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Satori from Mandala seeds,Final Verdict

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by satica, Mar 27, 2010.


    satica Well-Known Member

    Satori,Final verdict

    I am in a way happy that I did not write this review a couple of weeks earlier.I was disappointed mainly by the buds look not being Bag appeal at all.Satori delivers one of the least bag appeal buds full of stem and more leaf than calyx. For this single reason its not a strain for business growers unless they just have some known customers that love quality smoke and are ready to sacrifice its lack of bag appeal.
    I started with 9 Regular seeds with %100 germination rate and ended up with 4 female and 5 males, but if any body has had some serious issues with germination of this special plant I understand it fully . I had the some problems when I tried to germinate Mandala seeds through wet tissue.You have to follow religiously what has been said in Mandala seeds company website germination guide .

    None of them showed their sex before the second week of flowering and all showed their sex by the end of the 4th week.One of the males was the STRONGEST and thickest plant I have ever had and removing it was a painful job.i wish I had space to take some pollen out of him but such as life.

    I chopped 5 males and one female that was not growing properly.
    I ended up with 3 females and harvested 10 ounces dry out of them under around 800 watts mix of metal Halide and HPS bulbs.
    They were not the healthiest plant during the veg time but no major issue with them.vegged them for 28 days and switched to 12/12 when they were about 7th internodes (30 cm).Inflowering they bagan to turn some serious healthy plants.

    I used Advanced nutrients Grow,Micro ,Bloom for vegging(no additive used) .starting from EC=0.3 and reaching to EC=0.8 max toward the end of week 4.

    Need to mention that in seedling period they all showed some red/ blue hue on the back side of the leaves that disappeared by the end of week 2 of vegg and did not resurface until late flowering as a nice purple hue that covered 1/3 of lower part of2 out of 3 plants especially the one that was under more MH than HPS.

    When I switched to 12/12 they stretched from one feet to more than 3 feet at the end of flowering (%350) but if you want to use HPS alone expect more than %400 stretching.(possibly %600 or even more).

    Using pure reverse osmosis water(RO water) ,I noticed they don’t perform good when EC is more than 1(PPM 500) even when they are in fool bloom period.!!!
    When I switched the light to 12/12 I switched nuts to Advanced Nutrient connoisseur (Plus Bud blood for a week and Big bud for 3 more weeks).
    Surprisingly ,I had some nutrient burn in one of my plants even with EC=0.9 during the flowering.I did not believe it so persisted that no nut burn can happen by this very low EC in hydroponics but I was wrong.Later Lowering the EC level solved most of the issue.

    I believe If anyone uses connoisseur should be aware that it is extremely powerful and following Advanced nutrient Recommendation can lead to some degrees of Nut burns.
    I had the best White widow of all time using Connoisseur with EC=0.9 max with no sign of nut deficiency and a vigorous robust grow.

    In my 20+ cannabis plant strain experience I found satori the most Nut sensitive strain and for this single reason I generally don’t recommend it for beginners until they are fully aware of nut burn signs and symptoms.

    If you manage to keep the EC low then this is the plant for sativa hybrid lovers.I had no issue with any of my plants except for before mentioned Nut burn.
    Phenotype was diverse from Spear shape sativa cola with no significant side branching in one phenotype and a bat shape less compact cola with plenty of side branches colas competing with the main cola in the other side of the phenotypes.

    Satori does not reject any amount of light you throw on her and is a light eater.If you don’t trim her then you need light mover or some other tricks to give the lower branches a good light otherwise you will end up with very leafy crop on lower branches.

    For being a more sativa than an indica hybrid satori is too bushy and Impairs the light to reach the lower parts.I recommend trimming some of the fan leaves if it is too bushy in some parts of plant but not vigorous trimming necessary.

    Yield was not impressive until the end of week 7 or even 8 then it began to pack on and stopped not sooner than end of week 10 .
    Bat phenotype gave me 5 ounces of dry bud that 4 Oz of it was the side branches’ colas.

    The spear sativa pheno grew a little lanky and Ended up 2 Oz Of buds.Quality wise it was the best or lets say the strongest.

    The third one was in the middle if range both for yield and quality ( 3 ounces)

    The Bat Pheno has a very strong sturdy structure more like a strong Indica plant and needs no support at all but the spear pheno may need some kind of support.

