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Questions about G13's Blue OG

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Juddge, Mar 15, 2013.


    Juddge Active Member

    Hello RIU'ers! Ive been a member for a while just soaking up everything y'all are kind enough to share and with everyone's input and my personal knowledge of gardening Ive finally decided to do an outdoor grow this year, 2013. My Question is if anyone has grown or heard of someone successfully growing G13's Blue OG? Ive also seen the genetics go by the name Ghost Moonshine since the genetics are (Blue Moonshine x OG Kush). Attitude doesnt give much detail and except for the 8 week flowering period. Ive had OG Kush and Blueberry and Im drooling while thinking of their child. If anyone could help me out id be much obliged :weed:

    Orlandocb Active Member

    I just started my G13 Blue OG 4 days ago, it sprouted up like a champ. I gre G13 pineapple express before this which was my first grew, literally best weed i ever smoked. reputable in my eyes. though they lie with their pictures

    jimdandy Well-Known Member

    I don't know or care about lying on pictures! Im not smokin the pics. Pineapple express is fire! PERIOD!!!!!!!
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    Juddge Active Member

    Sweet, if you ever get a grow journal of that blue OG up I would love to check it out. Are you guys refering to G13's auto or photo Pineapple Express?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    photo is bomb...dunno about auto, also Blue OG hasn't been out long enough for any1 to complete a grow...

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I'll get it eventually along with their C99, had great results from every strain of theirs I've done.

    Orlandocb Active Member

    Photo, this is my photoperiod pineapple. it was raad. I'll start my OG journal in like a week its only day 5[​IMG]

    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    I got the Blue OG a while back as a freebie from Attitude. I haven't popped it yet, and I haven't heard anything about this strain. It doesn't look half bad though. I will give it a shot evenually. I'm growing G13's Pineapple Express right now and it looks frosty as hell and has a really nice smell to it. I have to admit that I am impresed with how it looks already at Day 26 of 12/12. It will only get better looking with time. If this strain is a preview of G13's other strains, then I am sure it will be worth a try.

    Juddge Active Member

    Well thank you for your input everyone, ill be sure to get a hold of some PE as soon as possible :hump:

    Juddge Active Member

    Thats one elegant lookin plant, looks real nice.
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Hate to be the only naysayer, but I ran 3 PE seeds - all Attitude freebies at different times, and though there was a lot to like - easy growth, decent yield - none ever hit like anything more than above average smoke imo. The movie really sells those seeds...lol

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you got bad luck...I got 2 keepers in a 5pack that are a bit over 20% THC
    One that I kept that tastes like pure Sweetness+Tropical Fruits(not Pineapple though)

    The other 3 were mediocre, but all 5 sprouted same day+vigorous growth.
    The 2 keepers didn't yield quite as much>both great tastes+better potency.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    The movie was made after the "clone only" they sell in dispensaries probably.
    I've smoked the "clone only" version and it tastes more like pineapple or sour+citrusy

    I like my G13labs version much better>
    Dispensary clone only was labeled @ just over 17%
    Same dispensary tested my 2 G13labs PE @ just under 20% (#1-19.82%, #2-18.31%)
    More of a sweet+tropical fruit flavor than the clone only version.

    There were 3 PE s33ds in the same pack that I wouldn't even pay to get tested.
    Very different pheno. to be found in this strain+I suggest atleast a 5pack or more if you want a good representation.

    Herbicide Member


    Upstate2626 Well-Known Member

    014.jpg 015.jpg there is another thread going on about this same strain- blue og, like 4-4.5 weeks in, has that berry smell- first bean from g13 I have cracked and I got it for free.

    crazykiwi420 Well-Known Member

    IMG-20131014-00113.jpg one week in under 1.4k lighting

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Hey Kiwi, did you get any mutated leaves in any of yours? The second set of true leaves on mine is all mangled and shit lol

    crazykiwi420 Well-Known Member

    na man, it doesn't surprise me you have a mutated pheno, the moonshine lines have a lot of mutated phenos. watch out for your one, might get potent as hell but might have a little less yield.
    polo the don

    polo the don Well-Known Member

    I got a g 13 labs auto diesel as a freebee. Great plant @ almost 3 ounces. Smelled like Sprite. Very pretty plant tall open structure and very frosty. That freebee is why I'm wanting to try somethin else from them. Probably the blue og

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Ah yeah didnt take that into account about the moonshine...i'd be happy with that :D might even have to take some cuttings just in case ;)

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