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Shortest and fastest flowering indica?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by boulderrr, Nov 22, 2008.


    boulderrr Well-Known Member

    I'm just wondering. I have an indoor setup with CFLs. Don't need a high yield so willing to keep the plants small-medium sized. What is the shortest and fastest flowering indica strain? Looking for a higher THC content with less CBD... but want the plant to stay relatively small and flower in less than 10 weeks.

    If there aren't any, what are some good indica/sativa blends that fit?

    Will throw around lots of rep. Thanks

    bxke1414 Well-Known Member

    Afghan Kush.
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    bxke1414 Well-Known Member

    The original ‘AK’, brought from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range where its genotype has been selected and perfected over centuries to be the ultimate source of cannabis resin. Fragrant north Indian charas and sticky black Afghani hashish are both largely produced from Kush plants — a subset of the Indica family which may be considered definitive examples of that line.
    Afghan Kush produces a heavy yield and remains compact, especially working with clones. Growers who flower their original seed plants will notice a jump in height at the onset of blooming, due to this strain’s natural vigour. Leaves are broad-bladed and dark green. Afghan Kush buds develop into massive, blunt-topped, resin-saturated nuggets of pure Indica goodness.
    • Flowering: 47 - 55 days
    • Yield: 110 g
    • Height: 100 - 140 cm

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    Thc Bomb

    Flower 49-56days
    yield 500g pm2
    height=up to you, thats what lsting is for!!!
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    CuriousSoul Well-Known Member

    Have you considered some of the autoflowering strains? They're small (generally under 2ft) and will be finished from seed in about 70 days. They do tend to be a bit bigger and take a little longer than advertised but still very quick compared to other strains. Sadly the yield just doesn't compare to non-autoflowering strains.
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    boulderrr Well-Known Member

    Shit... what I really meant was what is the shortest and fastest growing SATIVA? Yeeeeah... my bad... but good information. Rep for everyone

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    I have a tough time finding 100% pure sativa seeds. Not that many at the places I look have them, or just a couple strains.

    I'd suggest, especially with the CFLs to flower *real* early. Keep in mind a Sativa *can* triple in size once flowering is started.
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    Hashtronaut Member

    I would check out Urban Poison (cross between Durban Poison and Northern Lights). It is mostly Sativa, however, I had it in veg for 16 days from seed and my tallest of three plants never exceeded 5`3". Many sites claim a ten week flower time for this strain, but I found it best to wait for elevenish. An added bonus of this strain is a scent which is nearly impossible to descry. Five feet of height makes this as small a Sativa as any; If this is still unacceptable, I would recommend either LSD or SCROG.

    Best of luck from a fellow Sativa-lover.

    monkeyinthemist Active Member

    top 44 . it useually finishes in 7 weeks

    gus738 Active Member

    and how is the high from this?


    memem Member

    there are a few short floering strains the first that id go for is the hash plant 45days and there is a erly widow 39to 45days and a ortega indica45days hope this helps you and you can get them from mostly any good weed seed sellers

    memem Member

    ive grown the top 44 and there wasnt really any good things to say about it and the seeds came from seedsman seeds and it supposed to be a skunk type it was m,ore of a thai and when you have grown them for 8 weeks and then flowered them for another 8weeks and this happens its not good

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    I'm a little late but ccks kish is 42-45 days herijuana is 49 to 56 days Avalon from next gen 45 days. And if u have a med card or friends with one Stoney girl gardens pitbull is 37-42 days with supposed 36 percent thc? Hmm

    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    if your wanting the fastest i would say top44, ive grown it ...and it flowers fking fast.

    MaineWeed Active Member

    If you investigate "Stoney Girl Gardens" they start counting "Bloom Time" once they see signs of pistils, NOT from when they go 12/12. I know because I did extensive intensive checking up on them as I was going to obtain some genetics from there before I found this out and passed on them.

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    i second this growing it out now 100% indica that will do me lol

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

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