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Should I Trim the fan leaves off during budding

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by goosh101, Oct 30, 2007.


    goosh101 Active Member

    I heard that if you trim the leaves down while your plant is budding it will put more growth into the bud, is this true?

    dangchowser Well-Known Member

    dont trim em , could cause a stunt in growth and mold issues etc , if you trim slowly and cut at the stems this could be good if you dont have alot of light and want more to reach lower buds but it needs to be done slowly and you need to know wut ur doing

    chewy*barber shawarma king

    It would seem intuitive to leave the large fan leaves on. Don't large buds improve the probability of success for a particular plant in the wild? If so, then isn't it possible that evolution has produced the large fan leaves you see now, and done so to encourage large bud growth? Just thinking out loud—

    silkyride Well-Known Member

    Always had the same thoughts and intuitions but you know how human engineering can make huge differences in plants and they way they grow. I'm in the 4th week of 12/12 and would really like to know if those big bastards are just in the way.

    juststartin Well-Known Member

    same here, ill more than likely leave them all but dont exactly have the best of lights going on.

    ALSO badly misjudged the size of my sativas, they are at the top of my tent now, think im gonna have to tie them down, could i properly fuck this up if its not spot on?

    thchero Well-Known Member

    i seen a plant that the guy had the idea of taking off the fan leaves stunted the plant, did not grow for three weeks when my leaves start to turn yellow i take them off not before everything has a purpose on the plant let it do its thing

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    remove leaves remove vigor and stunt growth if you want to trim leaves do it 1 week b4 switching to 12\12 never during flower... tuck them away if possible don't cut em... when they turn yello gently pull on em if they fall off than good if not leave it... your cutting off a food supply with every leaf cut off
    tieing down a plant is the best thing you could do for it

    the fan leaves yellow toard the end of flower... why??? consumption... the plant is useing them so when they are not there where is it getting its life from.... the leaves are important espetially during flush

    jcream Active Member

    if ur gon to remove the leaves do it slowly. i did it on one of my crops and didnt reall notice anything good or bad, but im not making a habbit of it. it will allow more light to reach the lower buds. i would only do it in flowering late.

    silkyride Well-Known Member

    Looks like some good feedback. Won't be cutting the leaves.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Hmmm,how can trimming sun leaves cause mold issues :confused:

    I never trim sun leaves because they are what does the most work on the plant but the mold deal has me scratching my head a bit.
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    if i see a leaf getting old i pull on it very gently and if it doesn't just pull right off i leave alone... in my thinking i'm just speeding the up the process the plant was doing to shed its baggage, so she goes back to concentrating on bud growth ... but nice healthy leaves of course do not chop
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    i hate when I respond to questions that are 2 years old!! lol

    megookman Active Member

    AHAHAHA I was about to do the same too

    Sunglasses Active Member

    lol abandoned thread getting responses. lmao!

    cwcorrea Active Member

    Im still reading it. Pull them leaves......just kidding. I read it.

    papichulo Member

    whats up people? my plant is already flowering nicely, plant lokked real healthy. then some nucklehead came and adviced me to trim the fan leaves. so i did . i trimed all the big leaves. i went back to take a look at it. and i saw all the leaves were droopy and turning yellow brown pretty fast. the leaves look as if they are shrinking also. what do i do????? can i save it?\???? please someone help

    papichulo Member

    help !!!! i have a plant thats budding already. but some nucklehead adviced me to trim all the fan leaves. so i did. but all of a sudden my plant looks like its about to take a shit, ( going to die on me). leaves are droopy, leaves are shrinking and turning yellow brown fast. can i save it????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!1 someone tell me what to do to save it. thanks in advance

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    have you been watering it correctly... did you cut more than 2 thirds of the plant off, do you have proper ventilation, did you over feed it. most problems will be something you did so look at what you have done in the past week and one of those things will be your problem

    papichulo Member

    i cut off all the single leaves water leaves i guess. with the exception of the ones next to top . so all the budding aea look like lil palm trees. i also think i did overfeed one day. what do i do?

    papichulo Member

    just all the water leaves ..all the budding points look like lil palm trees. plus i think i did overfeed one day last week. what should i do

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