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Shelf life of Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by debbie1950, Feb 10, 2010.


    debbie1950 Well-Known Member

    How long will a bud retain it's potency if dried and cured and stored in a masonary jar? 30 days?

    thizz13 Well-Known Member

    Way longer then 30 days I would think

    blahblahblah123 Active Member

    Way longer.. ive seen threads on here before of people dating and placing jars in the closet for 2 years+ and still getting fucked up when they tried it out :)

    Way more self control than i could ever hope to have.. that weed would be long gone in my house... :joint:

    debbie1950 Well-Known Member

    I was reading here on the Neebie stuff that the chemicals evaporate so I'm confused. Be great if the buds lasted as long as 'twinkies'. :hug:

    blahblahblah123 Active Member

    Twinkies only last 2 weeks. 0.o

    EdGreyfox Well-Known Member


    I can't tell you about mason jars, but I know it will remain potent in a zip lock baggy for a lot longer then you would think. I've always had a tendency to keep my main stash at home and then use small zip locks to carry less then 1/8th around with me during the day, and over the years I've had god knows how many times where I "lost" a baggy only to find it behind a dresser or in the couch 6+ months later with no noticeable effect on the quality of the smoke. Heck, I had a bud wrapped in cellophane that rode around in the back of my wallet for 4 months that still smoked just fine once i remembered it.

    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    I once bagged, double-bagged, then triple-bagged inside a ziploc an OZ, then put it in a regular old mayonnaise jar and buried it in my back yard. Moved out of the house years later and returned about 3 years after that to dig it up. The smoke was a bit dry, but other than that the taste and effect were as good as the day I buried it. The time it was buried was just over 7 years total, including the time I still lived there, and the years between me moving and coming back to dig it up.

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    Vacuum seal it and it will last for ages.

    debbie1950 Well-Known Member

    A big "thank you" to all of you for answering my question....I now know I can stash my hash.

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    I used to buy QP's and I smoked about 1 oz'er a month. I never repacked the stash, I kept it just the way it came - in four 1 oz. baggies. Not even "Zip-loc's", just the regular old "Lick-em & Stick-em" kind. So I know from personal experience that bud will last at least 4 monthes with no special packaging at all, but like someone said earlier "with just the slightest bit of drying". No noticeable change in taste or potency - in fact, it may have gotten more potent as it continued to cure!

    It is my understanding that "Long Term" storage in a regular Cigar Humidor will keep "improving" most any type of "Smokable Material" for, easily, over 50 years. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    Cigars prefer a humidity level that will encourage buds to get moldy.

    alexonfire Well-Known Member

    Ive had my bud right now cured for 2 months and the high is amazing, the strong smell of my blueberry was sooooo strong for the first month of curing but now it is less intense

    jugg1es Member

    As long as you keep them in an air-tight container, at room temperature or in the freezer and OUT OF SUNLIGHT... buds can keep for years.

    Sunlight breaks down all organic molecules over time. Obviously, live organic lifeforms combat this... because they're alive. But dead organic material breaks down quickly under sunlight.

    Sunlight contains a TON of energy (i.e. radiation). Photons (energy) hit a molecule, increasing the chance of an atomic bond to break resulting in the molecule changing shape or losing an atom altogether. If this happens to an ACTIVE organic molecule, it will most likely cease to be ACTIVE. Molecular shape is the entire basis for organic activity.

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    a heavy sativa isnt quite fit to smoke without a 4 month cure in a mason jar . terpenes amino acids and starches all age and improve flavor and potency as well as allow chlorophyll to breakdown

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    Okay, then dial down the humidity in the humidor to whatever is ideal for marijuana. What is the ideal relative humidity to store cured marijuana at, anyway?

    jugg1es Member

    you want a relative humidity below 50% I would think. The thing is that if it's an airtight container, the humidity will increase when you put the buds in it as the water in the plant reaches an equilibrium with the air.

    if you're using mason jars, a humidor won't help you because the air around the mason jar won't affect what it contains.
    drew k.420

    drew k.420 Active Member

    airtight+cool+dark=indefinate .......and make sure you dry it first...i know thats obvious but some others might need stupid proofing.

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