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Scrog Growers-Share Here (Pics, Tips, etc.)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ihavefeet, Nov 29, 2007.


    ihavefeet Well-Known Member

    well, i'm currently on my first grow, and i'm going ScrOG style. I thought it would be good to start a thread where other scrog growers could share pics and tips about their grow.

    here is my setup:

    2 plants grown from seed
    strain: unknown; seeds gifted from cousin's organic farm. sativa dominant, by the looks....
    8 x 42w CFL
    currently day 8 of 12/12
    vegged approx 4 weeks? (i think, can't honestly remember when i germinated)
    screen is 2'x2', but i'm using only about 2'x1', which is the area directly under the lights.

    ideally i should have let them veg longer, but i had a much bigger plant and i needed to start floweing (turned out male...) also, needed to time my grow around my trip home at christmas.

    not expecting it to FILL the screen with buds, but right now i'm counting 23 budsites, so we'll see what happens.

    other scrog'ers share! compare!

    or anyone who wants to offer advice to a lowly newbie such as me.

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    Lowercase b

    Lowercase b Active Member

    sorry no advice but it doesn't look like you need them, what are you using for your screen? looks very nice

    ihavefeet Well-Known Member

    thanks for the compliments.

    my screen is just some netting for training tomato plants, beans, etc. bought a big roll of it (enough to last me several grows) at canadian tire for ~$5
    Lowercase b

    Lowercase b Active Member

    I will probably do this for my next grow so be sure to keep updated

    FourTwenty47 Well-Known Member

    This is my first time as well. Space is my main issue. I'm using a 400 watt M/H , 4 5000k sunstick floro's and 2 cfl's to vegg. I will use the same setup to flower except I will be changing out the M/H to HPS. These babies are from very good bagseed, and are a month old. See if you like.....

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    sleepytown Well-Known Member

    These pics are from around day 43 of 12/12 under a 400W HPS. This was about 4 days ago. The strain up front on the screen is Green House Seed Co. Great White Shark (2 of them). In the back is a bagseed Sativa. My screen is a little over 2' by 2'.

    And ihavefeet, I think your grow will turn out extraordinarily well. Things are looking really great, and I don't know why cfl growers don't usually go for the ScrOG. In a CFL ScrOG (vs. a vertical grow), it seems like the constant light moving and repositioning would never be needed. Also, you will have nothing but great buds. Keep us posted on the progress of the buds, and keep them looking beautiful!!


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    insanelane Active Member

    those look great sleepytown, you said day 43... is that since sprouting or flowering? Also that seems pretty quick if thats soil.

    ihavefeet Well-Known Member

    i am finished my grow, and it did turn out very well. with the exception of some health problems while i was away for christmas. but, i got over 2 1/2 oz of good bud. might not be the biggest harvest in the world, but it is certainly enough to last me until my next one. and that's all i was hoping for, so.....

    here are some pics.

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    ihavefeet Well-Known Member

    my next grow, i'm doing a ScrOG in a rubbermaid grow box. i've got 8 23w CFLs in the box. here is a pic.

    i haven't installed the screen yet. waiting a few more days, maybe a week. then grabbing a couple clones, installing the screen and switching the lights into 12/12.

    here we go again.....

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    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Sleepytown thats a beautiful setup you've got going! Can't wait to see how they turn out! When do you plan on harvesting?

    sleepytown Well-Known Member

    I was planning on doing it this weekend, but I think I am going to let them go a little bit longer. I still have a lot of white pistils. So, I would say another 7-10 days. I have already stopped nutes and am letting them leech the soil. Like an idiot, though, I nute burned them for the first time all grow on the last feeding. Hopefully, I didn't screw myself too much. Thanks for the compliment.


    W33D Well-Known Member

    When doing SCROG the point to to use the light evenly via flat canopy of the plant top colas right? And you would either let the lower growth die from lack of light or would you remove them? Lollypop them if you will.....

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    You remove the lower branches yes. You could just let them die off but that brings in disease and bugs.

    h4ze27 Active Member

    hey guys. just looking for advice on a few scrog topics.

    i am also working with a small space, although height is not an issue. i have done tons of research (books, scrog-o-rama, etc.) and will be picking up my clones within 7 days.

    i have no purchased lighting yet, as i have just been introduced to growers scrogging with cfls. is this adviseable? i planned on a 400w hid set-up.

    i am also still deciding on the number of plants. i have 9 advisable of space, but would need to take a foot from one side to give better access to the back of the screen. i had planned on 1 plant per sqft and only one week of veg time to cut down on the total time, but ive found that more of the old school scroggers used less plants and more veg time and plant training.

    also, i thought i was clear on the concept until seeing pictures, but how does training the plants work? are they let to grow past the screen and then brought back through to grow horizontally completely under the screen, or are topped shoot woven through he screen? i am confused because i thought the entire plant would exist under the screen, and after looking at pictures, it seems like some just have a screen set-up and the plants just grow through it. maybe looks can be deceiving.

    sorry for the long post. to sum up: cfls, yes or no? more or less plants? and finally, do plants grown through, or completely under the screen?

    any advise would be extremely helpful. thanks in advance.

