Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

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    I gave up on getting the right mix. Every run I have a deficiency. low, medium, high ppm doesnt matter I consistantly get rust spots on all of my plants. I still get some bud so im just about over it. fuck it I just deal with the rusty ugly looking plants. still seems to smoke ok when its all said and done

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    My parents did Alot of ACID,& I'm related to the scarecrow from the wizard of oz.this is y I ask u .

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    your parents must have dropped a lot of brown acid

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    does anyone have info on ppms of calcium and magnesium range they use through out a grow? I understand it is different in veg vs. bloom.

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    One of the bestest posts I've seen,especially if a noob does yet understand the definition...
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    Just to state the obvious here, because no one else has yet. If your feeding your plants and they are getting everything they need n u see early leaf drop and rust spots 9/10 times your over feeding. Your ec is to high. Especially if you see contrasting signs, like clawing and upside down canoes on the top of the plant and rusty falling leaves at the bottom. Nuts are being locked out and the plant just isn't eating well because the salts in the soil are higher than the salts in the root zone, MJ eats when the salts in the soil or water is less than the salts in the roots.
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    So lemme get this right if my tap water is at 100 ppm and i have a seedling i would want to add 100-150 more ppm from nutes to get my total ppm up to 200-250

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    "i have a seedling" how old.. tap water is good for young seedlings

    Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

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