    Odor and scent:For some reason satori has a subtle but complex scent in flowering and drying and curing period.

    First, is should say, it is not a stealth strain to grow, you need some sort of carbon filter beginning about week 3rd to 4th week of bloom.

    The closer you get to the plant you smell fruitier but when you are far from it the hash scent is more dominant.

    Around week 4 all the plants began to release a sweet/sour scent that was very familiar for me but it took me a week to match that scent in my mind with my Scent natural library!!! And it was CANTELOUPE for sure and it ended about week 9 and there was no cantaloupe aroma in final cured Buds whatsoever.

    The cured bud has a subtle hash and dried mix fruit aroma, reminds me when I used to open my grandmother spice storeroom. Mixture of hundred spice but not knowing what.

    Smoke:The high of satori grows on you.Its a hybrid high. Both mental and physical but more mental than body of coarse .
    I feel it in my temples more and not in my body , but if you have a body discomfort or spasm Satori is reaxing enough for mild to medium pain and discomfort.

    I call it a dry high. You take a toke and then prefer to dig into your thoughts. First I could not connect to its high so I began to think that although it’s a strong high it does not have character, I was wrong again.

    It took me about a week to feel and then understand satori’s type of high.Its a mental cleaner. It works for me like a White Board Eraser or for new generation’s sake like the computer’s Refresh Button.

    You take two toke or three and after a few seconds to couple of minutes You are ready for a mental mission ,as deep as it goes with no prejudice (you erased your prejudice before by Satori)

    or you may find yourself brave enough attacking the old Unanswered questions you tried to answer and failed.I personally solved one of Very OLD COLD CASES of mine.

    It is a creeper first but a relatively fast creeper. It comes in waves and not like a tsunami.

    Don’t let this wave like approach fools you, Sooner or later You have to stop smoking more satori since she has no sealing effect and If you smoke more You are on a higher and higher waves until its too much and you need to lie down.

    Your mind can take more but your body normally quits first.

    In high doses I had some Heart Race experience but in therapeutic dose it was a very safe smoke with no significant side effects.

    It is not a soft smoke to inhale or keep inhaled but If you manage to keep a thick smoke in for a few seconds then you will find yourself in a tunnel of vision and suddenly you are HIGHLY High.

    If you are a medium to heavy smoker then it is difficult for your friends to track you down when you are high on satori .You look almost normal to them with no red eye or stoned face.

    In the Mandala Seeds company website they gave Satori Bubble hash a comparable quality with Famous Nepalese” Temple Balls”. I DID Doubt it but Boy OH Boy I was wrong. Its bubble hash blew my mind when 0.3 gram of it was enough to keep 4 medium smokers Satisfied for a full day with one casualty who had serious issue understanding the concept of time.

    What satori Lacks for me is the lack of happiness in her high and for this single reason Satori will not be in my next couple of grow but I will definitely miss its empty container If I finish my satori stash in future.

    In my final Verdict I consider satori a safe bet for a Sativa dominant Hybrid for average grower with some knowledge about Nutrient management.

    Price wise it performs better than you paid for thanks to Jasmin and Mike of Mandala seeds.



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    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for that post Satica! Satori was long on my waiting list and finally I started 2 seeds 2 weeks ago. Planning to top my plants. Any advice in this regard? Cheerz!

    dotpitch Active Member

    for some reason the Co-op in my town labels this strain as a bottom shelf product. it smells and tastes good but they only charge 50$ a half

    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    Probably coz seeds are way cheaper than other trendy strains.

    CrackerJax New Member

    I really think you will find it to be better as an outdoor strain. Mine were absolute monsters last summer outside.

    i agree with the "high" description.

    Did you notice a stong lime smell in veg? Pretty sweet smell.

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much for this enlightening review. Satori has been top on my list as an alternative to a much more expensive strain (Serious, Kali Mist) I know for sure I want, but I wasn't sure if it had all the characteristics I need.

    You just spared me a whole grow cycle with this bit of info, "What satori Lacks for me is the lack of happiness in her high and for this single reason Satori will not be in my next couple of grow..."

    I think I can make good use of a smoke that can put me on a level plane, probably why it has been recommended to me, but I'll stick with the strain that has a bit of the "happy" gene, even if it takes me four times as long to save up the money for seeds.

