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Should I be able to see the trichomes with my eye?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Liquidfire13, Jun 4, 2008.


    Liquidfire13 Active Member

    Is it possible to see the trichomes with my eye?
    Or is it only possible with microscopes?
    What magnification would you recommend?

    My plants are at 9 weeks and some of the hairs are turning red now, so i figure its time to work out when to harvest!!

    Thanks in advance
    Dr Jones

    Dr Jones Well-Known Member

    Yes you can see the trichomes with the naked eye but it is almost impossible to tell their colour. My per5sonal preference id to get them when they are all cloudy white and just beginning to turn amber. I have a 30x jewellers loupe, and you need a steady hand. Its my intention to take tric pics tonight anyway so ill get back to you.
    Get a loupe in the meantime on ebay for a couple of quid.

    Knally Well-Known Member

    You can't see them with your eye. You need at least a 30x magnification to see them.

    If you have a Radio Shack nearby, they have a handheld microscope that has 60x-100x magnification with a light for artound $10 or so. I'm nearly at 9 weeks flowering and will harvest this weekend when most of the trichomes are cloudy.

    gettinggray1964 Active Member

    radio shack has a illuminated mini microscope 60x100 magnification i think it is about $15.00.. i got one they are great for checking trichomes.

    orangebudda Active Member

    You can clearly see they are there and what they are. Move around, there is probably a sweet spot where you can see them, I can just make out the hape on my plant, but not even close to seeing the colour. Loupe on it's way for that...

    Liquidfire13 Active Member

    Any idea about UK shops? Thanks for the help so far, you guys are great ;)
    Dr Jones

    Dr Jones Well-Known Member

    you can find shops in ebay, there are loads, just search loupe or magnifying glass

    can.i.buz Well-Known Member

    here's a picture I took. It's not very good because my microscope doesn't have a camera. I just held my digital camera up to it.

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    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    if you cant see your trichomes with you reyes either you need your eyes checked or you need to grow some better herbals

    can.i.buz Well-Known Member

    I think that's going to confuse a new grower. You really can't identify whether or not a tricome is clear, cloudy, or amber without a scope. Even with one it's difficult without experience no matter HOW great your herbals are.

    Knally Well-Known Member

    My eyes are good and grow some good herb. See pics.

    And what do you see with your eyes when you look at your trichomes?

    It's like trying to sex a gnat with your eyes. You can see the gnat's there, but that's about it.

    Without the magnification it's like looking into the Milky Way to find a specific star with your eyes only.

    What an idiot. Smartass in every crowd.

    The real question should have been... Can I see what color of my trichomes are with the naked eye?


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    superhighme Well-Known Member

    you need a jewelers loupe or scope. you can get one at radio shack that is 60x-100x for $10 + 2 AAA batteries (probably 3-4 dollars). works great!
    Dr Jones

    Dr Jones Well-Known Member


    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    How the HELL do you get it centered and steady enough to even see anything? Man, I f'ing HATE trying to use our 30x madnifier (intentional typo). :evil:
    And I lost my jeweler's loupe. And my 10x binoculars! :evil: :evil:

    can.i.buz Well-Known Member

    it's tough. It goes backwards when you're looking through it so if you think you want to move down, you have to move up. Plus you have to get right on top of what you're looking at. Press down.

    [email protected] New Member

    If your having a hard time getting it focused try tearing a leaf off and putting it on a flat surface, should be much easier that way.

    Good Luck
    [email protected]

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain seamaiden!! I have the same issue with my radioshack magnifier. Ive had to play around with it quite a bit to get the bitch to focus at all! but seriously. i was ready to smash it!

    ganjagoddess Well-Known Member

    I rip a sugar leaf off and place it on a see through flat surface with light under it then use a 30x

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    I bought one of the RShack Mini-mics last night, on advice from RIU members and can unequivocally proclaim that they are all but worthless C R A P !
    You HAVE to molest your trichomes to see squat.
    I don't know the answer, but this TOY ain't it.

    I don't mind spending money on my grow, but HATE to waste it and this scope was a waste, for me anyway.

    I wanna thank all the posters who obviously either aren't talking about this scope, or are insanely naive.

    Don't get me wrong. One can occasionally see thru it, at the expense of some trich heads.

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure its just a matter of figuring out how to use it which isnt very easy. my grow buddy has the same exact scope and his is focused perfectly. i dont have to be so close to see shit like with mine. i need to get him to do mine up for me or something. lol.

    I already had jewelers loupes anyways, but i thought it would be cool to have an extra strong scope! maybe not? rofl.

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