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(SR71) Purple Kush Med Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by #1Raiderfan420, Dec 13, 2010.


    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    I decided to go with all PK this round, it is my med of choice after all. These ladies were just transfered to the flower room and are waking up now after day two of 12/12. They were vegged under t-5' for 6 weeks of 14/0.

    Here are some details on the room-
    10x12 room,2 ocho reflectors w/1000 watters, 10" carbon filter and 10" fan, 6" vortec cooling lights, two 50 gal easy drain reserviors, two 4'x4' botanicare trays, two 1/4 hp res chillers, titan 30 amp sub with timer, two 20 pnd c02 tanks, titan regulator, Capp Co2 monitor controller, 1300BTU window AC, 60 qt dehumidifyer, plumbed tub sink, diy tables on casters, I also put down ply wood on the floors with pond liner over it with a 4" lip around the perimeter incase of spills or flooding, 1500gmh sump pump to drain the reserviors, each res has a circulation pump and along with the flood pump, airstones, and chiller pump. I have 3 wall mounted (W pattern) oscilating fans, 3 10" floor fans pointed upward, and a couple 8" fans blowing under the canopy.
    I am currently doing some lst and traning with the screen now to attempt to get an nice even canopy.
    I use House and Garden complete line per the feed charts wth extra cal-mag, hygrozyme in veg, Yellow bottle bloom 2 part foliar, and excel lg for pm preventative.
    They are potted in 2 gal smart pots with coco. I had enough hygromite and hydroton to fill one tray with each. The hydroton/hygromite is about 3 inches deep.
    Feal free to ask questions or make comments.
    Here are some pics from last night.


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    bender420 Well-Known Member

    I will be the first to post on this soon to be epic thread.

    Amazing room Raider, you have turned into a beast of a grower. Plain and simple on point, I expect a nothing but a flawless run for you.

    Excellent, Outstanding, Marvelous!!!
    Grow it Organic

    Grow it Organic Well-Known Member

    those are huge for only 6 weeks :)

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Subbed for sure! Glad to hear your vacation was good and harvest YUM!

    bender420 Well-Known Member

    Yo Raider, I haven't told anyone yet, but I scored some wicked PK cuts. I tossed them in bloom right from the clone. I don't know if it is SR71 or Mendo, but it had a lot of positive reviews. Lets hope I got the same cut you have.

    I am also testing this other strain called Purple OG, I don't have no clue what it is, just hoping to land something crazy.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    LOL, thanks for the comments my friend, I will do my best to not dissapoint.
    Thanks man, it was a great trip. I actually went to the east coast to see my son while on leave from Afganistan and meet my 2 week old grand daughter, so ya it was an amazing trip for sure. Oh, and yes I am a 40 yr old grandpa now. lol

    Very nice man, make sure you take some cuttings if it isn't too late yet. If it is the same strain, you will see why I can't let her go. I hear there are several varieties of pk going around now. The three that I know of are the Mendo, sr71, and the vegas PK. The purple OG sounds bomb for sure.

    Klo$etBreeder Well-Known Member

    Hey raider looking good just came from your last thread!

    Got a q, I just got into scrog myself I got one running now that's about at harvest. From what I've read they say to trigger 12/12 with the tips of the branches just above the screen and then keep pulling them to other holes to keep the buds a few inches above the screen. From looking at your grows your buds are nice large spears.

    What in your opinion works better?

    I'm using a 600w hps and 4 large plants under 2 separate 2.5x5ft screens. I'm wondering if I should throw bigger 10 gal pots and raise my screen. Should I let the branches grow longer above the screen? Yours seems like it would yeild more

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Well it is a good discussion and the answers will vary on who you ask. I have tried many different variations. Now I mainly use the screen just to spread them out and get my canopy height as even as possible. I flip mine when the main tops are popping through the screen ( about 14"). Then I will pinch and bend the tallest ones trying to bend them in the direction of open space in the canopy. I also weave some if they are tall and I want them to grow in one direction or the other. Every night for the first couple weeks I will pull a few tops under the screen and move them to a different square in the screen in an attempt to get an evenly dense canopy as well. I always feel like I wasted lumens when there is an open space between plants, so my goals is to have no voids and a fairly even canopy. When my canopy looks even and full, I let them go.
    Now this isn't the so called "true scrog" method, because a true scrog will actually train the plants to grow like a grape vine with only the buds ( like grapes... lol) growing above the screen. The true scrog is best done in a verticle set-up IMHO. Remember the first scrogs were done to try and get the most out of a very short space..like under a house or stairwell or something, so they had to train the plants to grow horizontal instead of verticle. If you have the heigth ,then I like to have a (SC)reen (O)f (C)olas versus a (SC)reen (O)f (G)reen. lol Can you tell how high I am right now? So anyway when I am done my plants finish about 12 inches above my screen.
    I hope this answered your question somewhere in all the rambling.

