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Sniffer dogs... what you need to know. - Grow FAQ entry

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by eatspam, Jul 14, 2007.


    eatspam Well-Known Member

    I've been asked by nongreenthumb if I wanted to make an entry into the GrowFAQ, so here it is.

    Sniffer dogs... what you need to know.
    By Eatspam

    Sniffer dogs are possibly the best weapon the police have in their arsenal when it comes to the war on drugs.
    They are an unstoppable creature that has no weakness, a beast that never makes mistakes and above all they are out to get YOU!

    Well.... not quite, in fact quite the opposite.
    Sniffer dogs are simply an animal that has the equivalent to O.C.D or A.D.D. so realistically we’ve all been scared of an animal that has a defective brain and are quite easy to get past if you know how.

    What makes a sniffer dog different to a normal dog?
    The way a sniffer dog is selected is the trainer will look for a dog with what they call a “ball reflex” (try not to giggle children).
    Have you ever seen one of those dogs that whenever it sees a ball or its favourite toy it seems to go nuts, bark, yap, jump around, piss on the floor and then finally when you do throw the ball it BOUNDS across the room so fast it misses the ball and slams face first into the nearest hard object, later resuming consciousness only to see the ball and then starts the whole cycle again?

    ...yeah that’s the “beast” you’re up against.

    Keeping in mind that this dog is actually mentally defective, confusing them suddenly becomes a lesser feat.

    How do sniffer dogs work?
    The best defence against sniffer dogs is KNOWLEDGE.
    The way a sniffer dog trainer teaches a sniffer dog is by taking its toy, making it smell like the drug they want it to be able to find, let the dog smell it until it triggers it’s “ball reflex”, they then hide the ball while the dog can’t see, and then let the dog sniff it out.

    A dog will continue to look for this ball while it’s in this frenzy until either it finds the ball or it is distracted by something.

    It’s our job to either HIDE that “ball smell” so it can’t be found or distracts the dog so it loses interest in its “ball”.

    So how do I distract the dog?
    The best way to distract the dog is to introduce another animal, prey, or food.
    The aim is to stop it from going into its “ball reflex”.

    Quite often if a police officer pulls you up next to a road kill, they will instruct you to move up to 100m up the road so that a sniffer dog won’t be distracted by it.
    You can replicate this and even go so far as make it IMPOSSIBLE for the dog to concentrate on finding his “ball” by carrying an animal in the car whenever you carry weed in it.

    The only problem with live animals is that they may be removed from the car.
    All you really need is the smell of the animal.
    This can be replicated by use of hunting lure smells these are made to smell like foxes, rabbits, deer and other game.
    Although if you do use these sprays MAKE SURE YOU SPRAY THE WHOLE VEHICLE!

    If you only spray one spot the dog will make a response which will be identical to its ball reaction and will give the officer reason to search your car.

    How do I hide the smell?
    Even though you should always try and distract the dog you should still try and hide your cargo.

    First and foremost I’d like to clear up a few things.

    Masking the odour with:
    Coffee grinds DOESN’T WORK
    Pepper DOESN’T WORK
    Curry DOESN’T WORK!

    As a matter of fact, nothing is out there that can mask the odour of drugs well enough to trick a sniffer dog.

    To explain this I must first explain how a dogs scent works.

    Imagine a pot of soup.

    We look at it and we see carrots, peas, potato, onion, cut herbs...etc.
    But we only smell... SOUP.
    The reason for this is because our site is so evolved we don’t need a keen sense of smell.

    This is the exact opposite for dogs.
    They can SMELL carrots, peas, potato, onion, cut herbs...etc
    But they only SEE SOUP.

    So even if you have a bag of weed inside of a bag of coffee and then taped shut the dog will smell plastic bags, coffee, and WEED (“it’s ball”) and alert the police.

