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Short Stuff Snowryder Grow (autoflower) - 150 watt HPS, FFOF [timeline]

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by eight10, Jul 6, 2010.


    eight10 Member

    Strain: Short Stuff Snowryder feminized [ Autoflower ] x 3 (*ignore other plants)
    Soil: Fox Farms Ocean forest [ Germinated in top soil ]
    Lighting: 150 Watt HPS sunsystem II light [ 24/0 cycle ] , CFL's daylight for vegging.
    Nutes: Fox Farms Tiger Bloom, small doses 2 weeks into flowering.
    Current Age: 5-6 weeks month almost exactly [ May 28th - June 28th ]
    Temp Range: 78-85 F
    Humidity: Low, desert like conditions. (This unfortunately cannot be helped)

    DSC05119.jpg - Age:1-2 days Seeds sprout. 1 plant sprouts with 4 cotyledons!
    DSC05147.jpg - Age:7-8 days Mutated plant showing weird spiral structure
    DSC05151.jpg - Age: 7-8 days, other normal plant. 1 more not pictured
    DSC05195.jpg - Age: 15-16 days. 2 of 3 plants show female sex,
    DSC05243.jpg - Age: 19-20 days. Switched to 150 watt HPS. Whitefly problem, quickly dealt with (It attacked my mersh plants and killed them, snowryder showed good resistance and was left untouched)
    DSC05286 (1).jpg - Age: 25-26 days. One plant significantly taller than the rest, occurs some mild heat damage near top leaves.
    DSC05288.jpg - Age: 25-26 days. Different angle showing the beginnings of bud growth.
    DSC05327.jpg - Age: 30-31 days. Flowering into full swing.
    DSC05329.jpg - Age: 30-31 days. Close up of bud
    DSC05332.jpg - Age: 30-31 days. Cola on mutated plant.
    DSC05336.jpg - Age: 30-31 days. Another random shot.
    DSC05353.jpg - Age: 33-34 days.
    DSC05356.jpg - Age: 33-34 days.
    DSC05357.jpg - Age: 33-34 days.
    DSC05362.jpg - Age: 33-34 days.
    DSC05366.jpg - Age: 33-34 days.

    DSC05413.jpg - Age:38-39 days. Plants showing yellowing of bottom leaves.
    DSC05417.jpg - Age:38-39 days
    DSC05404.jpg - Age:38-39 days
    DSC05408.jpg - Age:38-39 days
    DSC05400.jpg - Age:38-39 days
    DSC05411.jpg - Age:38-39 days. All 3 plants appear to be at slightly different stages of maturity, expecting to finish in 4-5 weeks.

    So what do you guys think so far?

    ilcattivo Active Member

    looks great man, I enjoy looking at the time line type pics, especially when they are all in one post...
    I can't believe how fast those things get ripe.

    eight10 Member

    Yes these autoflower started flowering after just 2 weeks from germination! it was insane, and they have matured so quickly.

    eight10 Member

    DSC05437.jpg - Age: 40-41 days
    DSC05421.jpg - Age: 40-41 days
    DSC05426.jpg - Age: 40-41 days. Cola on the 3rd plant (slowest maturation) is catching up, and crystals are beginning to appear.
    DSC05429.jpg - Age: 40-41 days
    DSC05432.jpg - Age: 40-41 days
    DSC05422.jpg - Age: 40-41 days
    DSC05434.jpg - Age: 40-41 days Trichomes are filling in nicely.
    DSC05428.jpg - Age: 40-41 days. The tallest plant is forming bud in a nonstandard way. It has no main cola per say, but it has a large chunk of budding up top in a hammer shape, and scattered buds along its branches.

    Hairs are beginning to turn from white to orange/red on the most mature plant (all same age, but maturation from autoflowering trait has progressed individually.). Expected ~4 weeks left till harvest.

    eight10 Member

    Harvest Time! I examined my plants trichomes using a 30-100x scope to determine that 50% of the heads were cloudy and 50% were amber. Thus I decided to harvest 1 of the plants. I am letting the other plants go for 1-4 more days. depending.

    DSC05551.jpg 59-60 days old. Tallest plant in back is harvested.
    DSC05583.jpg Resulting bud from 1 Plant.
    DSC05584.jpg Harvest results
    DSC05581.jpg After only 60 days from seed.

    Any comments? Questions?

    WRhino420 Member

    So...Total yield...per plant(s)? Size of planters? Can ya hold up lighter/ruler next to largest bud...4 a comparison? If not smoked ;) Thanx for the pics/ur time...getting same light (150 hps...LATER CFLs!) stoked about ur results. Now, I..need..more..space...can't..feel.....face...lol. Thanx!!!

    aug181983 Active Member

    Awesome Grow .......... How many grams you think your get dry ????? What size pot ? and Nutes ?

    aug181983 Active Member


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