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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine......

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by chowdan, Apr 13, 2010.


    chowdan Member

    So i just went in for my pre-employment drug test for albertsons. I used quick fix synthetic urine. I did not stay for the results. So I'm praying on my life that it passes and they don't suspect it's a fake. I taped the bottle and the heat pack on my thigh and waddeled in acting as normal as I could be. I got into the bathroom am they put blue liquid into the toilet and said here you go. Took a piss and filled up the cup. They asked for 60 mls of urine. Bottle actually had just over that. So I asked the lady if I had to wait for the results because mu boss wants me to be at work quite soon(which was somewhat true, I didn't want to get told I faked it. So I bolted! I shall see if I passed and will let everyone know the results.


    found that link sorta scary what one of the posters said on the second page.

    Poster "festeringbovine: Behold my dire Quickfix warning!!!

    I was scheduled for a pre-employment test today, and for the past week have been educating myself on the matter and found no indication QuickFix 5.7 would not work.

    However, I was immediately caught. The test was through Quest Diagnostics and the process was exactly as everyone else has described. I had a QF 5.7 vial perfectly heated to 98 degrees hidden on my body, and after removing my jacket and emptying my pockets was given a cup and left alone in the bathroom.

    The water in the sink was turned off and the water in the toilet was blue to prevent tampering. I emptied the vial into the cup but it only filled halfway to the minimum fill line they drew on it. I tried arguing that I had urological problems and couldn't produce that much, but the collector took one look at my cup (the quickfix was slightly neon, although not that noticeably) and called the supervisor.

    Apparently as a male, my urine will bubble when shaken. The quickfix did not, or at least did not do so adequately. The supervisor then sniffed the sample (quickfix is relatively odorless), and informed me I could either wait and provide a real sample or leave, which I did.

    So please my fellow stoners, do not rely on quickfix. Unless your collector is being lazy they will very easily catch on, and I just lost a very, very nice position with Intel because of the swarm of luck everyone else seemed to have with less observant collectors. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else."

    I HOPE TO GOD IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

    MiracleStash Member


    I used quick fix 5.7 and it worked. My test was at US healthworks. I had a lifting test, a physical, and a drug test. I hid the quick fix inbetween 2 briefs as suggested by other uses. I warmed it in the microwave 10 seconds while at my house then used the hand warmer for an hour before i was to leave for the testing. You must start the handwarmer an hour before the test for it to work right. I also used some regular clear tape on the back of the quick fix so it would stay in one spot in my briefs.

    Once I got there I was hella nervous but signed in and sat down. They called my name after 20 minutes and wanted to do my physical first. I was prepared thanks to other users experiences. I simply told them I had to pee real bad could I take the drug test first? No problem they said, emptied out my pockets in the locker and went in. I knew I had 4 minutes and needed the stuff to be 90-100 degrees.
    First thing that happened was the tape made noise when I tried to get it out lol.
    The sample was right at 101 degrees and as soon as I poured it it went down to 100! Perfect. I poured it in and ran into another issue. What do I do with the empty container?? Either hide it in my briefs again and risk them finding it in the physical or hide it in my pants pocket and hope they dont have me empty pockets again?
    I decided to pocket it. After that I went to the physical where I was left in a exam room closed door waiting for the doctor! SWEEET I thought as I carefully threw the evidence in the trash under some other trash. After that I was home free waiting on the results.

    When I was filing out the app for the job I checked that box saying I wanted a copy sent to me of the background check.
    Luckily I did because it was by hireright and they get the results from the drug test as well as everything else. I was able to find out QUick fix 5.7 passed all tests on the 3rd day by an email without having to call up and sound suspicious to my employer. I am using synthetic urine from now on because I used the drinks big and small expensive and cheap, but have failed with 2 of those. Thats what got me to try quick fix and it works great.

    BTW my sample was sent to labcorp in north carolina. I went to 3 other us healthworks locations in the area and all of them send the sample to a different state. Illinois, Kansas, and North carolina. You can ask where they send the sample to before you piss test without looking suspect.
    Good luck!
    leaf fly

    leaf fly Member

    I get randoms at my work and need to have a fake urine with me constantly so I found "the strap" as they call it on ebay. Its a neoprene strap that wraps around your upper thigh that holds a bottle of synthetic urine AND keeps it to temp all day. It has worked great for me. Just look up fake urine holder or something like that in ebay and it should show up. Has worked like a champ everytime!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i use quick fix all of the time and have never failed a ua..
    it really is as easy as dumping some fake piss into a cup and passing a ua... no way would i ever risk any of those quick detox drinks or w/e as i think they're way too risky imo, and why bother when you have quick fix..
    good stuffs.. :)

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i call bs on that post.. fist of all, i would never call what quick fix comes in a vial.. far from a vial imo.. secondly, it's a 3 ounce bottle.. no ua's require over 6 ounces of urine to test with, which is what that person was saying... the quick fix didn't even fill half of the required collection.. complete horse shit as most ua's only require about 2 ounces or so of urine for a sample, and not 6 or 7 or more like that person tried claiming..

    JiggyPop Active Member

    This is good shit.

    StickeeGreens Well-Known Member

    Works everytime! I beat LabCor 3 seperate times. But id always reccomend bring 2 bottles. Cuz depepnding on your employer the test could be different. The first 2 tests i had 3 oz was more than plenty it filled the cup about an inch past the line...however on the third test they then asked me to fill the entire cup! Luckily i had 2 bottles on me, but yet it was BARELY enough....Turns out my employers was looking for both illegal, and legal.

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