    FourTwenty47 Well-Known Member

    Go with M/H 400 watts or more then switch to HPS for flower. Vegg. longer, go with less plants, you don't want too much on the screen, just want to fill it nicely. Weave the branches with grow tips in and out like a basket. I'm no expert. I've learned all of this from another great member/ scrogger BB.... You can learn a lot by reading on this site.

    FourTwenty47 Well-Known Member

    Here they are. Gettin' stinky and growin' fast...:mrgreen:

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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Can a tip on this thread be a link to another scrog thread? I would love to share information with you folks however, it would be much easier if I could direct you to where some tips, pics, etc. have already been posted. The thread is within Rollitup. If not, I would suggest to scroggers to do some good searches of the topic via google or some other good search engine and see what pops up. Its funny how little there is, and what is there is usually a link to a thread. I think what sets the cannabis culture aside from others is the fact that there is such a majority repressed and willing to help others that it is rapidly advancing the knowledge of the general public by means of sharing information. Take care! Good Scrogging to all!

    The Woodsman~

    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member


    Published at 2006-06-13 in Growguides ยป Indoor growing

    The screen of green (SCROG) method is also used when height and wattage are a consideration. A screen, usually of netting, screenwire or chickenwire, is attached at a desired height above the plants. This allows the growing marijuana plants to begin to grow horizontally after reaching the height limit, thus keeping the canopy, or height, at an even level, which allows consistent light penetration into the growing plants. Many growers have a consistent high yield using this method.

    ScrOG is like a SOG grow except that fewer plants are used in conjunction with a screen to fill the grow area with heavy top colas � hence its name, ScrOG or Screen of Green. The screen is simply a large wire mesh placed between your light and the plants. Again, clones from a female plant are used, but we allow at least one square foot per flowering plant in the ScrOG method. The plants aren’t flowered until they have covered the entire mesh with green. As the plants grow up through the wire mesh they’re trained and worked around the netting to form a very even canopy. The top colas and side branches are all trained under the screen.
    There are many variations of the above two methods, yet they all utilize the same principles. SOGs and ScrOGs were originally developed to get the most out of poor quality fluorescent lights. The grower would line the roof of the shelf or box with fluorescent tubes to try and get the most out of their grow. Today’s growers, using good HID bulbs, have taken these setups to a new level: pushing their buds to the limit. Some people even grow top colas that are the size of large corncobs or soda bottles! ScrOG Growing by Real High Real High is a ScrOG lover and has been growing ScrOG style for some years. He has added a bit to the ScrOG method through his experience with the process. This should help you understand more about the ScrOG method and what people have learned with this new technique.
    My setup is like a SOG growing, but a screen is used to train the plant to grow horizontally, creating a canopy of buds beneath the light. The screen is simply made from chicken wire or nylon poultry fencing, or you can use hooks and 20 Ib. fishing line to make the net. This picture shows a ScrOG variation. II Is a small SerOG setup for a cabinet growing. Tins picture also contains a homemade octagonal vented hood for a 250-watl HPS light. Picture by foi.
    The screen is installed at a fixed height above the plant medium. For Indica varieties the screen does not need to be much more than 8 inches above the pots. Indica Saliva hybrids need about 12 inches white Sativa plants tend to have longer internodes so you may have to use a screen that is about 18 inches above the pots. If your strain is a pure Sativa variety, like Haze or Thai, you may have to raise your screen to around 24 inches. This space allows the base of the plant a certain amount of vertical growth before branching occurs on the clone. The clone should start to branch just under the screen but if it does not do not worry because you are going to be training them anyway. The light should be suspended by adjustable chains so that it can be raised if necessary.
    ScrOG growing doesn’t require as many plants as SOG (allow at least one square foot per flowering plant), but takes anywhere from one to three weeks longer per grow because we will be in the vegetative growth stage longer than a SOG grow to allow the plants to fill out.
    The plants are trained to grow horizontally under the screen until they’re two weeks into the flowering cycle, at which point you let the tops grow vertically through the screen. You should always train the main growing tops from the outside of the screen moving inwards so that the colas are focused as closely as possible on the light dispersed from the bulb. You will not be able to get all of them centered under the light, but you should aim for this shape. As the tops grow vertically, push the large fan leaves down under the screen, allowing the light to get to all the developing bud sites.
    If leaf growth is excessive, you can first cut fan leaves in half making a shorter leaf and allowing light to get to the bud site. Leaving half the leaf on the plant still allows it to make energy for the plant to grow. Taking a whole fan leaf away in one go can stunt growth. In about a week, you can take off the rest of the leaf. Some people don’t remove the leaf at all, but I do it to help with air movement, reduce the chance of mold or fungus and to allow more light to penetrate the bud sites. Just remember to remove a little at a time if you do remove leaf mass.
    At this point flowers are forming and growing vertically, creating a carpet of bud above the screen. Now we go below the screen and remove all the lateral branches and stray bud sites. The canopy has thickened enough that light is blocked from reaching this lower growth. It’s only diverting your plants’ energy away from the buds. You can remove all branches that haven’t made it to the screen and the stray bud sites but you may experience stunting. Although you want the plant to concentrate all of it�s grow energy on the developing flowers above the canopy, removing too much leaf mass and branching can prevent additional flowering.
    The three main differences between a SOG and ScrOG grow are the number of plants grown, the use of a screen and the slightly longer grow cycle of the ScrOG. Both methods can be done under the same light and in soil or with hydroponics. There are many variations of the ScrOG grow � including V-ScrOG, Stadium ScrOG, Flat ScrOG and Cylinder ScrOG � but they are all based on the same principles. They work essentially the same way but use different shapes.
    One of the best strains available for your ScrOG garden is C99. You will find that a pure Indica or Indica dominant cross will produce the best in a ScrOG grow. A good ScrOG grow will average two ounces of bud per square foot of screen, but you can’t expect this the first few grows, because it takes proper timing and the correct strain to accomplish this.
    ScrOG was originally designed for grow areas limited in height and lit by fluo-rescents. Today’s growers are using HID lights for growing ScrOG. They’ve taken it to the next level with these lights and are generating far greater results. Today’s grower is always trying something new to improve the production of their favorite plant. So there we have Real High explaining how he has worked with the ScrOG system. As you can see, he’s added more to the basic ScrOG grow. With experience, practice and experimentation, you too can create your own customized grow.
    Some Notes on SOG and ScrOG Growing

