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~!Schultz TakeRoot..Cheap,Readily Found..But Good Enough??...~

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by crazyoutlaw, Jul 21, 2008.


    crazyoutlaw New Member

    Excellent news then..now that I have this TakeRoot,I feel like I can oevrgrow the government lol!!

    But seriously,who has ever cloned succefully in coir..and does anyone know anything about it?

    Does it compare to peat pellets??

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    yea i used peat plugs before i built the cloner and that works great too
    i just wanted to try the cloner and it worked so good i'll never do it any other way
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    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    coir is awsome too it drains better than peat and stays evenly moist compared to peat

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    so would you say its better to root in a mix of coir/miracle grow perlite..or just coir by itself?

    Would you say its better than peat pellets...and if I do use this...should I water with superthrive??

    EverythingISayIsPRETEND Well-Known Member

    on the miracle gro perlite bags, one of the main uses it cites is rooting cuttings. i was wondering if you could use solely the perlite myself

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    Yeah perlite is more than good by itself!Alot of people use DIY perlite wicking cloning chambers to root cuttings...also you can mix with vermizulite..the only bag thing about using perlite or similar materila is you can rip some roots out by mistakes..where as with peat pellets,coir cups...you just transplant the entire rootmass..so the roots arent as exposed to outside variables....

    EverythingISayIsPRETEND Well-Known Member

    Good stuff appreciate it, didnt someone say vermiculite has asbestos in it, eww not my babies, or my lungs! i would go with peat plugs but they are hard to find :blsmoke::peace:

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    While the verm asbestos scare was a reality some few years ago,the chances that your average verm has this is slim..simply because the mine which had the asbestos has since been closed down..

    Also,asbestos isnt readily absorbed by roots,and its only bad for lunds..as always when using operlite or verm,wear a dusk mask or wrap a shirt over your face..Good luck

    gobears4eva Well-Known Member

    let me know how the clonign powder works i want it,and for this post i bought the same stuff,my mom works at walgreens so i get a discount LOL!!! nutrients look pretty good

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    Ima start a Chultz loevrs thread lol..but seriously is the rooting powder good stuff?Ima use it for veggies too!!

    juicyjayz New Member

    I second the coir rooting thingy!!
    Canna Bus

    Canna Bus Well-Known Member

    Get a shallow quart container, fill with spring water add a drop of SUPERthrive.

    Take your cutting, making it a little longer than you want, put it in the SUPERthrive spring water and cut to the length you want, making the cut underwater. A 2" cutting will develop a better root system than a 6" cutting.

    After you make your underwater cut, dip it straight into theTakeRoot powder and plant. I like planting into plugs so the roots don't have to be disturbed.

    Sit your girls on a heat mat, water, mist with Nitrozime several times a day and put a humidity dome over them. Remove the dome after 24 hours but keep misting.

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