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sickening, truly sickening.

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by Omgwtfbbq Indicaman, Jan 14, 2013.

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    A lawyer and devout christian who represents an anti-gay alliance trust fund was found with child pornography that she filmed herself.

    Of her own daughter, to which she even took part in, containing several other sexual partners as well.

    When in court the defendant was recorded on tape blaming her 14 year old daughter for the acts.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    Why is it those that are super pious have the most sickening guilt and horrors to hide? Nobody can save them from themselves, its all pipe dreams. Look at the wbc, father is a megalomaniac abusive sociopath and the mother is an abject faliure in her duties as a parent, so sad. When i see street preachers, i think- that dudes a rapist or worse.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Granny weed

    Granny weed Well-Known Member

    Im afraid this is the sort of world we live in now, a very sick one where no one can be trusted and those who we are suppose to look up to and put our trust in are the worst offenders. Some people should never be allowed to become parents and some should never be allowed to draw breath no one is safe in this horrible world :cry:

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    amen to that nowadays your either part of the problem or part of the solution! well said granny!

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    execute on the spot!!!

    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    Totaly fucked up,,,what the hell?

    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    THIS is why I hate the church, and jebus, save me from your followers! Those GD ultra right wing, christian zealots, seem to be the wrost offenders. I love it when they finally get caught with a gay prostitute and meth. Seems those who protest the most.....

    cheechako Well-Known Member

    Do you have any statistics or studies? Or are you just on some anti-Christianity kick?

    Man... you're more pessimistic than me. I want to have faith in humanity, but I can't help think that too many people suck. But yeah - some people... not some Christians or some Atheists or some Muslims or some Teenagers. Some people suck - and the reasons, causes, and contributing factors are vast and complex.

    12 years of Roman Catholic school and I finally turned atheist when my senior year religion teacher played Imagine and tried to pick it apart. I'm not a fan of organized religion at all. But I think there is plenty of "little stuff" - hypocrisy and whatnot - to look at and question.

    As much as I am anti-religion, I am also tired of the fanatics that want to jump on religion for crap like this. How many "straight" guys might pick on some feminine dude at a bar with his buddies and then hook up on CL for some "str8 m2m" sex. How many atheists are busted with meth? People - not just religious people - can be hypocritical, twisted, sick, disturbed, etc., etc.

    This woman sounds like some very sick individual. I fail to see how her devout Christianity had anything to do with the situation. I don't know how she rationalized that, but I don't care the slightest. I don't even think the anti-gay alliance link means anything either - in this fucked up society, ffm is often considered hot while mmf is gay. Girls can kiss on College Students Gone Wild, but guys doing it still squicks us. At most, the religion, profession, and alliances are all just some ironic coincidences.

    Recently, a serial killer was in the news here. He killed a bunch of people across the nation. His last victim was local, and he committed suicide in prison after he was busted for that. After this, it was revealed that he came from a religious family. His pastor mentioned how this guy claimed to be atheist - the pastor was worried for him. Now I'm not saying religion would have saved him or atheism had anything to do with him being a serial killer. I'm not even saying his religious upbringing had anything to do with it.

    But he is an example of some sicko, and he happened to claim to be atheist. Meanwhile, his family claimed to be religious, and AFAIK, none of them are serial killers.

    So, yeah - I'm not a fan of religion. But when people immediately jump on that instead of looking at the issues, then we might forget the issues and just have yet another debate about God or religion or whatever. Religious cover-ups - that is different. But sometimes religion is not the issue.

    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    People are sick, but when THEY tell YOU how to live your life, like christians, then it IS a problem worthy of ridicule. People hate hypocrisy, not christianity. Do not say "god hates fags" while you are fantasizing about chugging preteen cock later after a couple of lines of meth. That is all.
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    cheechako Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. So ridicule the WBC and their "God Hates Fags" signs. Go after the "know-it-all" Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, tele-evangelists, street preachers, and so on - the ones pushing and forcing views and lifestyle. I don't see any of that here. I see a sick pedophile and at least one underage victim. The mention of Christianity seems to distract from the issue - it is not the cause of the issue. The fact that Christianity seems to preach a different lifestyle is ironic in this case and nothing more.

    The OP said, "When i see street preachers, i think- that dudes a rapist or worse." A lot of religious people know or believe that most preachers are not rapists. Statistics seem to back that up regardless of all the scandals and whatnot that make the media. Rape is a real issue. It seems that we agree Religion - the part about forcing lifestyles and whatnot - is an issue to. My point is that jumping on crap like this and making connections where there is none creates some fanatical opposition and moot debates, and does little to address all the issues individually.

    Case in point - what about the men?

    "What men," you might ask. The mom did not act alone to victimize her daughter - remember the specific story here?. One guy turned himself in, but that gesture doesn't make him a good guy. Yet I read a few articles and never saw any mention of the men and their religion or political affiliation or anything like that. When we jump on religion even though it is a non-issue at the time, we can forget about the real issue. Even if religion is a factor, we often stop looking for addition causes - and there so often are.

    The mom and the men were all sickos, involved in child sexual abuse. That is the real issue and that issue is not the domain of one religion or another.

    I'm not standing up for religion. I'm not saying you're wrong in your views about religion. I just think too often it turns into the issue or cause and we stop looking for more when there really are more issues and causes at the heart of the matter.

    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    I hear you, Cheechako, and you are right about attacking Christianity, or any religion, instead of the individual. I too went to private religious schools, and know there are many wonderful religious people. I think the main point here is that, this monster was a christian. What kind of person can do these things and be a christian? Most christians should be mad too, it makes all of them suspect.
    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    That little girl is going to have some bad problems... man, this is some sad shit.

    Hepheastus420 Well-Known Member

    Hypocrites.. But just as bad as other nasty fucks out there.

    A damn shame.

    greenswag Well-Known Member

    death by punta

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    If I believed in heaven or hell, there would be a special type of hell for pedos. Especially your own child...

    Can you say cactus up the anus?

    Krondizzel New Member

    Soldering iron.

    gagekko Well-Known Member

    And western culture feels middle easterners are barbaric... At least in the middle east they would know how to deal with this monster.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    sex crimes are nasty but sex crimes against kids are especially heinous.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    you mean blame the daughter? thats how it seems to be done.

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