    Even though M H and H PS lights can be used in conjunction with ScrOG and SOG grows, most ScrOG and SOG growers will use HPS because of the short vegetative period before flowering. Sometimes growers use smaller wattage HPS lights like the 250W and 400W series to keep the cost of electricity down and bud production within an acceptable range. In fact, ScrOG grows are so dense that smaller lights are sometimes more cost-effective than lights in the 600 to 1000W range, but again this depends on your strain and level of experience. If you get it right you can effectively direct 95% of available light onto your bud. The end result is like a canopy of pure bud with the light belting down on top of it all for 12 hours a day.
    Some ScrOG growers like to tie the center of the screen down to avoid it being pushed up by the center of the bud production, which should be the most vigorous since it is directly under the light. If the plants were to push the screen up it would affect the overall results because the light would not be able to reach all the bud areas. The pushing effect could also cause stems and branches to break.
    You should not leave your plants growing in vegetative growth for too long because this causes more leaf matter to develop than bud which will make our SOG or ScrOG grow less effective. Also watch out that you do not crush or pinch the stems as this will cause branches to develop at those areas or close to them. Branch development means that plant energy is being used in leaf and branch promotion rather than bud production.
    You can experiment with different shapes of ScrOG to see how it affects your overall yield. Some ScrOG growers even advocate a dome shaped screen to match the curvature of light dispersal patterns � however it must also be said that the differences between shapes in the final yields is not always significant and the overall effect is more exciting looking than anything else.”

    secretforestgarden Active Member

    This is my White Dwarf a few days ago--at about day 37 from seed. I'm running an HPS, CFL, LED setup in a PC grow box. She's in a SCROG setup. You can see her canopy being spread out through the chicken wire:


    Here is the same plant today (about day 40 from seed) as a macro shot of the main cola:


    More pics and info is in the link in my signature.



    WolfScott Well-Known Member

    Hello all, this is my first scrog, and I'm already hooked! It's more addictive than crack, and it last longer too!:lol: I'm even planing on trying an outdoor scrog this spring, I cant wait! Anyways, I will post a few pics of my Feminized Aurora Indica Scrog. She is just over 5 weeks old, and she is as healthy as can be (knock on wood "knock, knock"). I've been so tempted to just flower her now, but I know I have to wait. Well I gotta go for now, but I'll be checking back in! later!:leaf:

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