    The only way you can hide weed so that a dog won’t be able to find it, is to wear gloves when you handle weed, and place it into a container that has never touched weed or anything else that has touched weed.
    Also, try to put as much space as possible between the drug and the dog, so hide things in the centre of the car.
    If you hide weed this way, you should know that no matter how thick the container or what material it’s made from, it the smell will eventually permeate thru the container strong enough for the dog to be able to smell it. So make sure you pack it right before you leave and try to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

    How can the dog smell thru a sealed bag/container?
    A scent is really a trail of microscopic particles that cling to certain things, and travel threw the air.

    These particles are so small that given enough time they can travel thru ANY substance or container.
    The smell particles will also stick to just about anything and take a long time to either be removed or dissipate. So if any part of the outside of the bag touches the weed or anything else that has touched weed, the dog will be able to smell it very easily.

    What about airport/mail room dogs?
    Air port dogs and mail room dogs are VERY hard to get around mainly because you aren’t there to control the situation in mail rooms and in airports the drugs normally have been in their containers for too long and the smell will permeate threw it.

    You only have one way to combat the dogs in this situation... LUCK
    Only 5-10% of national mail in ANY country is ever inspected.
    Only 35-70% on international mail is scanned.

    Unfortunately I have no experience in airport security so I cannot give you the percentages on security checks, but I can tell you one thing.
    They are still random, and not all people get searched.
    I do know however that carry-on luggage is inspected more regularly then checked luggage, so if you do decide to play Russian roulette with the dogs at least pack it in the ways I’ve told you, DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF ANIMAL SCENTS, and above all... don’t try it too often.
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    eatspam Well-Known Member

    I was actually thinking that this would be better off as a chapter in the FAQ divided up at each sub heading? but I'll let the admins decide on what happens. as long as I get credit on each section I'll be happy.
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    matthew1988 Well-Known Member

    that was a very interesting and informing read thanks.

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Good Stuff dude!

    blazeupsmoke Active Member

    I read somewhere that in some underground lab in South Korea they're planning some sort of mass production of these little fuckers. No not a large breeder but actual clones, it turns out that these guys have been at it for quite a while and have even moved onto homosapians (humans).

    I'll let some1 else post a link, if they can find it

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    I thought Cloning was illegal in every country??

    eatspam Well-Known Member

    wow, this is all the response the post gets? I thought it was well needed?

    oh well better luck with my next entry I suppose?

    gillard Active Member

    i enjoyed it thanks man

    Shook Well-Known Member

    i dont think many cops have dogs in their cars in canada

    gillard Active Member

    lol nope but still useful info

    trapper Well-Known Member

    my buddy was pulled over he had weed in his pocket,but the dog went to were the fish and wild meat were,he was trained to find wild game.a friend of mine was was growing about 6 years ago,i did not know the house he moved to just the street,i gave my dog a gram to smell and i said find it,10 min later im knocking on his door.

    illektronique Active Member


    illektronique Active Member


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member


    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    What about those things in airports I read about that you walk in and they blow little puffs of air then analyze it for scents; I wonder if those smell for drugs or explosives, or both. I'm glad they're using that kind of equipment before people get on planes. What bothers me is how much checked baggage and carry on baggage doesn't get sniffed.

    eatspam Well-Known Member


    NO GROW Well-Known Member

    The link isn't working......

    Drizzle Well-Known Member


    micknort Well-Known Member

    Sup guys

    looks like some one has been watching " never get busted again " an ex coppa video .

    If you wanna down load it and get the full storey , go here but you need a torrent downloader so i use bitcomet
    Its actually a good watch , listen to his accent saying Vehilce. it vehhhiccclee.. so funny.

    any dramas pm me
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    Saul Good

    Saul Good Active Member

    Overall, a very factual faq. Masking does NOT work in most cases, although carrying a bit of rotting roadkill (badger, racoon, etc.) might delay things a bit if you maintain your cool. I've had the hindquarters of a mule deer in the backseat for a few months, but the kids are getting upset...:-|

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