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starting first outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Live2Die420, Oct 25, 2007.


    Live2Die420 Well-Known Member

    Im an indoor guy. But due to recent financial problems I need to grow outdoors this coming season. The problem is I can not do it in my backyard because of my parents. There is a feild behind my house but the mexicans work in it. There are some woods in the feild but my uncle hunts in them! There is also resivor property down the road that seems like it could be a possible option. Im really considering the nerby woods though because i dont think my uncle will even be aware or care that some random weed plant is growing in it. I doubt he would notice but i have no idea. Any ideas people?

    kochab New Member

    dont grow until you get your own property to risk losing.
    dont grow on that reservoir either, that is state land probably and thats a BIG no no because itll get your ass busted really quick.
    but assuming that you do understand the risk involved in this.....
    how big is that wooded plot near/where your uncle hunts??? try to find out where the stand he uses is at and just keep it away from that general area. although your uncle may be a bit upset if you start trying to repel deer away from your plant in the area he hunts in........:mrgreen:

    kittysecrets4u none

    PLAY IT SAFE!!!!! Wait until your financial situation improves then grow indoors.

    skunkushybrid New Member

    I think you should wait till you move out of your mom's house...

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    all sounds too risky, plant some and see. either your uncle will find it, and go shoot animals stoned, or the mexicans should prune your buds for free.
    that one guy

    that one guy Active Member

    probly should grow it in the wooded area. or empty a shelf out and use that.

    budman56 Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm alone in this one. If you're careful, the water company works for me. You need to set up your spot this winter when no one else is out and about. You need common sense, don't make noise, don't take anybody with you, don't tell yourfriends, move large items into a secure area away from the road at night and then move the large things to your spot on weekends when the water company guys are at home. You can even wear similar clothes to the water company guys if they wear a specific type clothes. Thats for the neighbors and passerbys. I don't think you'll fool the real water co. guys. Clear by hand with quiet techniques and dig by stepping on the shovel, no banging around and pick axing. I grew practically in peoples back yards here in Ct and never got caught for 15 years (all behind me now) Heart disease made me retire 10 years ago. We have very little large woods here except water co. so I'm talking "been there, done that", not just, " Gee I've got this great idea". I know that this is politically incorrect and risky but it's worth it to get back on your feet. Use lots of organics and leave chunks of manure in the soil so you won't need to go back and refertilize later. Remember, if the weeds grow all season in that spot then there's enough moisture that you won't need to water. Do't go back til harvest time so you don't make paths and no one can see you. If you must check to see how far buds are along ,go on a clear moonlit night only once. Slightly immature or overripened buds is better than going back more than once. This is just my opinion and I know it's only mine alone. Loners make fewer mistakes, no one else to make them for me

    kochab New Member

    i much agree to many of your thoughts. i suggest that you plant clones that have been pre-vegged some. it really helps to automatically know your plant is female AND already started developing.......

    tbar84 Active Member

    i saw one of your replys to a first time outdoor gardener and became interested. Im in a similar situation. However I think my spot is only good enough to be able to see it only a few times as well. So i want to get everything right the first and hopefully last time I have to return(excluding harvest of course.). You wrote of using lots of organics..can you specify? I live in Indiana if that helps any. Im going to germinate in small wet paper towells then transfer to rockwool. As soon as they poke through Im planning on putting the cubes into small pots of soil, cutting the bottoms off, then putting them in their pre prepared spots. I thought I should have the same soil in the small pots as what they will be growing in so Im planning on preparing the soil here then taking it to its spot. What should I do to only have to be there and plant them and come back much later with good results?

    ravegraffiti Well-Known Member

    if ur uncle hunts there you better hope the deer dont get a hold of it. cause that would be pretty bad

    Live2Die420 Well-Known Member

    well I just think the only sketchy thing would be the fact that a plastic mesh fence would be around it lol. But honestly I have been thinking more and more every day about this fact...

    I think that all of us, or at least most of us on this site knows pretty well what a fucking weed plant looks like, I know I know what it looks like really well.

    I also know that If I was walking through the woods, which I still do a lot now in days, that I would never be able to spot a weed plant unless I literally walked right into it. Why? Because theres so much shit in the woods and who just walks through looking for weed? You would have to literally be on a mission, or walk right over top of it to spot it. Just my thoughts, still gotta be careful though.

    ravegraffiti Well-Known Member

    well if you got to a very bushy populated place in the woods ud have better camafalge(<-or however else you spell it)

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