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seal totes

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by draxhemp, May 10, 2017.


    draxhemp Active Member

    anyone had a good idea for this. I have tried foam window tape and it falls off after a month of use. I was thinking of using the same foam window tape but also taking a needle and thread to anchor it any ideas? or if you could recommend a glue that will harden when wet haha cause my system is up in running 6 weeks in.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    3m makes a variety of two faced tapes that I use for installing seals on shower doors. It's pricey, but check it out.

    Atomizer Well-Known Member

    Create a ledge about an inch down inside the tote using plastic angle and SS self tappers. Recess the lid into the tote so it sits on the ledge..it`ll never leak.
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    I know this is older, but currently dealing with same issue. If the lid,is designed,to,go over the top lip wouldnt it be hard getting the lid inside?

    draxhemp Active Member

    I used..5/16 in. x 17 ft. All Climate Auto and Marine D-Profile Weatherstrip. and when you cut it cut it at a different angle on each side so they slide together a flat seal will leak

    also tape it to the tote not the lid, lil harder to do but worth it.

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