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Really Cool New Dispensary in Georgetown Seattle

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by Lisa324, Mar 15, 2011.


    Lisa324 Member

    I tried out a new dispensary in Seattle today called Canna Pi. They had a bunch of good flavors, all the people that worked there were dressed professionally and they also have their own parking lot (I have anxiety driving downtown!!)

    6111 12th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98108

    Check them out! THey're really cool!

    UltramegaMJ Member

    Wow! Did you make a profile just to tell everyone about that? Thanks for the heads up.

    Lisa324 Member

    Yeah, just trying to be proactive!! They are a really cool place! Check them out.

    toughwork Active Member

    ummmm... so tell me, i understand there is a fee to become a member? how much is it? and then, please tell me what the cheapest meds (per/g) and most expensive meds are going for. are there other "perks" to me being a member here? if not, why would i pay for membership when there are so many free co-ops/collectives out there? also, from what i understand, its like going into fort knox, doesnt that feel uncomfortable to you? or do you work there?

    Lisa324 Member

    No I don't work there. But I wish I did! It's $10/gram. They had a bunch of really good kinds like Willie Nelson, Jack Frost, Dutch Treat (were the ones that I picked). Its a membership, so you DO pay $20, but you also get 2 free grams of medicine. For every $10 you give them, you can pick any gram you want.
    And Fort Knox?? Yeah the security is very apparent. It doesnt make you feel uncomfortable at all. I want security though!! Im not trying to go into some shady place.. ya know? The offices that you go back into are hella chill. It's definitly the best dispensary I've been to in Seattle. Hope that helps?

    Tomoyo Active Member

    Right on, i'll have to go over there and check that out. :leaf:

    SusieCinn Member

    They also have a Farmers Market on Thursdays from 4pm to 9pm free to all MMJ card holding patients.

    anthony914 Member

    they are thieves who don't pay their growers! STAY AWAY.

    lowdime Member

    oh my u one of them?

    Prefontaine Well-Known Member

    could you be a little more specific so it doesnt sound so much like just a competitor talking trash.

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