Sorting out Males early while main-lining... flower/reveg method

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    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, interested to hear how some growers are weeding out the male plants grown from regular photoperiod seeds. My main interest is kulling out the males early enough during the grow cycle to give the ladies all the attention.

    Ive read of a method where the light cycle is flipped to 12/12 once you have canopy topped as much as youd like, put the plant in flower for 4-7 days to show its boy parts, sort them into the trash. Then flip your ladies back to veg to grow them into little bushes.

    Is it a reliable way to sort out all of the males? I am growing 8 seeds in a small tent, nature may give me 3-5 females, so Id hope not to make the mistake as to kill a plant that I thought may be a boy but actually would have been a girl.

    On the other hand I could do the process with a little more natural light cycle, veg them as normal there entire seedling/growth life, topping and mainling all plants the same as if they may become females (using valuable tent space and nutes there entire "wasted" lives though, since my goal is to kull the males..) Flip to flower and naturally notice the boys, but at this point I would have nutured that plant probably 8 weeks,

    Is there a more efficient way?
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    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    Most strains show sex by the 3rd or 4th node. Just letting them veg you can see the males,a little ball on the end of a stick,most females will show preflowers also. You may need mag glass to see. Untopped plants will show quicker also,you can always go down a few nodes to top after sexing.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    If you're gonna be topping just flower the cuts. Less stressful than revegging.
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    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    I seem to have very poor results with cuttings, that process seems like it could take 3 weeks itself though , getting the cuts to root then show sex, and have to care for nearly a dozen cuttings just to toss them out aswell?
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Man I feel for you, I've been there myself with utter bollocks results from cloning :lol:

    About a month ago I got an aeroponics cloner. I don't use any rotting gel, just ph some water to ph 5.5, fill it up above the pump level, take 20 clones and put them in root riot cubes and leave them alone. They take between 5 and 7 days to have roots hanging half a ft down form the base of the root riot cubes.

    Trust me, get an aeroponics cloner and you'll never look back! (:
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, the op's question. I just veg on 24-0, they still show sex before 1 month old. For me I don't want to rush the veg. You can grow plants using hardly any electricity in a separate area. I like shaping them to get loads of tops.

    Just wait for the plant to hit maturity naturally. If you haven't got the patience for that grow auto's :lol:

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    elephantSea Well-Known Member

    I usually just take a cut, put it in a glass of water near the window. within about 3-4 days it will show sex. no need for roots.

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    It would only show sex in the window like that if the days were shorter than 12 hours naturally though right?
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    ThegrowerMOJO Active Member

    Ahh the trials and tribulations of regular bean growing!!! ;) ,I just recently wasted 2 months filling a cabinet with my blue dream goji cross only to find out it was a fracking male. In the past i always took cuttings and flowered them as stated above,On this occasion I didn't and well wasted 2 months and a lot of elect. and nutes. so waiting 3 weeks on a clone to show sex not to bad of an idea IMO
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