    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    Good way of describing it. Good to see you Raider. I've been missing out on a lot of good stuff on RIU for a while, but I'm back and getting ready for my own grow. Will be a pleasure to watch another one of yours.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Hey Jig, good to see you around again. I will be looking forward to your next grow, the true scrog artist. :)

    BluffinCali Well-Known Member

    Looks like your OCD turned out great again, just wonderful consistent structure to those tops. Is this cut of PK the same as last time? The one from oaksterdam area I believe it was, cause that was some super candy lookin fun...anyways my brother in law is going to be in the black hole tomorrow, my sis got him some tickets for christmas so hes pretty damn stoked ya know? Have to say they are lookin pretty darn good, I think the Chiefs will fade out a bit but probably gonna need some help from the Chargers to get into the playoffs, but I'll be rootin for ya brotha...keep up all the excellent work my man, like you always do, Peace!

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    I know I haven't updated in over a week, but I will update more often as the buds start to come in. I changed my AC out during the middle of the last round from portable AC to a window AC. The difference is that the new AC does not exchange air and the old one exhausted the room. So my CO2 was constantly being sucked out as I fill the room. I was able to keep the CO2 ppms between 700-1300 ppm before and went through a 20 lb bottle every 3 days. Now the room is at 1500 -1650 ppms during lights on and a 20 lb bottle lasts 9 days. I also had previously not pumped the ppms up until after the stretch, but this round it has been steady from day 1.
    The reason I wanted to explain the difference, is because my stretch is going crazy for PK. The Purple Kush usually grows about another 60% in size during flower, but these ladies have almost doubled by day 10. So for those that were waiting to see how well my timing was with the screen, will be dissapointed, lol I am not complaining by any means, just a trip when you've been growing a strain for a year and a half and think you have these girls figured out....they surprise you.
    So week two the res ppms are up to 800. every thing else is the same. I have to to raise my lights every other day, but they are little close now because I am trying to slow the verticle growth down a bit. I have noticed the hydroton tray is drinking more water and has more consistant and vigorous growth than the hygromite. So for those of you that rememeber last round when I said I liked the hydroton better, I will not be using the hygromite again. It is a lot harder to work with too.
    So here are a few pictures. Remember the last pics were only 8 days ago :mrgreen:


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    ll big O

    ll big O Active Member

    im subbed again..
    Buddha The Beast

    Buddha The Beast Member


    IluvBlueOdyssey! Member

    ++Rep on all your threads. Great stuff. umm i was hoping if its not to much trouble if you could post a list of every nute you use and what stages you use them in. i am using Advanced and humbolt nutes and seeing your success with house and garden i would like to give them a try and compare to my feed.
    It would be very much appreciated.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Hope all is well bro! Finally got myself a 20lb cylinder and a titan regulator too! Thanks for all the inspiration man.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Bro, I appreciate the compliment. I use the entire H&G line with the Aqua Flakes A/B. I actually use the charts with a couple minor alterations. I start the Budxl 5-7 days earlier than the chart calls for. It is used to transfer the sugars from the leaves to the buds and ignite flowering, so when growing a 8-9 week strain I start in week 3 instead of week 4. Other adding some cal/mag mid flower, I pretty much go with the charts man.
    Right on SG, it will be something to see when your ladies jump on the CO2 man. With the green thumb you already have, those ladies are gonna be crazy.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    So the buds are starting to develop now and we are getting to the fun part.
    reserviors - 1050 ppm
    - 68 deg
    Room - 78 deg
    - 55 RH
    - 1500 ppm CO2
    I will starting the Top booster in a couple days and will run for 4-5 days and then drain the reserviors and re-fill. Then I'll start the shooting powder.
    You might notice in a couple pics that there are a few burnt hairs on the some of the tops. That is from foliar spraying to close to the lights commig on. They stretched quite a but more than I thought they would this round. I am going to have to contribute the extra stretch to runnin the CO2 at 1500 ppm from the start. In the last few rounds I have started the CO2 at 700ppms first week, then 1000ppm the second and then jump to 1500ppm the thirdweek on. I had read that when you give them a bunch of CO2 during the stretch that it will accelerate the stretch and I am a believer now. The canopy extends out about 8" wider then the 4x4 trays and is really a jungle. The canopy turned out half way even, but not as uniform as normal due to the over growth during the stretch. I am going to say thought that just looking at them, this should be my largest PK yeild. 'knock on wood'
    Here are some pictures-


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    whodatnation Well-Known Member

    Looking good raider!


    YarndiYarns Active Member

    Wow. That's something.

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