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Seattles New Farmers Market, White Center

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by slk, Sep 26, 2011.


    slk Well-Known Member

    This is my revue of a new Farmers Market in down town White Center.

    When I meet Bill yesterday he was quick to remind me that we had meet before in Issaquah. Bill is a super nice guy and is determind to make this event a sucess and I am sure it will be. He has a 3800 sqft building and has room for 40 + venders. There were about 12 venders yesterday I meet and they all were very profesional. All the meds looked great and there were free samples of medibles (got my buzz on)

    Here is the add I found on CL search word "MMJ"

    9640 16TH AVE SW
    SEATTLE, WA 98106

    October 1st + 2nd
    11 AM - 5PM

    Seattle's Only Weekly Cannabis Farmers Market!!

    FREE Space for 1st Time Vendors!!
    Reserve Your Space TODAY!
    Call or email for more information


    The NW Cannabis Market is a FREE event sponsored by Altai Mountain Organics

    White Center is a cool little town and I spent the hole day there. Across the street from the farmers market is a cool bar where I watched the Sea Hawks win there first game this year and better yet they had free pool tables and they have some good players in there.
    Down the street is a Bud Bar with a bud tender to serve you any thing medical.
    White Center is easy to get to loads of street parking and it is free to patients.

    Bill you have a great thing going and I am sure this is going to grow and be a jamed packed weekend event, good luck to you and I will see you again.

    slk Well-Known Member

    I am going to try this out and take advantage of the 1 time free space at the farmers market.
    I have some extra plants seeds and meds I could share with fellow patients so maybe I will see some of you there. I'll ware a red shirt if you say high I will give you a free sample of my meds.
    This is for Sunday 10/9/11

    slk Well-Known Member

    This event is growing there were more venders and a steady crowd of patients. I was impressed and I will be back.

    TogTokes Active Member

    Feds are coming for washington state next, already been here but i hear they got return tickets.

    virulient Active Member

    We'll see. I'd call their bluff if I had too. Fortunately, for now, I have a personal sized setup.

    slk Well-Known Member

    What the hell you talking about? You got something to say? Say it!

    virulient Active Member

    I was referring to the feds. I have nothing against the farmers market. Sounds great and I will be heading down to check it out as soon as I can. I don't go nearly that far south, I rarely even make it into Everett nowadays. Next time I need clones I'll be heading to the city, though.

    TogTokes Active Member

    yeah seen it myself fun stuff. he was talkin bout the feds haha, does pot make you paranoid haha.

    delaner59 Active Member

    This is a great resource for medical marijuana patients. I am going tomorrow for the second time. Medicine here is very high quality. With a discerning eye, one can walk out with top top shelf medicine for a reasonable price. Make sure to bargain with the vendors and get the best price you can. Great to have this here in Seattle.

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