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seeds in a cup of water, supposed float or sink?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by socom3riot, Nov 25, 2008.


    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    ok so I germinated my last batch of seeds with the cup of water thing.. anyways, my last ones sunk... n these once wont sink lol...
    does it matter

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    I leave them in there for like 12 hours and then if all haven't sunk I tap the tops and the sink. I think they are supposed to sink so the can absorb the water.

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    that's how i germinate my seeds
    someone posted a 'how to germinate' thread
    & i told him how to do it exactly
    but, you leave them in there for at least 24 hours
    & if they don't sink, take your finger & twirl the water around the seed
    if it still hasn't sunk then leave in there for another 12 hours

    but, you need to keep them in a warm dark place
    like place larger over your cup filled half way with the seed inside
    like you can throw it in your growbox or whatever

    they don't need to pop/crack like others do it
    once it has sunk it can sprout ones that don't wont
    like the ones that don't sink after 12 hours..

    after it has sunk take a pair of tweezers & plant it knot side up
    & put a piece of saran wrap over the cup you plant it in
    & turn the lights on for your schedule (18/6 24/0 ect)

    then they will sprout in less than 3 days

    good luck man

    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    sonds good but i did not understand "knot side up" to clarify place the "taproot" pointing down, thats the piece sticking out. Use sterilized tweezers and stay clean. Is is easy as cake.

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    EDIT: the knot side up is the stubby part of the seed
    & the pointy side goes face down into the soil
    you should plant it 1/3 of the soil down

    it's no bullshit because i do it that way lol

    - my computer is acting up.. my reply got posted twice..

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    the knot side up is the stubby part
    & the pointy side goes face down

    it's no bullshit because i do it that way lol
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    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    i do it that way too. basically, i was stumped on a few hard to crack girls until i used the glass of water. I just have been sitting here dazed over a cup of coffee at what the know side is. Thought i would say it in my launguage, no probs, reps all around.

    Bangers999 New Member

    You cant fail with putting in toilet roll (wet) folding over and keep moist and warm (in the dark) easy. buy a propagater its the best start they can poss get, i keep my spray bottle in the prop aswell keeps the temp the same, if they get a chill when young they can turn male as the females dont like it and can turn male (fact)
    you want to keep them warm and moist when babies also all water when feeding at the start should be 24hrs old, as in its been out the tap 24hrs.

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    haha it's all good, it works really well
    i'm just not into the whole paper towel method..
    i just don't like it for some reason..

    are you currently growing? link me.. lol
    i would like to see your grow, if that's okay with you..

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    I do it exactly as you've been doing it. Except I add (1) step,
    after they've sunk I put them in a moist paper towel (I don't waste my time on the ones that haven't sunk), and put that in a zip-top bag (making sure all(or)most of the air is out), and back on-top of the water heater. I can USUALLY get seeds to germinate 36 to 48 hours. If there not sprouts by then I let them go for another 24. if they don't sprout in 72 hours I toss them. The way I see it is seeds that sprout with in a 48 hour window are going to be healthy plants.
    Why I like to do it that way- You can see the root growth, then I class sprouts as to there length of growth. It helps me in deciding where to put that sprout (space is at a premium) usually the sprouts with long root growth are the taller faster growing plants. Some-times those sprouts are males (if you have non-fem. seeds)
    I use distilled water in my germination. I don't know if it helps or makes any difference. Thats just how I roll :bigjoint:
    The next time I germinate I'm going to make a Willow Tree solution.
    I read about taking willow tree branches and cutting them up into 2-3 inch pieces and letting them simmer (not Boil) in a pot of warm water for a few hours.
    Theres a chemical in the willow tree the promotes rooting. The Willow Tree solution was intended for cloning, but why not try it for germination.

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    thanks ppls. I wasnt sure cuz my other seeds sunk as soon as I put em in water, and sprouted like 24 hours later, popping out of the soil another 24 hours later. They were going so well , then my fkin stupid lights fell right on top of them, squishing them, and burning the shit outta em :(

    Bangers999 New Member

    Bangers grows 365 days of the year, harvest every 45/50 days. easy life man.

    Bangers999 New Member

    I like people who talk sense, this guy knows his shit people should read what this guy says i could not have put it better, nice work man...

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    is saran wrap ? an american way for saying clingfilm or is it plastic wrap ? same thing huh im confused?

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    ive heard em all.. its all the same thing, people use different terms for it.

    Plastic wrap , clingwrap , saran wrap , plastic shit that sticks to things stuff.. all the same lol

    purplehays1 Well-Known Member

    saran is a brand of cling plastic wrap in america.

    SmurfBerry Active Member

    I do the paper towel method but I've been putting rooting gel on my seeds, laying them in the towel and spraying with water. I have sprouted seeds over 3 years old using this method.
    Skunk smell

    Skunk smell Active Member

    I wrap the seed in a paper towel then put the seed in a glass of water.The paper towel will sink and take the seed with it,and hold the seed underwater,rather than waiting for the seed to sink on it's own.After a day or so,the seed will stay under water on it's own.I have had 100% success this way,never had one that wouldn't crack this way.
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    Moldy Well-Known Member

    I like to just put seed in soil if it's fairly "fresh" with a heating mat if it's winter time... old seeds I use the paper towel method after they sink in water for 12-24 hours. If they don't sink scrape a little of the hard surface with a razor blade or something sharp. Or even use sand paper BEFORE you drop them in water. It's worked for me for a few years.
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    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    and you dig up 2 year old threads using your method too.

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