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Spider Mitesss! Go-nats?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by UTurn, Feb 12, 2009.


    UTurn Well-Known Member

    Sup guys....just discovered I have a spider mite problem on one plant and its hopping over to the next. I'm 5 weeks into flowering with some decent sized nugs going and im wondering what the hell I should do. I have some Go-nats but Im not sure if that would work.....anyone have any tips?

    lampshade Well-Known Member

    Yes go-gnats will work, if the source of them is your soil or water rez.

    UTurn Well-Known Member

    the source isnt the soil its on the leaves so I was planning on spraying them tonight right before lights out. Think that will do the trick?

    Ganjatopolis Well-Known Member

    Before you do that I think I have a better idea, as go-nats WILL work but will negatively affect the taste of your bud. instead try this, seal up the plant somehow, with a trash bag preferably when it's lights out, then overload the bag with co2 (a small bike tire air gun will work) and do the same with the other plant, then wait overnight while the c02 kills the little buggers, and your plant will benefit from the extra co2 in the darkness cycle. then when you are manicuring make sure you pick out odd little black balls, but most of em should fall dead into the soil.

    chernobong Active Member

    i got one cola with those fuckers i seen the web s and their dead bodies ,,a nice nugg two 4th week flowering ,,, ive been using tobacco tea and isopropyl alcohol 50/50 water alternating every other day think ive got em with no residues on my buds ,,but bug bodies.fukkkkk

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

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