    CrackerJax New Member

    I found the high to be quite uplifting. But I grew outdoors.

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    Do you think it would be an ideal choice for locking emotions/mood to a fully relaxed and ever-positive state? I'm bipolar, basically I'm prone to extremely strong and unstable emotions, so I need a very clear headed (so I can work) sativa hybrid with a slightly calming/therapeutic effect (so I don't go mental, or at least it's a happy and productive mental). Not necessarily super happy, like the strong indica strains, more of an easily detected consistent happy influence from start to finish.

    I get Kali Mist from my dispensary, it's the best medicine I've tried yet, but I can't get a clone so I need seeds. If Satori is a viable alternative to Kali Mist then I can become fully self-sufficient all the sooner.

    CrackerJax New Member

    Hmmm.... hard for me to say.... I did find it relaxing of course. I prefer Indicas because of the couch lock (some don't), but was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this Sativa.

    I think it could fit ur bill. It's an easy grow, I'll tell you what. Doesn't need alot of nutes or attention.
    vh13 likes this.

    TreeOfLiberty Well-Known Member

    To me Mandala's Satori is my favorite Sativa dominant strain, compared to Mandala's other strains or any other breeder's Sativa Dominant strain for that matter, I loved it that much. Different strokes for different folks.

    As for it not being for beginners, Satori and Mandala #1 were the first strains that I ever grew back in the Fall of 2007. I was so impressed with Satori that I keep a pack of 10 seeds stored in case Mandala ever closes permanently. When I grew it, I used 3 gallon containers filled with SunGro MetroMix 300 and 30% perlite, that's it plain and simple, FoxFarm Grow Big and FoxFarm Tiger Bloom, and Botanicare Sweet from the 2nd week of flowering to the 6th week of flowering and harvested at the end of the 8th week.

    Your right about Satori being sensitive to over fertilization, I was only using 1/4 of what Foxfarms recommended , and I grew them under a 400 HPS.

    I grew Mandala's Kalichakra and it was disappointing. I could care less about "bag appeal" , so what...as long as it's a great buzz with a good to great taste, that's all that should matter. Satori hammered my ass , I had one plant that I started picking buds off way early, like at the end of the 5th week of flowering and I was like ,,,,oh shit....this is going to be great, and I was right. I don't see how anyone could be disappointed with it, unless your an indica lover.

    If I ever breed any seed for a seed stock up, it will be Satori, I loved it that much.

    CrackerJax New Member

    I agree, and as an Indica preferred grower....the Satori impressed me. I gathered seed from one of my fem's eagerly, though i never keep track of them in storage. I just grow them and recognize who is who after they get going. Each strain has it's own footprint.

    satica Well-Known Member

    I strongly recommend to top it if you are for more yield.Having Landrace in it she recovers like a Real WEED!!!

    satica Well-Known Member

    That SOme Reason What ever it is is good for you, it worth $50 a qurter ,no question about it .

    satica Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your stopping by, I think that lime smell was Canteloupe in my grow room.

    Its my dream to have a Satori Outside,

    I can see how monsterous and healthy she can grow outside.

    satica Well-Known Member

    She is not in the same League of Cali mist, but a first hand challenger maybe

    satica Well-Known Member

    Uplifting yes she is , happy is no for me.

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like ya'll are confirming Satori will make a fair alternative, and that tells me it'd be worth the money to get her a cycle or two before I can get Kali Mist. I'll put her back on top of my list.

    Thanks ya'll. Praise Weedsus :weed:

    satica Well-Known Member

    If you are trying to find a high yielder /mood stabilizer/uplifting weed then she is a good one but please keep in mind Cali is One of the best in the sativa world, stabilized and guaranteed, i cant say all these good things about Satori but if money is an issue then consider her a acceptable subsitute for Cali Mist.


    CrackerJax New Member

    I'll have to dig around a bit tomorrow. I have a pic of some outside in 3G's. They were just beautiful and strong. Mine did have a distinct lime smell, so you must have been sharing it with the Cantaloupe. :wink:

    satica Well-Known Member

    They say in tasteandsmellthere isnoargument, i think in favorite strain the same rule makes sense

    If Satori fits your bill then you are lucky bro.

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