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SOG vs. long veg times

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by papapayne, Apr 13, 2012.


Best method for quality and quanity

  1. SOG, rooted clones go straight into flower

  2. Veg till plants are 12-18 inches and then flower


    del66666 Well-Known Member

    no veg.......just 12-12 from the start.....but i use seeds.....:weed:

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    lighting New Member

    actually if you want to get technical lol 50 pounds out door 150 plants 4 shots of 16 plant indoor total 84 day from start to finish = 64 pounds plus out door = 114 pounds per year

    beenthere New Member

    Hey bro, you can't even keep up with your own stories, you came in the vert section talking shit and basically calling guys liars for posting their yields.
    Now you're in here singing the same song.

    First you claim to grow a 4 plant scrog because you're afraid of johnny law, but now your getting 114 lbs out of a total of 214 plants!
    Sorry but I'm calling BS.
    Gone Green

    Gone Green Member

    my first grow was with a 150w hps and I yielded 110ish grams off two plants in a 2ft x 1.5ft x 3.5ft tall grow DRESSER with some cha ching by ff. Plants went through hell and back, but I fed my tops through chicken wire and trimmed everything below the wire. worked really well. I'm doing a chemdawg grow right now, and I cut as little as possible, no more screens or chicken wire. I bend tops, lightly tie back plants and manipulate them for an even canopy. Ballers just tell their plants where and how to grow.

    beenthere New Member

    Dude, a quarter pound from that small space and light is impressive, good luck with the dog!

    papapayne Well-Known Member

    man, didnt pay attention and this took off! Guess I should have expected it. Guess its kinda like arguing republic vs democrat. I am gonna try both ways lol. I have a mini sog under my 600 watter and I have some 4 foot trees under my 1000 gonna see how it goes down.

    dukethompson Member

    I recently just finished this experiment in my grow room and found that the amount of time it takes to grow the plant for a larger yield is not worth the time it takes to simply cycle plants through. I fit 12- 1/2 gallon pots in the same space as one 5 gallon pot. What I mean by that is the space the plant will consume. It takes 40-60 days of training and grooming to get the larger yielding plant ready to flower. I already flowered 12 plants that always yield at least an ounce, and I get to do it twice before I get one plant harvested. Also the variety. Instead of waiting on Blue Dream for 1/3rd of a year, you get to grow Blackberry Kush, Jack Herer, AK-47, Hogs Breath, etc. etc, and not have to wear yourself out of a high you put so much time into getting. You also aren't stuck when you smoked too much and are still 3 weeks away from harvest and dry time because since you can easily just throw more plants into flower, your grow cycle has fresh bud ready for you to smoke weekly, not every 2-3 months.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    Many growers have separate veg and flower rooms, which makes this a non-issue.
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member


    Assuming their time (caring for those vegging plants), space (they have a veg room whereas I would have another flower room - you don't make any money vegging), and electricity (for vegging) are free, then it's a non-issue.

    Otherwise it's kind of an issue.

    It's really simple - both methods can produce abundant amounts of great weed. SOG can produce more weed, more quickly. It can also get you more years in jail. Then again, I can also finish trimming much more quickly because there's no popcorn.

    Life's full of calculated risks............we all need to decide what method is best for us.

    Happy (and safe) growing, everybody.
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    SOG will give you higher yield, and nothing but Colas. No popcorn. Takes a lot less time.

    The tradeoff is a higher plant count. you dont want to wind up in federal "pound me in the ass" prison

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    federal prison is more like a minimum security resort.... state prison well thats another story....

    REALSTYLES Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I don't know why you guys are worried about plant count if you have a doctor's recommendation for 99 plants and 6 pounds of dried herb why not sog. I'm gonna try it as soon as my blueberry x skywalker clones are ready within a few days but I'm only doing 30 plants total in a 4 x 4 tent with a 600 hps to see what happens. I've grown big plants and vegged for 4-5 weeks with 1000 watt but the electric bill is kicking my ass by the time of harvest and yes you do get weight off less plants.

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    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    I dunno what county you live in to allow 6 lbs dried. The state law allows only 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants. I'm in one of the few counties that will allow up to 99 plants, but only up to 3 lbs.

    REALSTYLES Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I make edibles so the doctor gave me the maximum dried weight allowed. I'm in socal plus I gotta renew my recommendation in July.

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