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Root rot prevention with chlorine, hypochlorite, monochloramine...

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by poindexterous, Jan 3, 2011.

    pro grow

    pro grow Active Member

    Someone already said that whoops. Heres some ...

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    Follow the 'standard' feeding schedule for hydroponic use. People who use half strength are the same that complain of deficiencies and reach for the calmag. Use a PPM meter to monitor the plants uptake.

    Shexy8 Member

    holy shit.. I think i may have brown algae and NOT root rot... BUT when i give the roots an h2o2 bath... they FIZZ like crazy.. so i assume it is a bacterial infestation.. wow.. this is baffeling to me! If i have been fighting the WRONG thing for months.. then I am such a failure.. I think i should go with a beneficial brew instead of sterile.. im not sure tho.. please tell me something that i can do! i have 4 more seeds starting right now.. and i want them to be ready to go into a nice environment..

    oxanaca Well-Known Member

    nice job with the resurrection

    better look at this

    Shexy8 Member

    it doesn't matter if ROOT rot can live at that temp... it is "brown slime algae" that can live at low temps... when first beginning to grow, brown slime algae looks like white little snot that grows on net baskets and around and on roots.. it starts to choke the roots and they start to turn a tan - brown color.. this develops into root rot and roots turn dark tan... and then brown....

    so yes.. killing root rot is easy.. it's the brown slime algae that is a monster in DWC systems..

    Shexy8 Member

    thank you so much man... that thread is the fucking best.. saved my plants! WOOT.. and i have a perfect climate .. i mean PERFECT and i still got brown slime and root rot.. seriously... it was crazy.. i kept res temps at 58.. and had root zone h2o2 and chlorine.. facking ridiculous..
    joe macclennan

    joe macclennan Well-Known Member


    steallytoes Member

    Hey Heisenberg, you seem to be very knowledgeable and willing to help. I was wondering if you could shed any light on UC roots from current culture. Its ingredients seem to be an oxidizer of some sort. Im running it in my Under Current RDWC, and my roots are just tinged brown and not growing. Im wondering if more of that would help, and what other products it could possible be used with. (bleach, H2O2, or a beneficial bacteria/ fungi tea) Also confused as to what my issue is. Again not slimy just a light brown tinge and no root grow/nute def. Thanks man.

    CocoCola Member

    Peroxide reacts w/ chlorine. So you may not have actually done an adequate experiment on utilizing either. Those who claim success w/ h202 used higher concentrations of the 29% solutions. The back of the bottle says 3 ml/gal and I've read of higher does being the effective dose.

    Greenhouse studies show 2 ppm (or 2 mg/L) of free chlorine at (specifically) pH 6.0 to be the effective dose for solving these problems.

    Tone5500 Well-Known Member

    You are correct sir h202 destroys CL2 and at the wrong ph would give a reaction off gasing .

    CocoCola Member

    Actually, the studies that show the most effective sterilizing are at pH 6.0. THey've tried different pH's and 6.0 is the most effective. This is because of an equilibrium between the hypochlorous acids and hypochlorite ion and Hypochlorous acid is 100 fold more sterilizing....not to mention morphing mineral salt build up.

    Here's one example, nut there are many many more for diff species of pathogens. consensus is pH 6.0, 2 ppm free chlorine, with 30 seconds to several minutes of exposure time.

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