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Red Rock OPIUM

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by daveg1i, Feb 7, 2008.


    daveg1i Well-Known Member

    i just got some red rock tonight and was just tryin to figure out what it really is,ive been smokin it since highschool. i cant find much out about it on the web. the shit tastes real good and it gives you a good buzz, it doesnt stay with you as long as weed but its a different high. does anyone have any info on it ?
    i pay $10 a gram, whats normal prices?

    human8 Well-Known Member

    Debunking the "Red Rock Opium" Myth
    "Red Rock Opium" Contains No Opium
    By Erowid, Nov 1 2000
    v 1.1 July 2003

    General Information
    Open Questions
    Erowid Red Rock Documents

    A substance called "Red Rock Opium" is sold throughout the United States as a form of opium. Chemical analysis of a sample of reported Red Rock Opium using a Mass Spectrometer showed no opiates in the material. Material sold as Red Rock Opium appears identical in every way to a variety of "Dragon's Blood Incense" sold in shops around the US for 1/100 the price of the RR Opium. Red Rock Opium is not opium nor does it contain any opiates.

    For at least 7 years, perhaps much longer, a material called "Red Rock Opium" has been sold in the United States as a form of opium. Erowid has received several experience reports, comments, and images of product purchased as 'Red Rock Opium' over the past few years although we hadn't really looked into the issue deeply until recently (Oct, 2000).

    It is not uncommon to encounter Red Rock for sale and many people have tried smoking it. The material is consistently described as a reddish, hard, easily shattering & crumbling substance that forms a slightly sticky light red powder when crushed. When heated, the material melts easily and bubbles. After being melted, the material turns very dark to black. When the smoke from the substance is inhaled, the taste is reminscent of flowers, very mildly 'perfumey', and is not particularly harsh on the throat and lungs (unlike many smokes).

    The effects described from smoking this material are generally very mild, although there are persistent reports of strong reactions. Those who get effects describe them as "floaty", "codeine like", and relaxing. Other users experience nothing at all from smoking even large amounts of Red Rock. One confounding factor in sorting out the effects of Red Rock is that it is quite often used in combination with cannabis, sprinkled onto a packed bowl before smoking. Those who combine Red Rock with Cannabis report a noticeable difference from the experience of Cannabis alone (see an Experience with Red Rock Opium, by Cid). Most users find the effects, if present at all, to be very "subtle" and frequenly say they "would try more, next time".

    When heated, the Several police organizations have analyzed substances sold as Red Rock Opium (see below), fitting the description of the Red Rock Opium reported commonly by users. The DEA tests, as reported in the internal DEA Publication Microgram, found Red Rock Opium to contain no opiates and instead was consistent with Dragon's Blood Incense made from the Daemonorops draco plant.

    At burningman this year, we had occasion to examine some of this whiteish-red finely ground powder represented as "opium". The smoke had a distinct, but mild, flowery or rosey taste and the effects were subtle to the point of being not present. In September an online colleague said we should take down the images we had labelled "red rock opium" because he was convinced it was a myth, so we decided to investigate.

    We attained a 20mg sample of the reddish powder which was sold as ground "Red Rock Opium" from a trusted individual who had been smoking the material regularly for approximately a year, had previously had opportunities to smoke black tar opium, and believed the material to be a weaker form of opium.

    We tested the material with an Ecstasy Testing Kit (marquis field test) and found no reaction beyond a dispersion of red and yellowish-orange color bleeding into the liquid (it did not appear to be a chemical reaction). We gave small samples of the material to two separate labs to analyze in early October, 2000 and received the results from one of the labs on October 31, 2000. The first lab found the material to be fully soluble in ethanol, which was then used as the medium for Mass Spectrometry (MS). The MS for the material contained no peaks for either codeine or morphine (the two main active constituents in raw opium). We received the results from the more detailed analysis from the second lab, which also clearly showed no opiates. The detailed results from the Mass Spectrum analysis can be found here.

    Erowid also ordered a package of "Dragon's Blood Incense" from an online retailer for 3$ per ounce (~30 grams). This incense is reportedly made from resin of the plant Daemonorops draco (see Botanical.com's Dragon's Blood page). When the incense arrived, we crushed a piece of it to compare to the sample powder. The two powders were nearly indistinguishable by sight, and appeared to be identical in every way. We scanned a larger chunk of the Dragon's Blood Incense (DBI) and made a side-by-side image with DBI and Red Rock. The two appear extremely similar with most of the visible differences the result of the shape of the comparison pieces and the use of different scanners.

    We ran a marquis test on the D.B. Incense and got identical result to those of the Red Rock sample we had tested earlier (red color dispersion in the drops, but no chemical reaction).

