the Ripper
    Vortex »»» Apollo 13 x Space Queen
    The Void »»» Apollo 13 x Querkle
    Apollo 13 BX »»» Apollo 13 x Vortex
    Jacks Cleaner 2 »»» Jacks Cleaner x Jack The Ripper
    Pandoras Box »»» Jack the Ripper x Space Queen
    Chernobyl »»» {Trainwreck x Trinity} x Jack the Ripper
    LifeSaver »»» JCB x BOGBubble
    Jacks Cleaner Bx »»» Jacks Cleaner x JCB

    Hybrids / Crossings (min. 4. Generation):

    MangoDog »»» Chem Dawg x MangoJerry
    Leela »»» Heavy Duty Fruity x Die Grüne Hessin
    Uzbekistan »»» {Uzbekistan x Herijuana} x Herijuana Jack 33
    Quicker »»» Unknown Indica x Herijuana Jack 33
    Wild Rose »»» Rosetta Stone x The Hog
    Citrus »»» Lemonade 2000 x Rosetta Stone
    Auto Stoned »»» Lowryder x Rosetta Stone / Kush
    Astro Queen »»» Astroboy x Space Queen
    Sputnik 2 0 »»» Apollo 13 x Sputnik 1.0
    Apollo 13 BX »»» Apollo 13 x Vortex
    Grape Punch »»» Bogglegum x LifeSaver
    LSD »»» NYC Diesel x LifeSaver
    Lifestar »»» SensiStar x LifeSaver
    Sour LifeSaver »»» LifeSaver x SourBubble

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