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Red Deer

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by zealand green, May 23, 2008.

    zealand green

    zealand green Well-Known Member

    There are deer in the my plot area..Red Deer... they the big fuckers, I have a few plants up in trees and want to take em down to put a few in the ground soon, if i did and put a cage/mesh around the plants how high will it have to be,
    I saw a few red deer the other day out there and they were bigger than me for sure. I have been on lots of Deer farms in the past and i remember there fences were proper high. fuuuck!

    Also do Otters or Beavers eat weed?

    stickycrippler New Member

    I usually wear a sock around for a few days let it get good and stincky and cut a 1 inch wide strip about 4 inches long and tie it close to my plants but out of view. The deer hate human smell. (whitetail deer) but i imagine red deer dont like it any better. Not sure about otters or beavers, Maybe someone else can answer that one

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    put a shit load of string around ur grow.that way if they hit a string,they will go balistic and run away and never return.i put mine in a ditch so they get plenty of water and they are hidden from public.

    koncyse Well-Known Member

    the human smell deal is the way to go.. i've heard pissing around the immediate area works, but some animals will investigate because of that.... no experience but i've read on here that after a certain height, they wont mess with it anyway...
    zealand green

    zealand green Well-Known Member

    What if the deer were more used to human contact..ie; if they lived in a 1500 hectare area with lots of walking tracks through, they were to see humans every second day or so then they wouldnt be to scared of buy man smell.. maybe they would...worth a try any way.

    But my Question was more....Red dear are tall...Would i have put up a tall fence taller than me or will they not even bother?

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    Liquid fence works for deer most garden centers sell it. If you use it as directed it will keep deer away from your plants.. Also put a bar of Irish spring soap stuck on a branch near each plant..

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    the fat in soap attracts mice and rats who will eat plants.... they sell many safe sprays for vegetables most contain rotten eggs and garlic... this will stop deer from eating and some insects also good luck

    stickycrippler New Member

    Fences draw unwanted attention!

    tsdriles06 Well-Known Member

    rotten eggs ans garlic will attrack crows and racoons that will eat the plant
    do both the sock and the string

    tsdriles06 Well-Known Member

    if your gonna use soap use liquid soap and put it in a 4 foot circle around all the plants

    jimmyspaz Well-Known Member

    Simple answer , go to the sporting goods store ( if they sell hunting stuff) or gun shop and buy predator urine( cougar piss). I don't why the hunters use it , but it repels deer. You may have to renew it after heavy rains, but it should take care of any deer problems. Works well for whitetails anyway.There are several threads here about repelling deer, try a search. Good Luck.

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    Yes, large predator pee should work, as yours may help as well.

    No worries for otters, they're pure carnivores. Beavers... I honestly don't know, just watch out for the big brown ones, eh? ;)

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    The apple orchards in my state all hang a bar of irish spring soap off of each apple tree in their orchards...They said idf they didn't then deer would eat all the apples they can reach Irsish spring soap does work I have used it for years along with Liquid fence..

    skunkdog Well-Known Member

    fence for were u live mate!!! not only for deer but all the rest of the things?
    were in nz are u?? n or s inland?

    vcrew.gambit Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha, otters? Dude, they eat like clams and urchins and stuff. They dive down, grab a shellfish, and they go back to the surface. They set the shellfish on their bellies and then crack them open with rocks. (they actually use the same rock all the time, and if they lose it, they freak out)

    It's the most adorable thing on the planet. I love otters.

    As for beavers, they stick to tree bark. You're safe from all aquatic mammals.
    zealand green

    zealand green Well-Known Member

    Hehe....yeah of course..just wasnt thinking!!...but if any animal i could imagine puffing on a big fat one it would be an Otter..haaa,, or a monkey!!!
    zealand green

    zealand green Well-Known Member

    Hey skunkdog....Im actually in Europe now hence the outdoor grow!!!
    And just yesterday I found a good spot where some big trees have fallen and made a no go zone for deer as they cant get in, but still lets alot of light in....so i wont need to use a fence now..feww.

    But normally i would be somewhere in the norths island....And you!!!
    What were the outdoor harvest like this year?

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    :lol: Yep, pure carnivores. They're like terriers ON STEROIDS! "High activity" would be an understatement.

    skunkdog Well-Known Member


    hazemaster Well-Known Member

    where my spot is right now there is unbeleivable amount of beavers and deers. My plants are only about 6 inches tall but when i wnet to go check on them every single one of them was dug up and out of the ground. It looked like a deer hoof did it because there was a lot of deer tracks near the whole. I kno coyotes will do this if there any sort of meal in the hole but there wasn't. Does this sound normal and also will the beavers hack them all down if there about 5 feet tall? :fire:

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