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Smells like hay. HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by noinnersense, Feb 16, 2008.


    noinnersense Active Member

    I chopped the plants down and now one plant started smelling like hay when i was drying it. But the rest of them smell fine. What should i do? Help ASAP!!!
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    sure Active Member

    how well did you trim the leaves around the bud ?
    is it hanging to dry in dark place out in the open or in a container?

    groprofosho Well-Known Member

    dont worry. just hang them for 1-3 days until relatively dry. they wont smell until they cure properly in jars for about 2 weeks. fill your jar halfway up and seal it. open daily for a few minutes. once you jar them the water will start to come out of the stems and the bud will be moist again. you need to airate them daily to prevent mold. they will start to stink nicely once they are dry and the stem bends and is hard but does not break. hay smell is normal

    noinnersense Active Member

    I trimmed them quite nicely. probably half a leaf here and there but i hung them upside down in a dark closet for about a week or so. And now im curing them. Today they smell a little bit better but not as good as they smelled while flowering.

    cream8 Well-Known Member

    after a week of curing youll see...

    FaCultGen Well-Known Member

    lol my weed smells like hay after the dry, but after curing it smell lite and heavenly

    youngcannabis Active Member

    its nothing to stress about, it will turn out okay yo.

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    just squeeze it a lil bit if u need to smell it that bad.......i'ven been curing for 6 days and the smell is getting stronger...more weed smell and a lil less chloryphil smell

    superryder Active Member

    thank fuck for you lot on here mine smells like shit but was banging wen flowering at least i no it will come out good love you lot lol

    rmel0622 Active Member

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    stonersrbetter! Well-Known Member

    are you seriouss? lol damn that made me laugh:lol::lol::lol:

    14pimp Well-Known Member

    i wish people would have helped me when this happend to me, all they told me was better luck next time, bastards!!
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    Yea I find White Widow in particular does this. Smells great while growing but then more like a cat pissed on hay while it dries. It starts to go away after 2 weeks when it begins to cure so give it 3 weeks and the hay smell should be gone completely. I find sweeteners like molasses work especially well with these kinds of strains.

    JimmyCliff Member

    I just cut down my ak-48, same thing. my last batch smelled like hay, too, but it never went away, even after the cure. if anything the hay smell subsided and it smelled like... nothing.

    k2daalvin Well-Known Member

    you can get that from cfls, ive tried a cfl grow for shits n giggles and couldn't cure the bud to smell, well.. like bud, it stuck with the hay smell all the way.. strain grown was chem dawg..

    thewinghunter Active Member

    SO they say just cure it and that makes it smell good, but i STILL think some ones holding out some good info... i cured a bud for over a week, no change in smell at all...

    hopefully, with my whole crop i get better results
    Ebban Flow

    Ebban Flow Member

    A good cure can take a month or more. As others have pointed out, it may take several weeks to get that hay smell out and the good scent you're looking for to come in. Curing draws out the chlorophyll and allows the plant to break down sugars and such. The Chlorophyll is the culprit for the hay smell.

    At least that's what I think, there are many here that know far more than I though.

    Good luck.
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    I have gotten the Hay like smell when I first started out. It comes down to a few different things, there is no 1 silver bullet.

    1. Genetics- If it is schwag, no matter how well you dry and cure, it's still gonna be schwag

    2. Making sure not to over dry. I dry until my stems are almost dryed out and will break, but not just easily snap. The outside of the bus gets kinda crunchy but the inside isnt, it is firm to the squeeze. If you over dry it will get that hay smell.

    3. Making sure not to under dry, you dont want mold.

    Check the stuff you have hanging each day 2 times. If you think it's close, take a sample. If it will burn in a joint, it's ready to cure.

    niresmancash Member

    Other reasons for the hay or green smell is from your bud drying to quick....i had this issue..it should take at least 7-10 days to dry your bud....do your trim work first so the buds get air evenly and dry evenly...there wet there going to smell green....once you spend a week drying put them in a glass jar and in a refrigerator for a couple weeks or longer ..opening them up a few times daily and lightly shaking the jar to get some air movement and to avoid mold....hope this helps........ALSO....Put a orange..lemon peel or what ever you desire in the jar while curing to add a citrus flavor this will also help.............

    mickyjuice Active Member

    i have smoked shit that smells like my sweet spot it dont matter, beer tastes like grandmas piss but we drink it anyway

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