    We also burned a small piece of the D.B. Incense to compare the taste and smell. The flavor and mouth-feel of the smoke was the same as the "opium" we had encountered at Burningman. The smell and flavor is noticeable, even if they are not terribly strong. Immediately upon burning it, there was no question it was the same material.

    Verifying that some or even most of the material sold as Red Rock Opium is, in fact, Dragon's Blood Incense, does not eliminate the possibility that there is some material sold under the name "Red Rock Opium" that actually contains raw opium.

    How likely is it that some other Red Rock actually contains Opium?

    Not Very. Raw Opium Latex when fresh is a whittish or pinkish milky fluid that quickly oxidizes to a black / dark brown color. Despite persistent reports that people get high from Red Rock, this does not necessitate that it contains opium (or the constituents morphine, codeine, & papaverine).

    If its not opium, why do some people get high from smoking it?

    This is hard to answer, but it could be a very good example of the power of the placebo effect. The human mind and brain are extremely flexible and humans are capable of profound changes in states of consciousness without taking any chemicals or drugs. The suggestion of opium, the power of the imagination, and the effect of physically taking smoke into the lungs could be enough for many people to experience noticeable effects. Many people underestimate the quasi-magical powers of the mind to alter itself and discount the 'placebo effect'. Saying the effects are attributable to the Placebo Effect is not in any way to say people don't experience effects, but merely to say that the effects are shaped primarily by expectation and endogenous processes triggered by the smoke rather than directly caused by a chemical in the smoke itself.

    Another part of the answer is almost certainly that most people smoke Red Rock either mixed with cannabis itself or while smoking cannabis. While already stoned, it is easy to project differences which may or may not be present.

    Yet another explanation is that there is a chemical in Dragon's Blood Incense which is, itself, psychoactive. It may be that some people are particularly sensitive to the DBI chemicals and get high from smoking them. Many plants contain an array of odd chemicals and some of them left in the incense could be psychoactive.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    red rock opium is incense they sell it at head shops it comes in alot of forms but the one ive seen most at headshops is like a egg shaped deal witha buddha stamped into it people break them up and sell it as opium

    edit: i didnt read that big post untiol after i posted he breaks it down for you stop buying that shit lol

    thedoctorzoidberg Well-Known Member

    ah hahahahahahahahah ahahahahaha hahahahah ahahahaha keef.

    ahahah ahahah ahaha your smoking red dragon incense......
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    karma's a bitch

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    i smoked real red rock years ago. made me horny as a motherfucker and moody as fuck the next day when we were out. plenty of fist fights between friends.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    were you drinking heavily too?

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    yeah the drinkin could have something to do with it. even though on days when there was no drinking everybody was still edgy and agitated, just like how you feel coming down off an opiate binge for a couple of days. i would feel that way even after smoking the opium the night before and i didnt take opiates back then. in reality people said it was red rock opium but who really knows if it was. it was definately opium though. very nice buzz indeed.:mrgreen:

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    yeah you dont really get irratable coming down form opiates unless you been taking them for a while gotta get a little bit of a healthy addiction goin first

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    i know all about the opiates lol, been in treatment goin on close to 2 years now. but the next day after smoking the opium was comparable to coming off a binge of opiates for me. i guess personal results could vary.

    hydronewbie Well-Known Member

    I just bought an oz of the dragons blood resin ball, with shipping and all the total for it was $8.94 .... When I receive I'll try it out smoking by itself then smoking with the green, and I will post my thoughts on it.:joint:

    daveg1i Well-Known Member

    i dont know, ive smoked red rock that sucked before and didnt do shit to your head, but this shit we got from are buddy whos in the army(just came home for leave) so its mos likely from over seas. and it gets me fucked, no lie. and we've been sellin grams for $15 bucks and people cant stop buyin it, they say that its the best red rock they've ever had. probably the only real shit they've ever had.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    keh, u talkin about opium ?

    Or is this weed ? thats called opium :P ?

    gogrow confused

    we used to sell this "red rock" back in high school. bought it at the local smoke shop and sold it for $10gm. even had our dank connect worried that he was getting addicted. it is incense though, if you still want to smoke it, check out some head shops and you can quit paying $10gm.

    daveg1i Well-Known Member

    yea ive seen the shi in head shops, i have a head shop wihin walking distance and this shit i got is nothing like it. but who knows, thats funny shit about the dealer thinking he was getting addicted. wow

    Zekedogg 100% Authentic A$$Hole

    Geez I never new about this....Im kinda interested....Does anyone have a link or pick a to what it looks like:peace::hump:

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member


    Zekedogg 100% Authentic A$$Hole

    Ok but do I just go to my local head shop and say I want some red rock opium or what?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    say "i want some dragons blood incense".

    gogrow confused

    is yours kinda gummy? looks black/brown, but is reddish when you pull it apart?

    Zekedogg 100% Authentic A$$Hole

    Have you ever tried it?

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