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Robotninja's SSH grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by robotninja, Jan 19, 2009.


    robotninja Well-Known Member

    First week of veg I started off at about 800 ppm's. Increased it like 100 ppm's each day so by the second week I was up to like 1,500.

    And yes I totally recommend supercropping, my biggest plant was supercropped a couple times and she is a friggen bush! I also recommend topping your plants at least once, if not more. Keeps em short and makes multiple fatty colas.

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    Just snagged a couple more pics, tried to get some closeup's of the buds but they all came out blurry and un-focused.

    The crystals are starting to form and they are getting pretty sticky. Still very little odor, ok by me!

    As you can see my screen is filling up pretty quickly. About 6-7 Weeks left till harvest, but I am willing to wait longer if need be. The hairs are starting to turn from white to a brownish hint.

    Took the pics right when the lights came on.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention when I changed the res I dropped the PPM's down to 1,600 now. I noticed some spotted yellowing and various lower foliage was dieing/falling off so I figured it's nute burn again. I thought it was just over 2k last time, but since my meter maxes out at 2k, I have no idea really. Gonna run em a bit lower and see how they react. PH was also generally dropping to the point that I have to add PH up every other day. Root's are healthy and white, no slime/sludge. Asked the dude at the hydro shop and he said he see's that alot with Aeroponics, the ph likes to drop. He claims it's from a lack of oxygen opposed to a DWC setup that has too much oxygen and causes the PH to rise all the time. I'll keep an eye on it, but I think I'll do res changes every 2 weeks now instead of 3 weeks.

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    NewHiddenGrower Well-Known Member

    Man they are looking amazing, i actually think u will harvest 2 oz each plant because of super crop. I cant super crop because im prob gonna do 7 per post.... Theres no room for that. But if you actually really yield 2 oz each plant i will do 5 holes per a post only lol. And also definitely not use 14 per veg unit.

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    Thanks! But 2 oz per plant? Naw, I'm thinking about 5oz total off 5 plants. Anything above that would be great, but doubtfull. Without Co2 I don't see huge gains.

    However, my biggest girl responded so well to the supercropping, she now has what looks like 9 main fatty colas growing. I could very well pull 2 oz off her alone, however she got so big in veg that she blocked light from the others and caused them to stunt alittle. For instance my smallest girl is super short and probebly won't even give me half an oz.

    I'v learned alot from this grow, my next batch of clones are chillen now and will get much better treatment. Early topping/supercropping, I want all 6 of em to be big ass bushes next round. Gonna get a 4 tube T5 light fixture with blue actinic bulbs for crazy veg growth. Also I got alot better ventilation now so no more mildew, which also stunted there growth.

    It's only gonna get better from here on out ;)

    mutefruit Well-Known Member

    looking good im going to guess 3oz total dry weight.

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but I think it's kinda hard to guess dry weight when I'm not even half way into flowering yet. I have a feeling they are going to need more than 11 weeks, I vegged them way too long :cry:

    But I won't make the mistake of chopping them too early! I will wait as long as I have to. It's good to live in Cali, in between harvests I still have access to danky weed. Although I hate paying for bud, but I only have to buy pot for a few more months, then it's perpetual grow time :joint:

    On a side note, clones have been in the cloner for about 6 days and no roots yet, but I can see a white bulge forming on most which means I'm not far off. I will keep em in the cloner for a full 3 weeks to get the most root development I can before vegging. PH is 5.8, added 150ml of Clonex to plain tap water (Tap water clones better than RO, I think it's from the Calcium?). Same watering cycle as well 1 on 5 off.

    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    The countdown to self reliance is on. I just picked some up today... I'm hoping it will be my last time. I may miss the selection, but I sure won't miss having to pay for herb. :bigjoint:

    NewHiddenGrower Well-Known Member

    Robot why you only doing 6 man! you have plenty of space, how in the world did one of them block light from your other plants lol.

    assmacka Active Member

    Are you sure this is SSH? I thought super silver haze had stacked nodes. Those pics seem to have alternating nodes. I am growing it right now and its er symmetrical and had stacked nodes.

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    I'm growing under the regulations within my city which unfortunately is 6 Mature plants and 12 immature. Also my veg space is much smaller than my flowering. My biggest girl totally outgrew my small veg space and kinda bullied the other 4 smaller plants. I vegged em way too long, also I didn't have enough light to support em. This time round I'm upgrading to 4x T5 2' bulbs apposed to 2x t8's.

    Alternating nodes signifies a plant being mature. Just means it's old enough to flower. However, all my girls had alternating nodes from when I first got em as clones, so I think the mother plant they came from has been in Veg for a really long time.

    I'm pretty sure they are SSH plants, but who knows. The dispensary could have screwed up and labeled em wrong. They smell and taste like Super Lemon Haze to be honest. Either way they are both dank strains so I wouldn't mind if it was either.

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    [UPDATE - Day 42 Flower]
    35 More days left if she goes the full 11 weeks. Possibly more, who knows. Only the tric's know.

    Took awhile to recover from the nutrient burn though. I drained my res once again because they didn't respond well to 1500ppm's. I figured there was a buildup of nutrients from the burn so it would be best to dump all the nutes and let em drink water for awhile. I ran straight tap water (Ph'd to 5.8 for 3 days). I was waiting to see new growth, I also misted the plants after lights out because they were pretty dry from the burn. After the 3rd day, new growth started up again and new root growth started as well. New white hairs are sprouting all over.

    Back in buisness, dumped the res and running new RO water with 950 ppms at 5.8 ph still. Res temps in the high 60's, flowering room temp's are 78-80 degrees and 50% Relative Humidity. New bud growth is a dark green color, no yellowing at all. New white hairs are long and stretchy, and the buds seem to get fatter each day.

    I also added 3 fans for underneath the SCRoG canopy to add circulation, I could probebly use another, but man they are loud buggers. Don't get the Blizzard Jr. Fans, they are loud and they vibrate! I sleep well with white-noise though so I don't mind. But I think I'll put some rubber mat under em or something.

    Alrighty, thats about it. Check the pics, they were taken a couple days ago but I couldn't upload em cause it seemed like Roll it Up's Database was offline for awhile. The plants look much healthier today, man I need my own camera :cry:

    You can see one of the bigger cola's is about 7 inches long already.

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    robotninja Well-Known Member

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