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Small white petal flowers on top bud

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jdizzle22, Apr 29, 2010.


    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I don't have access to a camera that is good enough to take a nice picture of what I'm talking about.

    Ok so this is my first grow and I will be harvesting in the next week sometime. For awhile now a couple of my plants have multiple growths on the very top of the top bud. They have about 3 on top of each, and these things look like little baby rose flowers. They are white, appear to have petals, and yes look like little pinky nail sized white roses. I got my pocket microscope, but I can't get a good look at em because they reflect so much light. From what I can tell though, they are covered in an extreme concentration of trichomes.

    So has anyone ever heard of this? *Pinky nail sized white petal flowers on top of bud
    I'm pretty certain that they aren't mold, because they haven't multiplied or grown in size since the first week or so I noticed them maybe a month ago or longer (but definitely only in the flowering stage). I've thought maybe they are just a weird group of pistils that can't unfold all the way or something, but they haven't change at all.

    Any guesses? I'm going to try to get a decent picture right now, I have a crappy camera and no appropriately sized magnifying glasses to use with it.

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Anyone? I don't even care if you have an explanation. Has anyone even heard of this? Seen it? Thoughts?

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    sounds like a pollen sack.Look around your plant they look like little banannas,after they open and release their pollen they look like what your describing.

    PBFseedco. New Member

    Ya sounds like male parts. You could have a hermy.

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    No I haven't seen any pollen sacks, my babies showed their female preflowers before I put them into 12/12. And this is only on the VERY top of 2 of my plants. Like I said they've been there awhile and don't seem to have changed. **OK I just went in and checked them really closely, there has been a slight change in some. On one plant a couple of the white flowers I talked about appear to have opened up a tiny bit more, and yeah they look like bleach white leaves. I don't think its the light being too close or anything, there hasn't been any burning, this flower thing hasn't spread or multiplied. I really wish I had a decent camera or a small magnifying glass to help it out. I'm gonna get them out of the tent and try my best to take some better photos again right now.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    sounds like a hermie, just cuz it showed female preflowers doesnt mean it cant/isnt a hermie. Have you been interrupting their dark periods by chance?

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Ok I got it! My eyes must have been broken cause they have changed, and I was able to get a decent photo! So it appears that they are indeed little leaves, just that the inside that is facing up where I can see is nice and white, and the opposite side is green! So anyone have an idea what is up with that? I don't know exactly when this started, but I my best guesses with the pictures I recorded is that they appeared about 30 days into flowering. And up until the last week or 2 they looked like little white roses, and have now opened up enough that I can clearly tell they are indeed leaves. Still pretty weird though, reminds me of a big cactus with a few tiny flowers around the top! No the plants seem to have been doing fine, aside from one time where the lights stayed on an hour or 2 longer than they should have, I don't believe there have been any issues with light/dark in the tent.
    S7300656.jpg 123.jpg

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    light bleaching.
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    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    If it was light bleaching wouldn't they have died off or changed more or the problem would have led to bleaching in other leaves over the last 30 days? I'm not trying to be mean or anything, the light bleaching just seems like it would have gotten worse or spread. But these things are separate and only on 2 plants, 3 of these little white flower things on one, and 1 or 2 on the other. Could the light being too close cause the top of the bud in that pic to look weird though? Like I know what nice bud looks like, but on that plant most of the top bud looks like it has more growth and little leaves than bud.

    PBFseedco. New Member

    This is DEF something I have never seen before! Weird!

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    maybe it isn't realy weed...

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    How long has the plant been flowering?
    Its probably just some kind of mutation.

    PBFseedco. New Member

    Also is this just some bagseed? Or what strain?
    Big Raw J

    Big Raw J Active Member

    How close is your light? What are you using? I've had that same shit happen from the light being too close. My blue hash has it now because I can't get the light any higher in the tent..
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    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Bag seed, 400w hortilux super hps, from the top of the bud to the glass of the light reflector is the same distance as from the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle (inch and a half or so?) day 63 of 12/12
    Again, are you guys sure it could be light bleaching? Because its only on those 3 spots that its white like that, it really seems as if the plant decided to make a few small white petal flowers on the top. On a couple of them there is a pink tinge, and the white is actually on the back side of the leaf as well, with a little bit of green on the base of the backside. A mutation would make sense with me, I got a lot of advice through this grow with simpsonsampson420 (whos gone dark the last few weeks) who said at least 2 of my plants were mutant freaks. Well really they all seemed to be mutants and different points.

    I have one of those yieldmaster type reflector hoods with the glass, and I have 2 fans in the tent blowing on the plants, and when I put my hand between the bud and the glass it isn't even on the hotter end of 'warm', just kinda warm. So I thought I was in the cool as far as that goes.

    I use Fox Farm ocean forest for soil (2 parts per 1 part standard perlite), FF Grow Big, FF Big Bloom, and FF Tiger Bloom
    I've been using molasses a bit lately, and I used superthrive a handful of times in veg, and a couple times in flowering

    Well guys I *MIGHT* have figured it out
    I noticed in my notes I gave a small amount of super thrive a few days into flowering, and then a month into flowering. I never took note of when these flowers appeared, but as best I can tell from the pictures I took they started appearing a few days after the last time I gave them superthrive. Again I'm not sure about that window because I didn't take pictures with a good angle above the plants, I took them from the side. But it would seem they begin to appear a few days after the 2nd (and last) application of superthrive during 12/12. Could be the cause, could be coincidence. I've read you shouldn't use superthrive during flowering because it can negatively prolong the flowering period, that could at the least explain why one of mine is apparently done and the other 2 seem 3 weeks behind (cause the way the leafs looks, it isn't super obvious if 1 is sativa/indica and the others are the opposite, they all look pretty much the same)

    eza82 Well-Known Member

    Are they proven female ? It almost looks like mutant hermi (male) growth.

    Superthrive is a B1 thiamine additive - i dont think it would do this. IMO superthrive will not prolong your flower maturity, it may cause further root development through development of Auxin hormones, which would switch gears and slow down the development of the flower set - BUT maturity will still be same length only density will be effected, and you can not fix that by extra time under lights.

    It looks like a genetic mutation. Which could be a really good thing --- or bad.

    Back off on additives, and keep us updated.


    CyberSecks Active Member

    albino traits maybe?

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    I guess it could be an albino trait if its even possible, but I would think that it would spread more than that. So no one has ever heard of any strain anywhere ever having little white flowers huh? Interesting mutation if it is that, would be funny if this had been bread out and people could grow pretty white flowered decorative marijuana!

    PinchedNerve Active Member

    Isn't there a cannibis relitive with white flowers? but no bud, i dont know but that looks real cool.

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    So I took another good look at them today and boy, they are weird ladies. So the top/main cola on one dosen't look like bud so much as it looks like a jungle of leafs (that would be trimmed off, the smaller ones). And it has a whole bunch of these little pod looking things, one of them is opening into another one of these white flower things, and theres a bunch of them on the top and around the sides of the top of the main cola that also look like they will open up into more of these little white flower things if given the chance! Counting the new one that is opening up, that makes for 4 of these white flowers on the very top of the main cola of one of my 3 mystery bagseed mutant babies.

    PS: Well some of them might not be more of these white flower pods, but might be a tight coil of new leaf tips or something.

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