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Satori from Mandala seeds,Final Verdict

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by satica, Mar 27, 2010.

    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Thanks Trophy that's what I was thinking. Wasn't to sure on it, I was worried about burning them. But now I understand the ratio a lot better. Watch my 3 round mwahhh hahaha :hump::hump:

    trophy1 Well-Known Member

    Good Luck on round 3...

    The ratios I gave are not hard and fast different strains have different needs, you need to watch your plants and adjust your nitrogen based on there appearance you should never see yellowing at the top of your plants until late in flower. Watch your leaf tips and leaves clawing, if you see this back off on the nitrogen.
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Alright i think i got this. I can handle LST with seed well. Think I should scrog or LST? I'm leaning on LST but broken cause. I've seen nice yields riu scrog growers have here. i want to get st least 6 zips
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Cut 10 days before the 8 week marker not all of it just 3 branches. Bud porn IMG_20130104_161640.jpg

    trophy1 Well-Known Member

    Nice and frosty, looks like it needs a couple more weeks though
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Getting impatient just need bud. And want to start my new set up. I bred some satori buds with DNA hash plant male. Used the male on delicious critical sensi star as well. Spring should be interesting I'm . Germinating seeds tonight for my new set up. Also keeping clone stock in my veg chamber for when the last frost passes outdoors.
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    IMG_20130107_161619.jpg some buds dry
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Last pic post is satori

    ImaFarmer Member



    Satica, you should be ashamed for dragging Mandals name through the mud just because you fucked up on growing them!

    " no bag appeal ", hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Mandala Satori has great bag appeal,....when grown propperly!

    I know this is old, but had to clarify.....

    Mandala Mike and Jasmin know their business, and if their beans are for sale,.....you can be assured that they are fire.

    Kids these days :)

    Peace ~
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    Organja Well-Known Member

    I agree!

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    Mandala's Satori is one of my all time favorite strains.
    Grows like an indica . Easy with very little sativa lanky stretch.
    Very tasty and amazingly uplifting, invigorating sativa high.
    Stays relatively short and compact. And best of all, provides yummy, soaring sativa intense buds.
    Highly recommended for all sativa lovers.




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